10 Fun & Practical Gift Ideas for Grandpa He’ll Really Use

Whether it’s Father’s Day, Christmas, Grandparent’s Day or his birthday, discover gifts for grandpa that he’ll truly appreciate and value. Our gift ideas for Grandpa run the gamut, from entertaining games to carefully curated items that’ll add to his comfort, with just enough tech thrown in to make it next-level.

Indoor and Outdoor Slippers

If you’ve ever had a pair of slippers so comfy that you don’t want to take them off for any reason, even when you go outside, it’s easy to understand the appeal of SUBU’s indoor-outdoor slippers. Crafted in Japan (where it’s customary, but not always practical, to not wear shoes in the house), these slip-ons allow Grandpa to enjoy the comforts of home then step outside with ease. Water-resistant and warm, with grippy soles topped with superior arch support, SUBU’s uber-adaptable slippers will be his new go-to shoe.

Lake Art custom made cribbage board

A Custom Cribbage Board

Commemorate Grandpa’s favorite lake with this customized cribbage board from Lake Art. Choose from more than 6,000 lakes and coastal areas around the world, all with depth dimensions, shorelines, roads, towns and local details crafted from raw cherry wood. Six brass and aluminum plugs are stored inside the game board, kept safe with a cork plug. He’ll enjoy playing a game of cribbage with the grandkids while keeping memories of his favorite spot top of mind.

Pocket Reading Glasses

If Grandad needs reading glasses, but hates to be weighed down, there’s a lightweight option that he won’t mind bringing along. These compact reading glasses from ThinOptics weigh less than a nickel and are as thin as two credit cards, but they’re also tough. Made from shatterproof glass and titanium alloy, they’re built to last. With a customized fit for every face, he’ll never want to be without—and now he doesn’t have to. These glasses come with an adhesive-backed case that’s thin enough to simply slip into a wallet or attach to a phone case. 

Chaheati travel heated seat cover

A Portable Heated Seat

Grandpa wants to attend as many events as possible and sometimes they’re pretty chilly. We found the solution in the Chaheati travel heated seat cover. Whether he’s at a soccer game or roasting marshmallows around the campfire, this heated seat cover provides comfort and toasty warmth, and can also provide relief from sore muscles and back pain. Simply charge the Chaheati in the car or at home, then enjoy hours of relaxing warmth. Now Granddad can hang out with the fam longer and stay warm and comfortable the whole time.

A NASA-Approved Eyeglass Cleaner

If Gramps has a tendency to clean his smudged glasses with his trusty handkerchief, this gift is a must-have. Developed using NASA technology, the Peeps carbon eyeglass cleaner is an efficient way to get sparkling clean glasses. Simply wipe dust away with the natural bristle brush, then the carbon pads sandwich the lens to clean it on both sides. No cleaning spray needed, just a smudge- and oil-free view.

Brazos ergonomic wooden walking sticks for hiking

An Ergonomic Walking Stick

Back in his day, Grandpa had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get anywhere. The journey would have been a lot easier with this ergonomic walking stick from Brazos. Each stick is handcrafted in Texas and includes information about the local Waco artisan that worked on it. Constructed from a single piece of sturdy oak, this walking stick’s ergonomic grip offers just the right amount of support on saunters, strolls, walks and those hikes uphill both ways. 

A Laser Cut Stadium City Map

Designed with the avid sports fan in mind, Stadium Map Art turns Grandad’s favorite stadium into a work of art. From Green Bay to LA, New York to Tuscaloosa, Chicago to Charlotte, choose from the country’s most iconic professional and college stadiums. Each is rendered in 3-D from Baltic birch, complete with surrounding roads, rivers, and buildings. Hand- and laser-cutting bring his favorite games to life, all framed and ready to display.

InspireGood Publishing Co - the acts of good journal

The Acts of Good Journal

Paying it forward is always a great choice, and the Acts of Good Journal makes it easy to make a difference. This high-quality, canvas-wrapped journal from Inspire Good Publishing Company comes with a unique twist; it contains 12 kindness prompts. Once an act of kindness is completed and recorded, the journal owner passes it along to the next person, who repeats the process. When all 12 acts are done and the journal is full, it returns to the original owner. It’s an amazing way to connect with friends and family while spreading some serious positivity.

Across the Board wooden tabletop baseball game

A Classic Take on the Nation’s Pastime

Ready for game nights? The wooden tabletop baseball game from Across the Board sets the stage for nostalgic family fun—no batteries required. Roll the dice and score runs on this attractive, well-made wooden board. Handcrafted in Missouri by a family-run business, this tabletop game is the ideal way to bring the family together. Dice, pegs, dry-erase scoreboard and pen are included. 

eTape16 digital tape measure, measure 2x4s with your smartphone

A Digital Tape Measure

Grandpa always likes to be prepared, and this digital tape measure from eTape16 makes measuring a breeze. It’s easy to use, with a large digital display that measures as you go. The eTape16 even remembers results, converts measurements, and finds midpoints. With 16 feet of play, this handy device will be a welcome addition to Gramp’s toolbox. The eTape16 makes measuring twice, cutting once simple. 

To find even more unique gift ideas for grandpa, browse our full collection of Father’s Day presents.

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