8 Gifts to Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

It’s National Grandparents Day, a formal opportunity to reach out and engage with another generation. If you have a special grandparent in your life you may even want to give a gift with them in mind. Here are just a few of the grandparent gifts we’ve found.

The New York Times – Personalized Memory Books

Journey through a lifetime’s worth of news with this New York Times book. Provide a date and you’ll receive a leather-bound, gold-trimmed set of yearly front pages from that day every successive year. This collection captures a nostalgic snapshot of history in the context of their life.

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Nuheara – Wireless Assistive Earbuds

IQBuds combine a Bluetooth headset and noise-canceling headphones in sleek earbuds that enhance natural hearing. Now conversations at a noisy dinner table can be heard by everyone.

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Worlds’s Coolest Rain Gauge – Rain Gauge

Determining if plants and flowers have gotten enough water doesn’t have to involve guesswork. In fact, it can be a work of art. The World’s Coolest Rain Gauge is a statement piece in the yard of any green thumb.

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Lake Art – Personalized Cribbage Board

The laser-cut, heirloom quality cribbage boards from Lake Art are a personalized way to play a classic game. What better way to count 15-6 and a run of four than along the shores of a favorite lake?

Quick poll: Should we start a Grommet Cribbage League? Leave your answer in the comments. I am in, for the record.

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Peeps – Carbon Eyeglass Cleaners

Handkerchiefs are timeless, but they’re not the best eyeglass cleaner. That title belongs to Peeps, the NASA-inspired carbon cleaner that fits in your pocket.

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BANDI Wear – Pocket Belt

We can debate whether fanny packs are re-entering the fashion lexicon. But their practicality is undeniable. BANDI Wear fits all of that practicality into a slimmer, more vibrant pack.

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Precious Metal Prints – Custom Fingerprint Jewelry

Precious Metal Prints creates a beautiful and entirely unique keepsake. It comes with everything you need to take an impression of a grandchild’s, friend’s—any special person’s—fingerprints or even a beloved pet’s nose. The finished piece is a wonderful, personalized gift that belongs close to the heart.

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Card Cubby – Alphabetized Wallet Cardholder

Whether it’s at the office or the home, gift, business, and credit cards need organization and Card Cubby keeps them in a convenient alphabetical order so contacts are always within reach.

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Looking for something else? Don’t worry, we have an entire collection of gifts for the grandparent in your life.


  1. Ed Cramer

    None of the embedded links brings up the product? They all go do the same page telling your new story. Was trying to see what the watch makers kit was about.

    1. Greg Rollett

      Thanks for the comment Ed and sorry for the confusion. All of the products previously featured on the Grommet linked to the old retail store which is no more. We will have our first email with brand new products and innovations coming into your inbox on Monday!

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