Beat the Crowds — Get the Scoop on the Top Christmas Gifts 2019

If you’re ready to become the cool aunt, dad, or mom, get a jump on your holiday shopping by checking out our list of the Top Christmas Gifts 2019. You’ll find delightful, engaging gifts for everyone on your list. Gifts they’ve never seen before but are sure to amaze.

A young boy is seen playing the TrueBalance original magnetic fidget toy

Fidgeting 2.0

They’ve spun the spinners, flipped the bottles, and squished the slime, but the latest fidget toy offers a more intense experience. And it’s designed to boost concentration and critical thinking skills at the same time. Can you balance and align all the blocks into a single column? The Truebalance Fidget toy is more difficult than it looks. And while the concept is easy to understand, it is tough to master. A light touch and keen sense of balance are needed for this concentration-boosting fidget toy as users build valuable skills as they play.

A group plays Chippo Golf in a driveway

Chip Your Way to Victory

Whether you enjoy a little friendly competition or really want a cutthroat game, this combination of cornhole and golf is sure to delight. Take turns launching, chipping, and putting your way to victory. If regular cornhole has gotten a little stale, this popular game is an excellent alternative. One of the best games for a diverse group, the Outdoor Golfing Game from Chippo is perfect for entertaining and creates a level playing field for all. Perfect for those who love being the first on the block with a popular new toy, this piece is perfect for your favorite neighbor or party host. 

A Pony, Minus the Mess

A real pony sounds like a dream come true to kids and a nightmare for mom and dad. Get your favorite little cowboy or cowgirl a new twist on an old gift. Kids can’t resist the soft, fluffy appeal of Ponycycle and parents can appreciate the low-care version of a high-maintenance pet. Beware, this sweet ride is appealing to kids of all ages and will steal the show on Christmas morning.

Two Tiki Tunes LED Speakers On a table at sunset

Lights, Music, Action

The teens and young adults on your Christmas list will be enamored with this combination of ambient lighting and music. TikiTunes connects seamlessly to any Bluetooth equipped device and is sure to please even the hardest to buy for kids on your holiday shopping list. They’ll love this dynamic and unusual, retro-inspired speaker. And you’ll love crossing another successful gift off your shopping list.  

A woman reads on her couch, covered in a Baloo Living weighted blanket

Give the Gift of Sleep

Ask any parent, sleep is the number one thing on their wish list for just about any holiday. While you can’t help get the little one to sleep, you can do the next best thing. The Baloo Living weighted blanket makes it easy to get a comfortable nights’ sleep and promotes healthy sleep habits, too. You’ll be able to give the gift of peaceful naptime to your favorite parents and let them sneak in a nap whenever they can.  

A woman is seen wearing a beige top and a silver Soleil monocle necklace from Moderne Monocle

Read in Style

Know someone who needs reading glasses for up-close things but not for everything? If your parent or grandparent is constantly losing reading glasses or just isn’t a fan of wearing them, this pendant is sure to please. The Moderne Monocle combines the best of both worlds, giving a closer look at the small print and little items while providing a fashion-conscious addition to any outfit, too. Best of all, the pendant stays in place when not in use, so the recipient will spend less time looking for her glasses and more time reading. 

A woman is seen wearing a rose gold ZIIIRO Eclipse bold minimalist watch

Timekeeping Simplicity

For the friend who is on board the decluttering train and committing to the popular minimalist approach, the ZIIRO minimalist watch offers a way to enhance his or her wardrobe without a lot of fussy details or distracting elements. Ideal for anyone who loves modern, streamlined design and adopting the latest unique styles, this stunning watch will wow even the toughest people on your holiday list. 

Photos of friends in action are seen sitting in a reclaimed whisky barrel double frame from Whisky Frames

Pinterest Perfect Barrel Stave Decor

The seasoned wood from whiskey barrels of the Scottish Highlands takes center stage when you give one of these delightful reclaimed whisky picture frames to a friend or colleague. Perfect for whisky enthusiasts or recipients who just embrace the concept of reclaiming materials, these rich wooden frames add instant history to any space. You’ll love seeing this stunning piece when you visit and they’ll adore the unique history of these striking pieces. 

The name 'Alex McBeath' is seen engraved on a Clayton & Crume leather belt with bridle nameplate

Custom Says You Care

Go custom this year with a fully personalized gift he will love adding to his wardrobe. Personalized gifts are some of the most popular and enduring options for giving each holiday season. He’ll love the care and attention you put into his gift this year. Then he will enjoy showing off the exquisite detail of this Clayton and Crume belt at work or at play.

A woman is seen easily pulling her keys out of her purse with a Finder's Key Purse key hook

Finders Key-Purse…Get it?

She’s amazing…and a few minutes late for everything. If she loses her keys routinely and is always on the go, she’ll appreciate the Finders Key Purse. A loving reminder for daughters, moms and sisters and perfect for your hot mess best friend. This thoughtful piece is an ideal addition to a gift basket or as a token of appreciation at any time of the year.  

3 lavender Spiral Light candles are seen burning on a coffee table next to a bouquet of flowers

Traditional Candles With a Twist

A fresh take on a traditional hostess gift, the unique spiral candle burns in an intriguing and appealing pattern. You’ll have them wondering how this piece works —and where you got it—when you give one of these beauties. Elevate the usual housewarming gift to something truly appealing with the freshly scented Spiral Candles

Skiers are seen skiing down a snowy mountain in a CoolSnowGlobes idyllic scene

Kitschy Cool Snow Globes

Once a staple tourist item, these modern snow globes from CoolSnowGlobes elevate the traditional model to a whole new level. Choose from intriguing scenes, miniature items, and delightful scenes. This popular and mesmerizing gift is appealing to just about anyone on your list. If you have someone who is difficult to buy for, this popular pick will do the trick. 

Pick some of the top Christmas gifts 2019 for your friends and family this year. You’ll love wrapping up the shopping early with a unique and cool lineup of gifts. And they’ll love being among the first to have these popular pieces. 

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