But Do They Have One of These? Amazingly Fun Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

A little girl is seen laying in bed under a Ballerina duvet cover from Snurk Living

Having trouble coming up with unique gift ideas for the smallest folks in your life? Check out these wow-worthy gifts for kids who have everything—or so you might think.

A little girl is seen playing with her Goldilocks & the Three Bears 3D toy house from Storytime Toys

A house that tells a story

Portable, educational, and outright fun, the House & Storybook Playset by Storytime Toys lets kids unleash their imagination. They can assemble a mini house with characters and furniture from classic tales like Hansel & Gretel, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and the Three Little Pigs.

Two kids are seen tossing an 
Ollyball inflatable indoor coloring ball in their living room

Living room-friendly ball

The Inflatable Indoor Coloring Ball by Ollyball® is one part art and one part recreation. Durable and super lightweight, this high-flying ball can be tossed around indoors without worry, and kids can color it in, too.

A UGEARS wooden building model of a pneumatic engine sits on a table

Engineers in training

UGEARS’ beginner mechanical model kits get gears moving. Kids can assemble flat wood pieces to create a model that can move when complete. This kit proves that the act of making can be just as fun as playing with the finished result.

A little girl checks the time on her unicorn printed Tyvek paper watch from I Like Paper

A paper watch?

Yup, you read that right. Fun, functional and eco-friendly, the Kids Tyvek® Printed Watch by I Like Paper lets kids feel like grown-ups. The watch is made from durable, water-resistant Tyvek® paper and comes in playful and funky prints.

Assorted animal bluetooth speakers from My Audio Pet are seen on a table

Sounds adorable

Audio has never been cuter. The Bluetooth Animal Speakers by My Audio Pet can stream music from a computer, smartphone, or other Bluetooth-compatible device for up to six hours. A sweet creature can also work as a wireless selfie remote shutter and has a built-in mic for phone calls.

A vapor blaster from Zero toys is seen being used

Science meets science fiction

This Vapor Blaster by Zero Toys gives kids a hands-on introduction to fluid mechanics. The ammo is a mixture of propylene glycol and water that results in fog-like rings that can be shot up to 12 feet away. The blaster features an LED light for nighttime fun and seven laser sound effects.

a 3D augmented reality sculpture of the moon from AstroReality is seen on a table

A walk on the moon

Fans of outer space will love the Augmented Reality Moon Sculpture by AstroReality. By using the augmented reality app, kids can experience the moon like never before. The sculpture is constructed using data from NASA probes and teaches fun facts about the moon.

A little boy is seen playing with an Airblock modular programmable drone

Ready for take off

Makeblock’s Airblock Modular Programmable Drone provides high-tech fun for kids of all ages. Easy magnetic assembly lets kids configure the drone in dozens of different ways. Their flying creation is then operated via the Makeblock app, which turns a smartphone or tablet into a remote.

Two kids are seen playing with a Jooki app-controlled music player

Sweet beats

The Kids Music Player by Jooki gives kids the freedom to listen to the songs and stories they want. Placing a cheerful character on the speaker activates a parent-approved playlist that makes kids feel like they’re in control.

A young boy is seen playing the TrueBalance original magnetic fidget toy

How’s your balance?

Made by TrueBalance, this kids balance game helps sharpen coordination skills. The objective is to stack the magnetic disks in a straight line, but trust us, it’s harder than it looks.

A young girl is seen playing with a glow-in-the-dark MOZI arm spinning toy

Night moves

Glozi by MOZI is part slinky, part fidget toy, and 100% fun. Kids can glide the glow-in-the-dark arm spinning toy in countless different ways and play by themselves, with friends, and even in the dark. Its adaptability makes it one of the best gifts for kids who have everything.

Two little boys are seen coloring on The Longest coloring book

Keep coloring . . . and coloring

With 15 feet of fun, the Fold-Out Coloring Book by The Longest Coloring Book provides a 15-foot long canvas for kids to express their creativity. They can color and draw in a city scene, on the moon, or under the sea.

An Oreo is seen being dipped into a glass of milk using a Dipr cookie spoon

A sweet spoonful

Gone are the days of sticky milk-covered fingers. This set of four cookie spoons by The Dipr lets kids (and their parents) dunk their favorite sandwich cookies into a glass of milk without making a mess.

A little girl is seen wearing rainbow knee-high character socks from MooshWalks

Knees up

These unique knee-high socks by MooshWalks help kids express themselves in a fun and fashionable way. Flappable ears and wings makes these playful and cozy pairs stand out.

A little girl is seen learning how to play the guitar using Loog Guitars' red three-string acoustic guitar

Take the stage

Loog Guitars’ three-string acoustic guitar mimics a full-size one to give kids an approachable introduction to playing. Aspiring rock stars learn through easy-to-follow lessons included on the app.

  • A little girl is seen laying in bed under a Mermaid duvet cover from Snurk Living
  • A little boy is seen laying on his bed covered by an Astronaut duvet cover from Snurk Living
  • A little girl is seen laying in bed under a Ballerina duvet cover from Snurk Living

Dream big

Made from 100% cotton, these photo-realistic twin duvet covers by Snurk Living let kids pretend to be their favorite characters as they doze off. High-resolution, super-detailed designs play into a little ones’ dreams of being an astronaut, ballerina, firefighter, mermaid, or soccer player.

A little girl is seen playing inside her Stick-lets silicone connector castle fort

King (or queen) of the castle

The Silicone Connector Castle Fort Kit by Stick-lets fosters fun, creativity, and problem solving skills. Using the silicone connectors and birch dowels, kids can build castles, shapes, and anything else they can imagine.

Make an impact with a gift for kids who have everything by giving something they haven’t seen before, and that also strikes the right chord with the personality and interests. When a gift is a perfect fit, it’s even more memorable.

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