You’re hosting your friends and family for the holidays. Maybe it’s your 100th time doing it or maybe it’s, gulp, your first. Either way, these hostess gift ideas know just how to make the experience a little less stressful and a lot more fun. But first, we asked our resident hostess, Stephanie Olson to lend some words of wisdom based on her years of experience hosting for the holidays.

Now for some fun gifts. It’s always a good idea to give a hostess gift when someone throws a soiree. But it seems like it’s never easy to actually come up with hostess gift ideas that go beyond a bottle of wine. Sure, everyone appreciates a good glass of pinot, but is there something else your hosts and hostesses might like more?

A woman is seen using her Evo stainless steel oil sprayer to spray olive oil onto broccoli & cauliflower before roasting

Stainless Steel Oil Sprayer

If your hostess loves to spend time conjuring up creative recipes in the kitchen, she’ll love this stainless steel oil sprayer from Evo. Armed with a sleek, modern exterior, this kitchen tool is great for daily use. It makes the drizzling of olive oil much easier than flowing straight from the bottle. And since it’s made of stainless steel, it’s attractive enough to sit out on the counter while adding to your hostess’s kitchen aesthetics.

An array of gourmet caramels from Sweet Jules sit lined up in a row

A Stash of Sweets

Sure, chocolates are okay when you’re looking for hostess gift ideas for dinner, but if you want to truly bring a bite of dessert, think outside the box. Well, in this case, you might actually think inside the box when you purchase a box of Sweet Jules Caramels. The mixed sampler box is the perfect way to please discerning palates. Offering flavors of Town Hall Scotch Ale and Beer & Pretzel, they turn the caramel world upside down.

Colorful floral trivets from India & Purry by Jessica Hollander are seen on a kitchen table

Delicate Décor

These floral marble trivets are delicate and delightful—the perfect combination for a special hostess gift. Made right here in the U.S.A., these marble trivets feature beautiful botanical bliss. Choose from five different types of floral designs. Opt for colors that match your hostess’s house, her favorite flower, or the one that attracts your eye the best.

Fresh ginger is seen grated on a red The Grate Plate

A Go-To for Fresh Ginger and Garlic

People who love to spend time in the kitchen love fresh herbs, spices, and flavorings. If this sounds like your hostess, treat her to a handmade ceramic grating plate that makes the grating of fresh ginger and garlic a joy. This handy tool is perfect for making bread dip with grated garlic and olive oil or a thousand other things she might want to experiment with.

A blue Butter Bell sits on a breakfast counter next to toast & OJ

A Touch of French Eloquence

The people at Butter Bell have it all figured out when it comes to silky-smooth buttery creations. With this French butter crock, your hostess can easily keep butter or spreads on the table for all of her guests without losing the stunning tablescape she’s likely created. If you’re searching for Christmas hostess gift ideas, this is a great one because it can be put to use right away.

3 Fiat Luxe felted soaps sit in a wooden bowl

Spa Gifts to Relax Her After the Guests Are Gone

Being a hostess is a stressful occupation. There are so many details to tend to that many people feel a sense of relief when everybody’s gone. If you want to show your hostess how much you appreciate her efforts, give her the gift of this felted soap. The folks at Fiat Luxe have redesigned the way you pamper yourself with special sudsy items that exfoliate and expel fragrant scents as you bathe.

Red wine is seen poured into two glasses next to a wine saver carafe from Savino

A Sip to Savor

Your hostess will get a lot of wine from her other guests. So why not get something that’ll go along with those gifts? This wine glass saver carafe is the perfect complement to any of those bottles of wine she’ll crack open tonight or any time in the future. It’s a great way to give the gift that keeps on giving.

A sculpted beeswax sphere candle from Big Dipper is seen burning on a mantle

A Bright Light to Lead the Way

Candles are almost always a surefire way to make a hostess smile, but you don’t want just any candle. You want a candle that’s super special. That’s why these sphere candles from Big Dipper are a great choice. With over 40 hours of soot-free, non-allergenic illumination, these candles will certainly brighten the day of anyone who receives them.

Florida, Texas & Massachusetts Love My State tea towels from Coast & Cotton sit on a butcher block

Something Special for the Kitchen

Hand towels are great hostess gifts, but they can come off as disingenuous if you don’t pick the right colors, aesthetics, or style. Fortunately, the people at Coast & Cotton have you covered with these Love My State Hand Towels. Get her a set for her current state and one from back home. Maybe integrate towels that represent states where her family lives to bring an extra-special feeling to your gift.

A canister of Brave New Earl loose leaf tea form P&T is seen next to a cup of freshly steeped tea

Warm Drinks for Cold Winter Nights

Hot tea is delicious when it’s made with loose-leaf elements. That’s why your hostess will love P&T’s organic loose-leaf tea. This tea is extra special because it’s organic, hand-picked, and processed according to traditional processes. Choose from six different flavors or mix and match a few to complete a hostess gift basket.

A cocktail sits next to a set of whiskey-themed anatomy of a cocktail coasters from Dishique

A Conversation Starter

If you’re looking for hostess gift ideas for someone, she enjoys entertaining. This anatomy coaster set is a great ice-breaker she can use for all future parties. Each coaster is made with sandstone and backed by cork, making them safe to set on nearly any surface. And they’re artfully-detailed with interesting facts. Each set includes four coasters that are decorated in Arlington Heights, IL.

Two glasses of lemonade sit perched on a round lacquered serving tray decorated with Hydrangeas on a patio

Another Round of Drinks, Please

When your hostess is busy working the floor, make it easy for her to bring drinks and food with this stunning round lacquer serving tray. The folks at rockflowerpaper offer these trays in six different designs. Each is able to stand up to moisture, alcohol, and heat. It’s a great gift for the gal who likes to keep busy by making sure everyone on the guest list is being taken care of.

Whether you’re looking for holiday hostess gift ideas, or you’re simply looking for something to give someone who’s hosting a Sunday brunch at their house, we are your place for all things interesting and exciting. We proudly scour the web for the best, brightest, and most unique hostess gift ideas on the internet. Check out our full selection of gift items today.

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