12 DIY Beauty Must-Haves to Look & Feel Your Best

Spa days are fun, but they are expensive. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of beauty must-haves that you can use from the inexpensive comfort of your own home. From makeup to skincare products for an at-home pedicure, you can spoil yourself from head to toe to look and feel your absolute best.

Hair Care

A woman is seen from behind with a beaded hair comb from HairMagic holding her hair in a bun

Turn Your Messy Bun Into a Sleek Statement Updo

You know those girls who can pull off the messy bun and just make it look so effortless? I’m talking never-had-a-bad-hair-day, always-picture-perfect, probably-has-a-small-gang-of-friendly-woodland-creatures-helping-her-get-ready-each-morning kind of effortless. Well, we can offer some magic of our own with HairMagic’s Multi-Style Magic Hair Comb. It might just give those adorable furry hairdressers a run for their money. Designed to keep your hair in place, it also serves as a statement piece. It can be worn six different ways and can make even the laziest hairstyle look classic and chic.

A woman is seen blow drying her hair in a mirror, hands-free with Bestie Brands blow dryer holder

Free Up Your Hands

When you’re a grown-up, mom’s not around to brush, dry, and style your hair. Now if I want someone to do my hair for me it will cost more than a few pretty pennies. Thankfully, the Hands-Free Blow Dryer Holder by Bestie Brands is a very easy, very affordable solution to self-styling. Simply hang your hairdryer up, angle it the way you want, and voíla! Hands-free drying so you can use both hands for brushing and styling. Now you can leave your house looking like you just had a blowout for the price of a handy Grommet.

A woman is seen using an ice hair conditioner tool form Inverse to straighter her hair

Welcome to the Ice Age

It’s 2019, it’s time to bid adieu to the straightener you’ve been using since high school. In short, it is frying your hair. Temperatures of 150°F start to damage hair. They strip the moisture healthy hair needs and can lead to matted hair more easily. Again, that’s at 150°F. Flat irons typically reach 300°F.

The good news? Inverse Hair’s Ice Hair Conditioner Tool is here to fix years of trauma. Between -8°C and -3°C moisture is rapidly absorbed into the hair fiber creating an enduring elevated level of hydration in the fiber. Prolonged use of sub-zero temperatures helps restore dry and damaged hair to its former glory, making this tool your new best friend.

Makeup Must-Haves

A woman brushes on makeup in front of of Spotlight HD's bright daylight LED makeup mirror

Great Lighting, Perfect Makeup

Finding the right shade can be a challenge, but Spotlite HD LED Makeup Mirror is on your side. Designed to mimic natural daylight, you’ll see exactly what your makeup looks like once you step out in the sun. No more surprises when you step outside and find your foundation is more orange or yellow than anticipated. With this mirror, you’ll see a reflection of the true color of your cosmetics.

A woman is seen applying her foundation with BlendSmart's rotating makeup brush

Blend Smart-er, Not Harder

Ah, blending. The only tried and true trick that will make sure your makeup looks beautifully contoured and natural. Some have the natural skill, and some don’t. If you, like me, fall into the latter category, have no fear. BlendSmart’s Rotating Makeup Brush takes care of all the manual labor and creates a beautiful, foolproof way to apply makeup. Whether you’re a powder or liquid foundation user, simply apply the foundation to the brush, hold it up to your skin, and the automatic rotation will maximize coverage with minimal motion or blending skills on your part.

  • Capsules of Oleum Vera's DIY face mask kits sit on a counter
  • A woman is seen mixing together the ingredients for a DIY face mask from Oleum Vera
  • A woman is seen applying a face mask from Oleum Vera to her cheek

A Pill For Your Face

Oleum Vera’s DIY Beauty Kit capsules are the perfect way to practice natural skin care at home. Not only do they arrive in an adorable capsule, but you’ll see the professional-grade results after the first use. Whether you’re breaking out, or just need to take some time for a little R&R, these DIY Beauty Kits and Organic Face Masks will take you on a tranquil spa-like experience from the comfort of your home. So the next time you are feeling stressed and need some time to yourself simply let your friends know you’re going to Oleum Vera. Just leave them to wonder what kind of luxurious spa that is as you take some “me” time on your couch binging your favorite shows and taking care of your complexion.

Nail Care

A 4 piece beauty tool kit with toenail clippers from Seki Edge is seen in a zippered pouch

Keep Your Necessities On Hand

Seki Edge Grooming Tools are the go-to nail care toolset you’ll have for the rest of your life. Crafted in the mountains of Japan, these tools represent a heritage of excellence passed down from samurai sword makers. Every tool is made from stainless steel and it even comes with a convenient travel case.

A woman is seen curing her freshly painted nails under UV light with Polder's UV light nail station

The Nail Care Station UV Been Waiting For

At-home nail care just got easier, cheaper, and a whole lot more relaxing with Polder’s UV Light Complete Nail Station. From the comfort of your bed or living room, you can obtain salon-caliber results. Obtain a fabulous finished look to your regular or gel manicure without having to leave the house. In addition to UV LED light bulbs and an automatic fan, this station comes with compartments to store your colors, tools, remover and more.

A woman is seen sitting on a chair using Stedi Pedi's home pedicure kit to paint her toes

A DIY Pedicure’s Best Friend

Get the best home pedicure with an all-in-one home pedicure kit by Stedi Pedi. Designed to provide a stable platform for you to work on while you’re on the couch, in a chair, or even in bed. There’s even storage for nail tools, and a helpful LED task light. Pair this up with the UV Station and you might give your local salon a run for their money.

Skin Care Must Haves

A woman applies Brush on Block, a mineral powder sunscreen outdoors

No More Oily Sunblock

One of the best ways to ensure your skin will stay fresh and vibrant is to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. No one likes the oily sunscreen that can cause breakouts. However, UV can damage your skin without you even noticing. Enter Brush on Block, a Mineral Powder Sunscreen. Instead of making your skin feel oily and icky, this easy application powder comes with SPF 30 protection and naturally occurring minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to protect your skin. And botanicals like chamomile and green tea extracts enrich, soothe, and replenish it. Because there’s no tint, you can wear it under makeup or over, making it an instant summertime hit.

A woman exfoliates her skin with Dew Puff's konjac fiber cleansing sponge

A More Natural Way to Cleanse

Treat skin to a natural Konjac sponge that is made from fibers of the Konjac root. The Konjac Fiber Cleansing Sponge by Dew Puff transforms from super-hard to super-soft when it gets wet for plush feel against your skin. It helps cleanse your skin while providing extra-gentle exfoliation. There are also skin-specific sponges that best treat your complexion. Bamboo Charcoal helps combat breakouts, Asian Clay soothes dryness, and the Original sponge pleases any type of skin.

exfoliating foot mask booties from Baby Foot are seen on a bathroom counter

New Skin, New You

Ever feel like you just need to hit “reset” on your skin? With the Baby Foot At-Home Foot Treatment Masks, you can do just that. Each treatment removes dry skin from your feet layer by layer. After just an hour treatment, your dead skin will start to peel off little by little. Within two weeks, you’ll have brand new, healthier, and happier skin. It may sound weird, but trust us, it’s incredibly satisfying.

Try out any of these DIY beauty must-haves and you’ll see almost instant results. You’ll then feel even better knowing exactly how much effort went into them. Because now you have healthier and professional-looking hair, skin, nails, and makeup at a fraction of the cost and time!

For even more beauty must-haves to help you look and feel your best, shop our Health and Beauty Collection.

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