Dads always seem ready for every scenario. With these handy tools and gadgets, you can help him elevate his toolkit to the next level of preparedness.


No-Touch Door Opening

This keychain tool lends a hand to help Dads’ stay cleaner. It’s made with antimicrobial copper and shaped to do jobs like hook a door handle, press buttons (like in an elevator or ATM) and even work as a stylus, saving his fingers from touching dirty surfaces.

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Kelvin Tools 36-in-1 delux multi-tool has a screwdriver, tape measure and more in 1 tool

36 Tools in One

It’s hard to be any more prepared than when you’re stocked with 36 tools in one. Packed with everything from a screwdriver and hammer to utility knife and corkscrew, Kelvin Tools can handle just about any fix around the house as easily as opening a bottle of wine.

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A Key-Sized Toolbox

Now, your dad might not need a series of screwdriver bits everywhere he goes, but he may love the idea of a multitool as an everyday-carry item. If that’s the case, this key-shaped multitool has him covered. From turning screws to stripping wires, it packs 16 tools into one keychain-friendly design.

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Bondic liquid plastic welder fixes broken power cords

Weld It Yourself

So your dad is a DIY devotee and has all of the multitools he could possibly need, but here’s your chance to bolster his repairing arsenal with Bondic. The liquid plastic welder works on wood, metal, and even fabric to tackle jobs like fixing eyeglasses or lending a hand during a tech repair job.

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Now You Can Fix Your Phone

The truest test of Dad’s DIY prowess comes when trying to fix or upgrade a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and their intricate components. iFixit is more than just a tech toolbox, it’s an entire movement—the “right to repair” movement. Their site is filled with forums, instructions, and guides to help Dad along as he tackles repairing that cracked screen.

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A white & orange RapidX high speed USB charger is seen plugged into the center console of a car

High-Speed Car Chargers

The days of the struggle to read a map while lost on a road trip are thankfully over. But in its place is the struggle to ensure everyone has enough juice on their phone. RapidX not only takes care of charging Dad’s phone, but everyone else’s in the car, too.

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JunoJumper portable jump starter tool for your car

Super-Fast Jumpstarts

Of course, a phone battery isn’t the only battery Dad needs to worry about. A dead car battery used to mean waiting to flag down a passing car to help him out. Now it simply requires him reaching under his seat for JunoJumper, hooking it up to the battery, and pressing a button. Yes, it’s that easy.

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Drill Brushes snap on to a power drill for superior scrubbing brush power in the shower

A Scrubbing Brush . . . For Your Drill

There’s no bad excuse for most dads to bust out the power drill and thanks to Drill Brushes, he can bring it out almost daily. With interchangeable heads to tackle any job around the house, Dad can make quick work of scrubbing the tub, cleaning the grill, or buffing the patio furniture.

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Dad may think he’s always prepared, but by giving him one of these so-smart and unique tools, you can show him how well you know him and wow him with something he’s never seen before—a gifting win-win.

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