Beyond the Tie: Father-In-Law Gift Guide

Searching for one-of-a-kind gift ideas for your father-in-law? Ready to pass on that bottle of blue aftershave and think outside the tie? We have the gift ideas you’re on the hunt for.

draw & erase on Wipebook Pro's whiteboard notebook

Wipebook – Reusable Whiteboard Notebook

Mini dry erase board or high-quality notebook? Now you don’t have to choose. The Wipebook reusable whiteboard notebook brings the best of both worlds together in one environmentally-friendly package. The brainchild of engineers who wanted to create a reusable, portable product, the Wipebook provides an unlimited canvas on which a father-in-law can doodle, diagram, write, and express his deepest inner thoughts and feelings. It may look like a notebook bound in vegan leather, but inside live smudge-proof, hyper-gloss pages on which he can notate, erase, and start again, all without waste.

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shredding pulled pork with BearPaw products meat shredder claws

Bear Paw Products – Meat Handler and Shredder 

Move aside, fork: Not only does meat taste better when it’s shredded, but it’s also waaay more fun to shred when there are huge claws involved. Whether used for pulling pork, shredding brisket, or lifting a chicken, the original meat handler and shredder from Bear Paw Products is the real deal. These burly claws are BPA-free, heat-resistant, and constructed in the U.S. from heavy-duty nylon. Honestly, aside from cutting meat with a chainsaw, it just doesn’t get much more manly than this.

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Helix Whiskey glass, spinning spirits glass

Helix Whiskey Glass – Spinning Whiskey & Spirits Glass

Did you know that drinkware can be more than just a whiskey delivery system? If not, it’s time to experience the magic that is the Helix Spinning Whiskey & Spirits glass. It’s designed with a rotating base that aerates spirits as it spins; not only does this look amazing on the bar, it also opens up a drink’s flavors and aroma for an enhanced imbibing experience. Bonus: gifting the Helix Spinning Glass provides the perfect excuse for your father-in-law to break out that special bottle of single malt he’s been saving —and share it with you. 

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United By Blue bison down & merino wool socks

United By Blue – Ultimate American Sock

As far as gifts for father-in-law go, socks are underrated… at least when we’re talking the Ultimate American Sock. Crafted from soft merino wool, bison down, and spandex for an optimal fit, these uber-comfy socks cushion his feet in warm softness. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast (or anyone who likes having comfortable feet, which realistically is probably everybody), the Ultimate American Sock is the ideal blend of cushy and durable. Plus, United Blue cleans a pound of trash out of a U.S. waterway for each pair sold. It’s a win-win for his feet and the environment. 

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Sterling Brooke double-hinged fish corkscrew

Sterling Brooke – Double-Hinged Fish Corkscrew

When your father-in-law must go directly from the boat to a dinner party (as one does), the double-hinged fish corkscrew makes the transition with ease. Beautifully etched scales, carved by hand into a white oak handle, pair perfectly with a practical stainless steel corkscrew, bottle opener, and foil cutter. This piece is hand-crafted to last a lifetime and guaranteed to be a conversation starter. He’ll never be unprepared, no matter what type of bottle — or guest list — he’s facing.

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ScreenCraft Gifts – Custom Map Coasters with Stand

Where’s your father-in-law’s favorite place in the U.S.? Perhaps it’s where he got married, bought his first home, went to college, or raised his family. No matter where his heart may lie, these custom map coasters memorialize it for him. Choose any point in the U.S. and that area — along with the nine miles surrounding it and a customized legend — will be screened onto these handsome Turkish marble coasters. A sturdy metal stand is included in this very personal gift.

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KettlePizza – Pizza Oven for Charcoal Grill

The only thing better than homemade pizza is homemade pizza grilled over a charcoal and wood fire. This KettlePizza Pizza Oven makes it easy for your father-in-law to craft delicious fired pies in his own backyard. Designed for a kettle-style grill, the stainless steel insert creates the perfect combo of circulating heat and airflow so he can achieve a perfectly fired, crispy crust and delightfully gooey cheese in about five minutes.   

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grilling burgers & sausages with MyFlipFork 5-in-1 grill spatula

MyFlipFork – 5-in-1 Grill Spatula

Is your father-in-law an aspiring grill master? Then he definitely needs the BOSS 5-in-1 grill spatula. There’s so much functionality packed into this handy tool, he won’t be able to believe he ever grilled without it. Seriously, it’s got serrated and smooth knife edges for tenderizing and cutting, a spatula for flipping, a bottle opener for the obligatory beers, and a fork for… forking. Crafted in durable stainless steel with an extra-long acacia wood handle, this tool takes grilling to the next level. 

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Tin Cup golf ball markers, shamrock design

Tin Cup – Golf Ball Marker

If your father-in-law is constantly getting into fights over whose ball is whose at the golf course, the Alpha Players golf ballmMarker will nip that problem in the bud. The stainless steel stencil slips easily over his golf balls, so he can add his initial and dispel any confusion on the rough, not that he spends much time there. Permanent marker and pouch are included. 

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Bison Airlighter rapid fire starter for the grill

Bison Airlighter – Rapid Fire Starter

The next time your father-in-law is competing on a survival reality show—or simply needs to light a campfire or a charcoal grill—the Bison Airlighter makes it simple. This three-pack of fuel keeps his Bison Airlighter charged and ready to go, taking the annoying smoke and smells out of the fire-lighting process. Best of all, this butane fuel is triple-filtered and chef-grade, making it an ideal choice for grills and cooking fires. 

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This Father’s Day, give him something that’s as unique as he is, something new that’ll surprise him, something that he won’t find anywhere else. 

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