14 Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Finding gifts for the man who has everything is difficult. He’s got what he needs and most of what he wants. So what can you get him for Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions? Well, we’ve put together a compilation of the best gifts for men who have everything. You’re sure to find something that works for that special guy you’re buying for.  

A man running at night wearing a green Night Scout lighted beanie

A Bright Idea for Cold Nights 

Looking for Christmas gifts for the man who has everything? This Men’s Rechargeable LED Beanie Hat from Night Scout is the perfect gift around the holidays. The hat adds warmth while the USB-rechargeable light offers three levels of brightness to see and be seen at night. Whether he’s shoveling snow, camping, or walking the dog, this is a warm way to stay safe.

subu red indoor outdoor slippers

The Puffer Jacket Meets Slippers

Even the guy who has it all can use warmer feet. The SUBU Indoor/Outdoor Slippers are the perfect option for keeping toes warm when relaxing indoors or heading out to grab the mail on a cold day. Think puffer jacket meets slippers. These handy slip-on slippers repel water, too, keeping toes nice and dry. Beyond their water-repellant properties, they’re super comfortable with cushiony, padded insoles. And their non-slip soles grip hardwood floors or unseen patches of ice.

A man put his credt cards back into his Ekster Parliament slim quick-access wallet

Quick-Access Wallet with RFID Protection 

The Ekster Parliament Slim Quick-Access Wallet was seemingly designed to be a gift for the man who has everything. Every guy can use a good wallet, and this bi-fold slim wallet offers a smart, sophisticated way to carry around cash and cards. A handy aluminum cardholder is built right into this leather wallet. Need a card? Simply push a button to eject cards for fast access. RFID protection ensures sensitive information stays secure. And an additional, solar-powered tracker card provides GPS traceability worldwide. 

a set of 7 blue & yellow SOLOSOCKS lay on a bench

Socks Made Fun 

No guy can have too many socks and this SOLOSOCKS Set of Seven Fun Socks for Men makes them tons of fun. They all complement each other, so you’ll always find a matching sock around. They’re not only colorful, but they’re also sustainably-made and extremely comfortable, made from organic cotton to keep feet feeling and looking great. 

A trio of minimalist watches from ZIIIRO lay on a counter

A Bold Way to Tell Time 

A bold, modern timepiece is an excellent choice when searching for gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing. The ZIIIRO Celeste Minimalist Watch offers a modern look and forgoes hands and numbers in favor of changing colors to mark time’s passage. It comes with a stainless steel strap and casing, and it features quartz movement that’s water-resistant. Not only is it a high-quality watch, but it’s one that will look great with anything and turn heads. 

KeySmart's Tile Smart location key organizer pairs with the Tile app to help you locate your keys

A Key Organizer with Tracking Tech 

Keeping keys organized can be a challenge, and it’s no fun to have a lump of keys in your pocket. The Tile Smart Location Key Organizer from KeySmart takes care of this problem. Organize your keys in a sleek way that won’t end up as an uncomfortable lump in your pocket. Bluetooth tracking technology is built right in to sync up with the unique Tile app on your phone making it easy to track the keys. This means never losing your keys again. Hit “find” in the app, and then the key organizer starts ringing so you can easily find it. Even better, you can hit a button on the key organizer to find your phone. Win-win. 

A man is seen wearing AfterShokz Trekz air headphones

Light, Secure Headphones with Amped Up Sound 

Even the guy who seemingly has it all will love having better headphones. And the AfterShokz Trekz Air Headphones are the lightest open ear headphones we’ve seen. They feature bone conduction technology, and they’ve lost all the bulk to offer better sound, a more secure fit, and great comfort. Athletes inspire the company and any guy who loves listening to music while working out is sure to appreciate these headphones that offer superior sound. 

CouchCoaster weighted drink coaster

Coaster Meets Cup Holder 

Whether he’s a sports fan or he enjoys settling on the couch for movie night, the CouchCoaster Weighted Drink Holder offers a wonderful way to stay relaxed on the sofa. The coaster-meets-cup-holder sits right on the arm of chairs and couches to safely keep drinks contained. The flexible silicone sides are designed to drape over the arms, and they’re weighted to keep the drink stable. An adapter allows bottles, mugs, cans, and glasses of nearly any size to fit into the holder without the worry of spills. It keeps drinks in reach while ensuring they’re secure. 

A glass of whiskey sits in an Artisan NEAT glass aroma-enhancing spirits glass

Showcase Spirits with This Spirits Glass 

The Artisan NEAT Glass Aroma-Enhancing Spirits Glass is one of the best gifts for the man who has everything. Particularly those who love indulging in high-end spirits. The spirits glass was made after many years of doing research into what would showcase spirits like gin, whiskey, and bourbon. The unique design allows the aroma of the spirits to open up while eliminating any nose burn from the vapors. It’s the perfect way to ensure he enjoys each nuanced, tasty flavor every time he pours a stiff one. 

A wooden five-layer stadium wall art from StadiumViews of Ohio State's stadium sits on a table

Stadium Wall Art for the Sports Fan 

The sports fan probably doesn’t have this amazing Wooden Five-Layer Stadium Wall Art from StadiumViews in his man cave. The multi-layered replicas offer an incredible look at some of the most beloved college and professional stadiums in the US. The layered, precision-cut pieces offer a three-dimensional, aerial work of art that looks incredible on the wall. Team colors along the border provide a contrast framing effect so sports fans can simply hang up the piece when they receive it. Choose from the NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, and college teams. 

3 fully-adjustable leather belts from Mission Belt sit on a counter

No-Hassle Adjustable Belt 

A high-quality belt is always a win for the guy who likes to look his best. The Traditional Fully Adjustable Belt by Mission Belt is a company that makes leather belts that don’t have holes. Instead, the belt uses a ratchet system so you can easily adjust the belt to fit. Belts that are too large can be cut from the belt’s unfinished end to ensure he gets the perfect fit. This is one gift that’s sure to be used again and again, especially since it looks great with anything. 

grilling burgers & sausages with MyFlipFork 5-in-1 grill spatula

Multi-Function 5-in-1 Grill Spatula 

For the grill master in your life, this FlipFork BOSS 5-in-1 Grill Spatula is the tool he’s always needed. He just doesn’t know it yet. It’s the perfect functional tool for grilling and boasts an extra-long wood handle and stainless steel design. It packs in all the must-have tools you need for grilling, including a knife-edge, bottle opener, fork, spatula, and serrated edge. It eliminates the need to have five different tools and keeps you from needing to run back and forth from the kitchen. After all, everything you need for grilling is in one simple tool. 

A wad of cash is seen folded & clipped into Lever Gear's money clip pocket multi-tool

A Multi-Purpose Money Clip

He might have everything, but prepare him for anything with the Pocket Multi-Purpose Tool from Lever Gear. It’s a handy wallet tool that can be used for many different jobs, including measuring, tightening, opening, and cutting. It’s credit card-sized design can be easily pocketed, and it even comes with a sleek money clip to carry cards and cash, too. The multi-purpose tool is TSA compliant, so you won’t lose it going through airport security. Made with durable stainless steel, it’s tough and guaranteed to last for life. 

A green caribiner power bank from Re-Fuel by Digipower is seen charging a phone

A Charging Carabiner

Everyone needs to charge devices on the go at some point. The Re-Fuel Carabiner Power Bank does double duty when you add it to a stroller, backpack, or bike. Now you’re always ready to charge up when needed. The 300mAh battery has the power to charge your phone two times, deliver more than 10 hours of talk time, and 11 hours of video time. The aluminum carabiner is functional too, and its super-strong design will handle as much as 132 pounds. 

Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts for the man who has everything or the perfect birthday present, these fun ideas are sure to please. There are great options for sports fans, the guy on the go, or the man who loves the latest tech.

Looking for more gifts for the man who has everything? Shop our entire Gifts for Men collection.

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