Congratulations to our Product of the Week winner, The Mbacco Compact Wallet! 🎉

The Maker:

Maker Kristaps Krisjans feels truly honored that so many Grommet Shoppers supported his creation this week!

Fed up with traditional minimalist wallets that squeezed all his cards together, Kristaps began tinkering with a better design. He decided that an accordion style would work best as it would be compact when needed and expand instantly while in use.

It took Kristaps 6 years to perfect the design, but after this victory, all the hard work has paid off!

What it does:

Made from premium leather, this accordion-style minimalist wallet is as beautiful as it is functional. Its slim design ensures you won’t be walking around with a huge bulge in your back pocket.

It’s RFID and NFC-protected, keeping your cards safe from data thieves. It even features a secret compartment where you can keep keys and memory cards safe and secure

What you said:

“I’ve been wanting to reduce pocket bulk and it looks like the Mbacco will do that in style.” -Michael

“The wallet I’ve been using is metal, but it started wearing holes in the rear pocket of my jeans. I like this leather design so much better.” -John

“Caramel Brown looks so stylish! And it’s not just looks, this wallet will be super practical too.” -Alvin

Why it won:

Grommet Shoppers have spoken! With a flurry of upvotes, views, clicks, and purchases, Mbacco took an early lead after launch and never gave up the Product of the Week crown. Why not keep the party going and order one for yourself? – Click the link below and vote for Mbacco to unlock 20% off!

Check out The Mbacco Compact Wallet on the new Grommet!

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