Impress Dad With One of These Cool Father’s Day Gifts

If you’ve given your father more ties, golf balls, and #1 Dad mugs than he knows what to do with, you’ve come to the right place. Level up your gift-giving game this year with interesting and unexpected Father’s Day gifts your Dad deserves.

For the Dad that Would Grill Anything If He Could


The Smokist – Smoking Pouch & Wood Chips Set

The Smokist makes smoking meat and fish easy because it works inside any grill. Fill the stainless steel pouch with the included mesquite, apple, or hickory wood chips. As the pouch heats, the chips smolder white smoke that infuses food with flavor without any extra effort.

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Qwick Trim – Brisket and Meat Trimmer

A true BBQ pro developed this tool that makes it easier (and safer) to trim away unwanted fat and silver skin from cuts of meat. It’s Made in the USA with a sturdy handle and stainless steel blade, and is designed to work by letting Dad keep one hand on the protein and trim away with parallel motion.

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MEATER – Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

This smart meat thermometer and app work together to keep an eye on what’s cooking, so Dad doesn’t have to. The wireless stainless steel probe reads the temperature of meat and the ambient temperature in a grill or oven and connects to the easy-to-use app. The app sends alerts and cooking times—even a five-minute warning that food like steak or chicken is almost ready.

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For the Dad Who is Always Looking for a New Project

Use Handle Rite ergonomic loop handle plier to bend metal wire with ease

Handle Rite – Ergonomic Loop-Handle Pliers

Ergonomic loop-handle needle nose pliers from Handle Rite are an easier-to-grip redesign of the tried-and-true household tool. You can also opt for side cutter, lineman, and slip joint pliers that have all received the same makeover. The loop handles give Dad better leverage and control of the pliers and feel good in his hand, especially if he is working with gloves on.

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fix a broken sledgehammer with Forj moldable thermoplastic tape

Forj – Moldable Thermoplastic Tape

Dad will keep this thermoplastic tape from Forj on hand for fix-its and patch-ups, to create a custom grip, or even to do some heavy-duty jobs. The self-bonding tape is lightweight and flexible and becomes moldable—and re-moldable—with heat. It hardens in minutes and has a tensile strength of over 1,000 pounds. Just heat, press, and repeat.

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iFixit pro tech toolkit helps you repair your mobile device

iFixit – Pro Tech Toolkit

iFixit contains all the poking, prying, gripping, lifting, ESD safety, and screw-driving tools needed to service consumer electronics. iFixit’s kits contain unfamiliar tools like Pentalobe and Torx bits—tools that the tech companies hope you won’t have so you’ll buy a new device or pay them to repair your existing one.

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For the Dad Who is Always on the Cutting Edge

Time Traveler charger your iPhone and apple watch all at once thanks to a wireless battery bank

Time Traveler – iPhone & Apple Watch Battery Bank

The Time Traveler Apple Watch portable charger provides on-the-go power and is the only travel solution that lets you use your watch in Nightstand mode, too. The pocket-sized design combines an induction charging pad with a built-in Lightning cable and a USB port to charge three devices all at the same time.

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junojumper portable jump starter is a compact solution that fits easily in your tool drawer

JunoJumper – Portable Jump Starter

Your dad can jumpstart a car, but he probably needs another car to do it. At least he didJunoJumper is a handheld car starter that won’t operate unless the cables are connected correctly, has a boost button that jumps completely dead batteries, and, when not jumping cars, charges a phone from 0 to 100% four times. On second thought, you might just want to get this for yourself.

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Man laying in bed reading his tablet with Tablift flexible universal tablet stand

Tablift – Flexible Universal Tablet Stand

Get Dad’s tablet out of his hands and into the perfect position. Tablift holds a tablet securely on top of bendable, adjustable legs, leaving you to enjoy it hands-free, even when lying completely flat. Use it in bed, on the couch, or on an uneven surface and it holds your tablet at eye level, which is easier on your neck, too.

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For the Dad Who Always Brings the Fun

Three people play bean bag basket game in a yard.

Bean Bag Bucketz – Bean Bag Basket Toss Game

Get Dad’s competitive and playful spirit going with this fun backyard game. Players aim for adjustable baskets at varying heights that have varying point values—whoever hits 21 points first wins. Best of all, the tower and baskets can easily compact down into a carrying case to tag along on beach trips and tailgates.

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A group of friends playing Chippo Golf in their driveway

Chippo Golf – Outdoor Golf Game

Chippo Golf combines cornhole and chip shots to make for a golf-centric backyard game. Use Dad’s irons to hit from turf-covered chipping mats into the netted holes. High-density foam balls have true spin and trajectory so they feel like the real thing but won’t cause damage like a real ball can. The game boards are made with lightweight and durable plastic that’s easy to stow or move to wherever Dad wants to play.

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