From macaroni necklaces to a new tie for his collection, Grandpa’s seen lots of great gifts over the years, but how about something fun and practical that he’ll actually use? Whether it’s Father’s Day, Christmas, Grandparent’s Day, or his birthday, these are gifts for Grandpa that he’ll actually reach for, play with, or relax on every day. Wrap one up and you’re definitely him using it the next time you stop by for a visit.  

A Complete Watchmaking Kit

Sure, Grandpa has a smartphone and is super tech savvy, but there’s something about a classic watch that can’t be beat—and now he can put it together himself. This all-in-one watchmaking kit revives the age-old craft of watchmaking and brings back the novelty of making something with your own two hands. The kit includes everything he’ll need to build his own mechanical, black and white timepiece that will complement any outfit, from jeans to more formal duds.

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Lake Art custom made cribbage board

A Custom Cribbage Board

Commemorate Grandpa’s favorite lake with this customized cribbage board from Lake Art. Choose from more than 6,000 lakes and coastal areas around the world, all with depth dimensions, shorelines, roads, towns and local details crafted from raw cherry wood. Six brass and aluminum plugs are stored inside the game board, kept safe with a cork plug. He’ll enjoy playing a game of cribbage with the grandkids while keeping memories of his favorite spot top of mind.

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Garden Weed Removal Tool

Grandpa loves digging in the garden, but not the aches and pains from bending and stooping to deal with stubborn weeds. With this weed tackling wonder, he can clear large, weed-y areas quickly and efficiently while standing, and also create furrows in the soil for irrigation or planting seeds. A rust-proof, tempered steel head is sharpened inside and out and sits at the end of a fiberglass handle with rubber grips for extra comfort.

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Wilderness Bells

When Gramps is relaxing on the porch and hears the soothing sound of his made-in-Maine wind bell blowing in the breeze, he’ll sigh with contentment. These recycled-steel bells create a pleasant chime that will transport him to the majestic woods, from the Adirondacks to the forests of Mount Rainier. Choose location-and-windcatcher combo that suits Grandpa best, and you’ll be on your way to Favorite Grandkid status.

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A NASA-Approved Eyeglass Cleaner

If Gramps has a tendency to clean his smudged glasses with his trusty handkerchief, this gift is a must-have. Developed using NASA technology, the Peeps carbon eyeglass cleaner is an efficient way to get sparkling clean glasses. Simply wipe dust away with the natural bristle brush, then the carbon pads sandwich the lens to clean it on both sides. No cleaning spray needed, just a smudge- and oil-free view.

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A Handy Club Carrier

Back in his day, Grandpa had to carry all of his clubs in a golf bag for a day on the links. Now he can lighten the load with a compact club carrier that holds up to six clubs, three tees, and features a magnetic ball marker. Thoughtfully designed by golfers themselves, this carrier is perfect for the driving range, par 3 courses, executive courses, or simulators.

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A Slim, RFID-Protected Wallet

For the minimalist granddads out there, a low-profile wallet with RFID protection is just the right gift. Durable and lightweight, it’s designed to hold a bunch of different things aside from credit cards and cash, with fobs for keys or car remotes. There’s also other posts for attaching a bottle opener, flash drive, or whatever Grandpa needs to have on hand.

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A Hand-Blown Glass Decanter

Is he a fan of whiskey or a good glass of wine? This hand-blown glass decanter will add a little functional elegance to Grandpa’s home bar. Perfect for spirits or decanting a bottle of red, this sculptural piece of bar art is a unique gift whether he’s just getting his bar up and running or fancies himself a bit of a connoisseur. And while you’re at it, he might also be into a set of drink-chilling sea stones that won’t dilute his pour.

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A Steel Fire Fit

Summer nights—and fall nights, but it’s too early to think about that right now—mean gathering more often with friends and family, and a steel fire pit is an ideal spot to congregate. If Gramps is a social butterfly or just loves to chill in front of the fire, this stainless steel pit will make him the coolest cat on the block. Eco-friendly and wood-burning, the double chamber design circulates oxygen so that wood burns easily and with less smoke.

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An Elevating Leg Rest

After a busy day, help Grandpa relax and take a load off in a more beneficial way with a vascular surgeon-designed elevating leg rest. This comfy, made-in-the-USA cushion puts his legs in the right position to reap the rewards of better circulation. And because grandpas come in all shapes and sizes, you can order different sizes for different heights and even extra-wide, too.

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