Gifts For the “It All Goes On The Grill” Dad

If your dad knows no bounds when it comes to grilling season and is always looking for the next tool to up his game, these finds are sure to excite and elevate your gift-giving to well-done.

DiamondKingSmoker turn any grill into a smoker with this smoker box

Turn Your Grill Into a Smoker

Smoking meats used to require a giant, expensive smoker—used to. Now Dad can adapt the grill he already has with DiamondKing Smoker. All he need to add are the ribs, chicken, fish, and a fire and the smoker takes it from there.

Bear Paw Products, meat shredder claws for the perfect pulled pork

Shred Dinner Prep Time

If pulled pork or chicken is part of your dad’s grilling game, he’s probably familiar with the pain of pulling it apart. Bear Paws solves that problem with their meat shredding claws. Six super sharp prongs tear through meat easily, and it’s probably the closest your dad will get to being Wolverine.

Brushtech double helix grill brushes- clean your grill safely

A No-Bristles Grill Brush

Every griller likes a clean grill, and there may be no better way to express love and concern for your father than getting him a bristle-free grill brush. There are potential dangers associated with metal bristles, so the stainless steel double helix brush from Brushtech is both practical and thoughtful.

Grilled To Perfection

It’s easy for Dad to get distracted while grilling, but MEATER has the grill master’s back when his attention is elsewhere. The wireless meat thermometer connects to an app on a phone to monitor the beef, chicken, pork, or fish and will send doneness notifications when it’s just the way he likes it.

Grilllight lighted spatula, grill in the dark with this flashlight spatula

Sun’s Down, Grill is On

For the serious griller Dad, it’s always the perfect time to grill. Dead of night? Not a problem. Grillight gets it. That’s why they installed an LED flashlight into their spatula. No need for Dad to flash his phone over the grill to check on everything. Now he can just focus on his flip.

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A Does-More Tool

This spatula-tongs-scraper keeps hands away from heat and Dad in control of the cooking. The dual-spatula system makes for the perfect flip and has a serrated edge for quick cuts. When used as tongs, it opens wide enough to grab a whole chicken or roast.

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He loves his grill and you love him. When you give Dad a grill-centric gift, it’s a useful addition that shows you know what he really likes—and, bonus, it can help lead to tasty results you get to enjoy.

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