These Michigan Makers are turning mealtime disasters into productive fun.

For 17 years, Carter and Jackie Malcolm have been the dynamic duo behind the Turtle Training Plate. This colorful plate sticks to high chairs and most surfaces while babies learn to eat.

The Makers:

As parents themselves, Carter and Jackie know how difficult feedings can be. And starting a business together can bring even more stress to a family. Yet this inspiring couple have always leaned on each other during their most difficult moments.

The Product:

This popular turtle-shaped training plate keeps babies and toddlers entertained while they eat. It’s made in the USA and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The patented developmental ramp aids milestone achievement and is ideal for baby-led weaning or traditional spoon feeding.

Thought on Grommet:

Carter and Jackie have been around Grommet for years and they’re thrilled to be part of the new Grommet platform! “My favorite thing about The Grommet is the degree to which they support the Maker community!”

Thanks, Carter! Click here to check out the Turtle Training Plate.

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