18 Game-Changing Gifts for Every Kind of Commuter

A daily commute may be a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be a time drain. Make the most of comings and goings—whether by bike, train, or car—with these 18 inspiring gifts for commuters. Even when encountering detours, delays, or gridlock, these handy lifesavers can make getting from Point A to Point B feel A-OK.

A woman is seen walking with her phone securely strapped around her neck thanks to a Gearbeast phone lanyard

Hands-Free Phone Holder

Keep your phone handy—and hands-free—with the Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Lanyard. Strong, stretchy silicone fits around any phone model, even in a case. Wear it around your neck or clip it to a bag or belt for instant access, no matter where (or how) you’re headed. A nifty pocket on the back stashes cards and cash for easy use at turnstiles, tolls, and more.

An iPhone is seen mounted to a car vent using Square Jellyfish's car vent phone mount

A Phone Mount That Won’t Quit

Keep both hands on the wheel without losing your way. The Square Jellyfish Car Vent Phone Mount secures any phone (up to four inches wide) to your car’s air vent, without blocking air flow. The spring-loaded grip and patented metal clamp keep your phone safely in position, while a pivot ball makes tilting and rotating—essential for GPS navigation—a snap.

A woman is seen easily pulling her keys out of her purse with a Finder's Key Purse key hook

Keys On Lock

Fumbling for keys can be an everyday hassle. Fortunately, the solution isn’t just handy, but handsome to boot. Just hang the Finders Key Purse on the side of any bag. A decorative design adorns the outside, while the hidden keyring on the inside keeps all your keys securely in reach. 

A pink Handbag Handcuff is seen clipped to a car headrest holding up a purse

Purse Protection

A handbag on your car’s floor isn’t terribly convenient, and a snatched purse is even worse. The Handbag Handcuff ensures your essentials are easy for you (and only you) to grab, in the car or on the go. With just one click, two durable carabiners safely attach any purse handle to a car headrest post, shopping cart, or stroller handle, keeping valuables securely in reach.

A SOI automatic handbag light sits lit in the bottom of a purse surrounded by keys, makeup, glasses & a phone

Handbag Illuminator

Put an end to handbag rummaging with the SOI Smart Handbag Light + Charger. Small and lightweight, it fits in any purse. The light activates when it senses your hand, so you can instantly spot your keys, wallet, pen, gum, and more. The rechargeable battery also powers mobile devices for an on-the-go boost.

A Zootility USA multi tools gift set with a Pockey Monkey, bottle opener and keyrings

A Fix At Your Fingertips

Pack a toolbox in your pocket with Zootility’s USA Gift Set. Made of 100% stainless steel in Portland, Maine, the kit includes the lightweight PocketMonkey multi-tool—which features three different types of screwdrivers, a bottle opener, hex wrenches, and more—a patriotic bottle opener, and two fingernail-friendly keyrings. The best part: as slim as a credit card, they’re small enough to fit in most wallets.

A blue travel fork from Silvr is seen being stowed away

Silverware Anywhere

Stick a fork in disposable flatware with Silvr’s Stainless Steel Travel Fork. The sturdy anti-microbial tines pop into the aluminum handle for eco-friendly feasting. When you’re done, just rinse and tuck the tines into the handle for smooth and compact portability.

A red Porter plastic lunch bowl is seen next to a lunch bag on a kitchen counter

Put A Lid On It

Tote leftovers in style with W&P Design’s Portable Plastic Lunch Bowl. Made of BPA-free plastic, the rigid lid keeps rice, salad, and other solids securely stowed thanks to a snap-tight silicone strap. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe, making prep and cleanup a breeze.

Four different chia seed pudding cups are prepared in Kilner breakfast jar sets

All-Star Jars

Make mornings measurably better with Kilner’s Breakfast Jar & Measuring Cup Lid Set. The two wide-mouth jars come with a unique stainless steel lid that also serves as a measuring cup for portion control. An airtight silicone sealing disc prevents leakage, while a handy silicone spoon holder and stainless steel spoon complete the all-in-one setup.

Keys and debit cards can be seen stored in a gray Bindle bottle

Sip and Store

Stay hydrated through any commute with Bindle Bottle’s Storage Water Bottle. Vacuum-insulated and double-walled, it keeps drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24. A secret bonus: A stealthy twist-open compartment on the bottom keeps on-the-go essentials—like keys, cash, and cards—on hand, but out of sight.

A man is seen walking and drinking from his THERO temperature-controlled travel mug

Barista On Board

Crave coffee on your commute? Thero’s Temperature-Controlled Travel Mug has you covered. Simply pour hot coffee into the vessel. In about two minutes, your drink will cool to an ideal drinking temperature (no more scalding sips), and stay there for up to five hours. Fits in a standard cup holder, with a lockable lid that guards against spills and leaks, for a refreshing boost that lasts long beyond rush hour.

A man is seen holding a blue and white Stojo collapsible reusable coffee cup

Cuppa Joe, To Go

Stojo’s Collapsible Travel Cup makes it easy to ditch daily disposables. Made of food-grade silicone, the leak-proof design folds down to just two inches, so you can tuck it into a pocket, purse, or glove compartment. Top it off with a leak-proof plastic lid, plus an integrated heat sleeve that keeps fingers comfy, making it a perfect gift for commuters.

A woman is seen standing next to her bike wearing an olive green Cleverhood high-performance rain cape

Dried and True

Commuting by bike means inevitable pedaling through puddles. Stay dry in any forecast—from drizzles to downpours—with Cleverhood’s High Performance Rain Cape. Made in Rhode Island with a breathable membrane fabric, the unisex design can withstand 10,000 mm of rain without letting in a drop. Reflective piping, an outer loop to hang a safety light, and a fitted hood with a large brim ensure you can see and be seen, even on the dampest, darkest days. 

A person is seen riding their bike at night wearing an Arrowhere reflective safety vest

Vested Interest

Bike, jog, and walk with extra visibility in ArroWhere’s Reflective Safety Vest. Bright arrows on the front and back are visible to drivers up to a quarter-mile away, alerting them to give you needed space on the road. It’s adjustable to get an ideal fit, and an inner front pocket keeps essentials handy. A perfect gift for commuters that bike to work.

A trio of family's feet can be seen lounging in multicolored Fitkicks athleisure footwear

A Treat For Sore Feet

Part slipper, sneaker, and watersock, FitKicks’ Minimalist Athleisure Shoes (in Men’s and Women’s sizes) go anywhere your feet do. Lightweight, durable, and quick drying, they fold compactly for easy transport, making them a versatile pick for the gym, beach, travel, and high-heel relief.

A woman is seen sitting on a bench talking into a pair of olive green Wraps headphones

Headphones On Hand

Listen up! Plug into a playlist or hop on a call with Wraps’ Wristband Headphones + Microphone. Disguised as a bracelet when not in use, the braided fabric cable wraps (and unwraps) around a wrist without tangling. The built-in button microphone makes it a snap to pause, play, and chat on the spot.

A man is seen wearing AfterShokz Trekz air headphones as he rides his bike

Open Your Ears

On a busy commute, you want to stay in your own world, but also be aware of the world, too. AfterShokz’ Treks Air open ear headphones bridge the best of both. Using bone conduction technology, the comfortable, lightweight titanium design provides premium sound quality through your cheekbones, leaving your ears open to your surroundings.

A lime green PodPocket is seen hooked to a purse, keeping AirPods within reach

Air On The Side of Caution

Hold onto your Apple AirPods with PodPocket’s Protective Silicone Case. Precision molded, they provide a perfect fit, so you’ll have peace of mind that your AirPods won’t slip away. The thick, brightly colored silicone provides maximum impact protection and visibility, and the open bottom enables charging, even when the case is in use.

From greener meals to comfier kicks, these 18 thoughtful gifts for commuters can make any nine–to-five routine a perfect 10. 

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