The Good Stuff: Unique & Useful Stocking Stuffer Gifts They’ll Love

It’s inevitable. You get down to the end of your gifting list when it—the sight of the mantle—hits you. You forgot stocking stuffers. A last-minute dash to fill stockings can result in some less-than-awesome finds. Put in a little bit of planning with thoughtful and unique stocking stuffers gift ideas that will rival the goodies waiting under the tree.

A claddagh symbol is seen depicted on a pewter good luck bell from Guardian Bells, clipped to a keyring

Good Luck Bells

Pewter Guardian Bells come in many intricate designs that can match just about anyone’s interests and hobbies, and they all have one thing in common: extra good luck to whoever receives one. And who wouldn’t want good luck in their stocking?

A pair of glasses is seen clipped to a shirt with a ReadeREST eyeglasses holder

Never Lose Your Glasses

The perfect gift for the person who is always losing their glasses, this strong magnet-and-steel-clip combo works through clothing to hold glasses right where you want them, so you always know where they are. It works with earbuds and ID badges, too.

A scoop of hazelnut spread sits on a PBSpoon next to a croissant

A Spoonful Of Nut Butter

Looking for a unique stocking stuffer for a foodie? PBspoon gets the most out of a near-empty jar of nearly anything and serves as a spoon and spatula all-in-one. The pointed tip gets into hard-to-reach curves and a flat backside smooths on peanut butter and other spreads.

3 pairs of knitted cupcake socks from Sukeno Socks sit next to a muffin tin

Knitted Cupcake Socks

Still hungry for ideas? Sukeno Socks feature playful, realistic-looking designs perfectly presented as a cupcake, Popsicle, and doughnut. The socks are made on state-of-the-art Japanese knitting machines which helps keep colors looking crisp after washing.

A lime green staple-free stapler from PLUS America sits on a desk

A Staple-Free Stapler

The biggest drawback of a stapler is when it runs out of staples, which seems to happen mysteriously often. This paper cinch stapler sidesteps the metal and inter-folds pages together to keep things secure and staple-free. It’s a desktop staple for sure.

A woman is seen putting a pair of earrings into a teal Lion Latch keychain jewelry holder

Key Chain Jewelry Holder

If you’re giving jewelry this year, get a Lion Latch to go with it. This travel jewelry case keeps rings, necklaces, and other small items secure. The lid is locked in place by a key ring that attaches the holder to a bag or backpack, keeping it close at hand and safe all at once.

Yellow & green pure catnip bags from Dr. Pussums Cat Company sit on a table

Pure Catnip Toy Set

Include a feline friend in the gifting spirit with sweet catnip cat toys handcrafted in Maine. They’re filled with pure, natural catnip sourced from Canada. A rabbit fur mouse rounds out the playful set.

A lime green PodPocket is seen hooked to a purse, keeping AirPods within reach

Protection for Your AirPods

Keep an Apple AirPods case safe and sound—and in an easy-to-reach spot—with the handy holder from PodPocket. Made of flexible silicone, it fits snugly over the AirPods case and can be attached to a belt, bag, or key chain.

Fill a stocking with finds that are so useful, so helpful, and so appreciated. These unique stocking stuffer gifts prove that good things come in small packages.

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