The Eco-Wand is the latest Grommet discovery to appear on What the Heck is That!?

It’s a fun YouTube game show where a panel of guests try to guess what The Eco-Wand is used for.

You can watch the full episode by clicking below!

Hungry for more? Here’s more info about The Eco-Wand:

The Makers:

Dr. David Meadows and his son, Derek Meadows loved wine but hated the wine headache.

Together they spent two years in a laboratory studying the side effects of wine. After seemingly endless testing, they finally discovered a process that effectively removed the hangover-causing aspects of wine while improving the taste.

The Eco-Wand was born!

What it does:

The Eco-Wand is the only product available that purifies your wine by removing both histamines and sulfites from a single glass of wine. Each box contains an assortment of twist-off wine charms including hearts, lucky clovers, diamonds and wine drops.

Answering a call from its loyal customers, PureWine designed The Eco-Wand with plastic handles made from renewable biomaterials (i.e., sugarcane, corn) that safely decompose and packaging featuring 100% recycled paperboard.

You’ll be left with all the great wine taste with none of the next-day headache!

How to order:

Head over to The Eco-Wand’s Grommet listing and cast your vote. Dr. David and Derek will be thrilled AND you’ll unlock a 20% discount for yourself!

Check out The Eco-Wand on the new Grommet!

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