American Made isn’t just a throwaway description – it means something. 🇺🇸

In a world where most corporations focus on making things as cheaply as possible overseas, these Makers bucked the trend to manufacture high-quality products right here in the United States.

By employing hard-working Americans, these Makers help our economy grow. Send these Patriots a well-deserved “thank you” by voting for their products! As a reward, you’ll unveil a 20% off coupon code!

1. Tooktake Reminder Labels

Keeping track of your medications and supplements shouldn’t feel like solving a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Tooktake’s innovative peel-off label tracking system makes it easy to stay on schedule. Avoid missing or doubling up on a dose and relax knowing you’ll stay on track thanks to Tooktake’s helpful visual reminders.

Proudly created by: Leeanna Gantt of Pasadena, California

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2. Max Bubble Gun

Kids (and adults) go crazy over this automatic bubble blaster! It unleashes 1000s of bubbles into the air at once, putting a smile on the face of everyone around.

LED lights illuminate the bubbles, meaning the fun doesn’t stop just because the sun goes out. This party starter makes a great gift for any youngsters in your life. (Or adults who are still young at heart!)

Proudly created by: Max Bubble Gun based in New Hampshire

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3. Kailo Pain Relief Patch

As we age, it seems like we’re all fighting a losing battle with pain. Achy joints and creaking knees can make it almost impossible to enjoy the activities we used to.

Kailo is an all-natural pain patch that’s helping adults fight back against pain. Whether it’s your shoulders, back, or lower legs, Kailo gets to work fast by turning off your body’s pain signals. In as little as 60 seconds, you’ll feel almost like a brand-new person!

Proudly created by: Kailo based in Sandy, Utah

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4. Doc Goodbeard

This veteran-owned company is on a mission to make beards thicker, fuller, and healthier. Their popular Cool Drink of Water Balm offers a refreshing clean and crisp scent to revitalize your beard care routine.

Formulated with nourishing kokum butter instead of pore-clogging shea butter, this balm moisturizes beard hair while keeping the skin underneath healthy. It’s formulated to be gentle, even for those with sensitive skin, and is designed to help men grow fuller, healthier beards.

Proudly created by: Kevin Gouran & Jim Dorkins of Broomfield, Colorado 

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5. Pure Wine Eco-Wands

Want to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine without the inevitable headache? Pure Wine Eco-Wands will be your new go-to for happy hour!

Simply stir a wand in your favorite glass of wine to remove the hangover-causing histamines and sulfites. Each wand enhances the natural flavor of wine and can even help reduce face flushing!

Proudly created by: Dr. David Meadows and Derek Meadows of Colleyville, Texas

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6. Eating Vegans Card Game

Vegans, avert your eyes! This family-friendly game is full of laughs and is easy to learn. It pokes fun at veganism without hurting anyone’s feelings too badly. 

This compact 100-card deck travels perfectly and offers a much-needed change of pace from watching the same old shows on Netflix. This game is the perfect gift for any vegans in your life!

Proudly created by: Paul McDermott of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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7. Tausi Neck Support Pillowcase

We could all use better neck support! Tausi’s modular pillowcase can be used with or without your own pillow inserted, allowing you to customize the firmness and support.

The adjustable straps keep your head stable and aligned, rather than falling forward or to the side. This relieves neck tension and pain from poor posture.

Proudly created by: Janice Shokrian of Lake Oswego, Oregon

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8. Daggerfish Handreel

There’s no better time of year to head out to your favorite lake, pond, or stream and cast a line. But lugging around all your bulky fishing gear shouldn’t get in the way of landing your next catch.

These ultra-light fishing reels have no moving parts – simply tie on a lure, cast out by hand, and reel back in by hand. They’re easy to learn, convenient to carry, and great for backcountry excursions. Great for beginners and experts alike!

Proudly created by: Adam Nelson of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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9. Rifld Gun Barrel Ring

These are not your average silicone rings! Each Rifld Gun Barrel Ring is meticulously handcrafted to be durable and stylish. Rifld takes pride in its commitment to delivering rings that not only look stunning but also carry profound significance.

They’re inspired by the heartfelt tale of a soldier who turned his gun barrel into a symbol of love and commitment while proposing to his bride-to-be. Every ring Rifld creates carries the essence of freedom, strength, and the relentless pursuit of happiness.

Proudly created by: Rifld based in Jacksonville, Florida

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10. Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock

Hitting the snooze button is highly addictive, but it doesn’t exactly help you get to work on time! Clocky is the viral runaway alarm clock that helps you get out of bed on time, ready to take on your day.

Once it’s time to get up, Clocky leaps from your nightstand to force you out of bed. It’s ideal for teens or adults who struggle to wake up and could be just what you need to end your days of showing up late.

Proudly created by: Gauri Nanda of Los Angeles, California

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