13 OMG-Worthy Christmas Presents for Teens

Teenagers are fickle creatures and they’re not always easy to buy for. They go through fads and trends faster than you can make a shopping list, but there is hope! If you’re looking for Christmas presents for teens, we’ve found a few items that will please even the hardest-to-shop-for young adult.

A young professional is seen walking with his phone securely strapped around his neck thanks to a Gearbeast phone lanyard

Hands-Free Freedom

Living life with two hands on one’s phone can make everything else much more difficult. Of course, your teenager’s not going to leave the phone at home, so what’s the solution? A Universal Smartphone Lanyard should do the trick. Any smartphone in a case can be secured in an accessible position around the neck so both hands are free to do as they please. 

A man lays in bed reading his tablet comfortably with Tablift

Take-Anywhere Tablet Stand

This Flexible Universal Tablet Stand is a really cool Christmas gift for teens of all ages. They can stream videos, email, browse social media, and maybe even do some research for homework from any comfortable position. Use it in bed, on the couch, or even in the car when you’re waiting between school, sports, and visits to friends’ houses. It packs up easily so it can travel from place to place without impeding on your space.

A person is seen taking a photo of a girl in the woods using a Black Eye clip-on smartphone lens

Picture-Perfect Presents

Your teen’s selfies are about to get a lot fancier. This Clip-On Smartphone Lens allows amateur photographers to take elaborate photos that extend far beyond what an ordinary phone’s camera can do. With fisheye, macro, wide-angle, and pro-portrait capabilities, your teen will be producing beautiful photos that’ll make beautiful memories.

A black Wishbeads bracelet is seen next to pieces of writing paper & a pen

Intentional Style

If you’re shopping for gifts for teen girls, you needn’t look any further. This Intention Bracelet offers a subtle way to say how much you love her within the confines of a beautiful piece of jewelry she can wear anywhere. With this item, she can take her dreams with her, harnessing the power of positive thinking and good thoughts along the way.

A pair of yellow and gray Bombas socks lay next to a pair of gray & pink running sneakers

Snuggly Feet

Do you have an athlete in your house? Maybe you just have someone who loves to wear quirky socks. In either case, Bombas Socks have the answer for teen boys and teen girls, alike. These socks feature a HoneyComb Support System that provides extra support in the arch. Its breathable material warms in the winter and cools in the summer. They’ll keep feet snuggly and happy all year long.

A box of Vibes hi-fidelity ear plugs is seen held up in a crowd at an outdoor concert

What’s That, You Say?

Your teen may love going to concerts, but their ears might not love it as much. With these Hi-Fidelity Earplugs, you’ll give the gift that keeps on giving. These earplugs enable them to enjoy the music they’re listening to while protecting their hearing. They act as a buffer between the power of the amp and a sensitive eardrum. As far as Christmas presents for teens go, it’s one you’ll both be glad they got.

6 bottles of *hype 7-Free nail polish are seen laying on a table

Nailed It

Teen girls love to paint their nails. So *Hype’s Plant-Based Nail Polish makes the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for any teenage gal. With this set, you choose six shades, so you can’t go wrong if you bounce around the rainbow a little bit. Opt for some cool, bright shades along with a few traditional red hues.

A close up of a girl's ear shows her wearing Trifecta convertible stainless steel earrings from Days of August

Intriguing Earpieces

Forget about boring earrings your teen will never actually wear. These Trifecta Convertible Earrings are fun and fashionable, ensuring your teen gets the most mileage out of your gift. They range from simple circles to elaborate ear art just by moving a few of the pieces. Now your teen can enhance her wardrobe without spending tons of money on different outfits and accessories.

A young girl is seen wearing brightly colored hair elastics secured on her wrist with bittersweet aluminum hair tie bracelets

Hairpiece Centerpieces

When it comes to creating conversation, jewelry almost always takes center stage. With these Aluminum Hair Tie Bracelets, your teen can stay fashionable without leaving indents from hair ties on her skin. The cleverly designed jewelry pieces incorporate two things every teenage girl holds near and dear to her heart—jewelry and hair ties. Now, you’ll never have to worry about how tight her hair tie is when it’s on her wrist. It will be gently shielded by the protective layer of an anodized aluminum wristband.

a 3D augmented reality sculpture of the moon from AstroReality is seen on a table

An Out-of-this-World Gift Idea

An Augmented Reality Moon Sculpture isn’t just for any teenager; it’s for the kind of teen boys and girls who really get down with cool gift ideas. Each of these sculptures is made from advanced 3D printing technology, enabling the final products to capture the topography of the moon in ways other lunar reproductions can only attempt to replicate.

A person is seen using a RingSpinner phone grip to spin their phone around

The Ultimate Smartphone Accessory

It doesn’t take a lot to convert a teen’s best friend into an even better piece of equipment. A Spinning Phone Grip is a multi-functional tool, serving as a gripping device when teens are holding their phones and a stand when they want to watch something. It folds down almost flat so phones are still easy to stick in pockets, purses, and other compact areas. This is the answer to all of your teen’s smartphone requests.

A woman is seen curing her freshly painted nails under UV light with Polder's UV light nail station

All-in-One Nail Salon

Tell your teen to treat herself to a manicure anytime she’d like with this UV Light Complete Nail Station. It stores everything from nail polish to clippers (and everything in between) all in one organized place. Plus, it offers an automatic fan and LED curing light for quick-drying nails to avoid damage before the polish sets in. 

A person is seen relaxing on a couch, using a Couchlet couch phone charger to charge their phone

Get-Comfortable Charger

Twisting and turning your body to ensure your charged stays plugged in is a thing of the past. Thanks to the Couchlet Dual-USB Charging Station, your teen can easily snuggle into the couch or get comfy on the bed without dealing with cords. The wedge-shaped design slips right beneath couch cushions or mattresses, ensuring the charger stays right where it needs to be without distressing the cords (or the humans who need to use them).

We do everything we can to find unique gift ideas that will make your friends and family members light up with excitement when they tear off the wrapping paper. And these Christmas presents for teens are no exception.

Not sure what they like? Sometimes the best Christmas presents for teens are DIY experiences, so here are 12 DIY Beauty Must-Haves that will help them look and feel their best!

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