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There’s something inherently positive about buying American-made products. It helps drive jobs and the local economy, and more often than not, the goods are incredibly well made. It can be tricky to determine what’s truly Made in the U.S.A. versus imported from another country, and to know where to look for these goods. Start your search right here with American-made products you can buy right now.

For the Kitchen

Skip the aisles in the big box stores and check out these Made in the U.S.A. problem solvers that tackle two common kitchen aches. 

Perfectly peeled hard boiled eggs sit on a plate next to Negg, the easy hard boiled egg peeler

Ready to Eat Eggs in Just a Few Shakes

The Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler is made in Connecticut, and it easily takes the shell off a hard boiled egg with some water and a few shakes. It’s a simple solution to a dreaded kitchen chore that will now help you save time and some patience.

Garlic is seen being grated in a teal Grate Plate

The Grate-est Plate

Metal cheese graters are tough to clean and can rust, but The Grate Plate Handmade Ceramic Grating Plate has a polished finish that won’t wear down over time. It can grate cheese, garlic, nutmeg and even zest fruit. Each plate is handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.

To Help You Relax

Many folks suffer from stress, but you don’t need to look far to find aids that can help bring that anxiety down.

3 lavender Spiral Light candles are seen burning on a coffee table next to a bouquet of flowers

A Mesmerizing and Fragrant Candle

Soothing scents have been proven to help folks chill, and the 2-in-1 Spiral Candle from Minnesota lets you double up on warm glow and aroma with a candle that burns two ways. An outer cotton wick burns in a spiral and the wax melts inward. When that wick is done, a wood wick burns inside the candle, like a traditional pillar. Pick from several scents that speak to you.

A woman is seen laying on a couch reading a magazine with her legs propped up on Lounge Doctor's elevating leg rest

Just What the Doctor Ordered

After a long day at work, the couch is calling—but most of us don’t put our feet up in the right position to truly relax and recover. The Lounge Doctor Elevating Leg Rest is made in North Carolina out of cushiony foam and is shaped to elevate legs at the precise angles to reap the benefits of better circulation. This can reduce swelling and help you feel rested and refreshed faster.

Made In USA While Working or Studying

Staying focused and alert at work or during homework time is a constant challenge. That’s why Made in the USA products are designed to help improve the time grown-ups and kids spend sitting.

Men & women are seen standing on balance boards while working in an office

Improve Your Posture and Burn Extra Calories

The Plane Standing Desk Balance Board is an office chair alternative made in California and designed to keep your body alert by encouraging non-distracting micro-movements. Maintaining your balance can increase energy expenditure, improve posture, help strengthen your core, and even burn calories. Try it for a few minutes each hour at work and watch your productivity skyrocket.

A kid is seen sitting on an orange ErgoErgo active sitting stool

Made to Accommodate for Endless Energy

Kids suffer from the same fatigue as adults when stuck behind a desk for too long. Luckily, Iowa-made Kids Active Sitting Stool keeps them alert by encouraging small movements while sitting. This approach has been proven to help with circulation, breathing, and focus, which can all help kids be more successful when working at their desks.

American-Made Around the House

Local makers often come up with custom goods that can bring an extra special touch to your space. These products are sure to brighten your home with their quality craftsmanship and detailed finishes.

A custom lake art map of Buzzard's Bay hangs on a wall

Your Favorite Lake in the USA

It can be a struggle to find art that’s truly unique, but a Custom 3D Wood Map by Lake Art is unique and personalized to your local, or a favorite, area. Choose from over 6,000 maps and get a bathymetric representation of a lake or coastal spot, including roads and local details.

a black buoy bell with buoy charm from North Country Wind Bells hangs from the front porch of a lake house

Bring the Coast Home with You

Bring that coastal feel to any home with a Buoy Bell. Made in Maine, each bell is carefully made to recreate the distinctive chime from various buoy bell locations along both coasts. Not only is it American made, it’s also eco-friendly. Each bell is crafted from recycled steel.

Cards & dice are seen used to play Across the Board's wooden tabletop horseracing game

Handcrafted Fun for the Whole Family

You can get board games just about anywhere, but they aren’t usually handcrafted. Across The Board makes board games in Missouri that look good enough to keep out all the time, and that are fun to play, too. The Wooden Tabletop Horseracing Game combines dice, cards, and pegged horses full of nostalgic charm. Race against other jockeys to reach the finish line first. 

Buying American-made products helps local makers and the local economy. These goods are sure to bring some local flavor to your home and make you feel good about the purchase at the same time.

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