15 Cool Gifts for Tweens They are Sure to Love

Not kids, but not yet full-fledged teens, the tweens on your list may be the most difficult to shop for. Tween gifts don’t have to be challenging, though. Some of the best gifts for tweens combine novelty with a dash of fun—like the pieces described below. Try one of these unique tween gifts for your favorite youngster this holiday season

A young boy is seen playing the TrueBalance original magnetic fidget toy

Viral Balance Challenge Puzzle

It looks easy, but this game of sliding disks packs a substantial challenge. If your tween loves puzzles, spinners, and balance games, they won’t want to miss this. The True Balance Coordination Game is perfect for capturing and keeping attention. But most folks who get one of these don’t want to share.

Assorted animal bluetooth speakers from My Audio Pet are seen on a table

Kawaii Cutie Bluetooth Speaker

They won’t be able to resist these adorable, pint-sized animals. More than just cute additions to any room, these unique tween gifts are also Bluetooth speakers, too. The Kids Bluetooth Animal Speaker comes in a full range of sweetly smiling pets and delivers a sound worthy of bedroom concerts.

A watercolor drawing is seen on a Buddha Board

Zen for Artists

The Buddha Board is a longtime favorite of adult artists and mindfulness coaches, but it’s appealing to tweens as well. The soothing simplicity of drawing spirals, complex shapes, and symbols using just water is a relaxing pastime. But it is also a great way to boost focus and concentration skills, too. 

A Smart Girls Jewelry charm necklace features charms for soccer and a calculator with a teal bead

Follow Your Dreams Charm Necklace

Whether she’s a sports star, a musician, or a bookworm, she’ll love this inspirational and customizable charm necklace. The Smart Girls Jewelry Inspirational Charm Necklace sends a strong message that her dreams and interests matter and you support them. It’s a message every tween needs to know and hear regularly. 

A woman is seen using a Kelly Creates workbook to practice calligraphy

The Gift of Beautiful Handwriting

They’ll love learning to create stunning, hand-lettered signs and journal entries. And this DIY Calligraphy Set makes it easy to master this timeless art. Scripted signs, messages, and artwork are incredibly popular right now. This kit is the perfect entre into the style for any budding artist. 

A teen is seen lounging in front of a fireplace wearing brightly patterned PUDUS slipper socks

Stay Cozy and Warm

Warm up the night with these soft and fluffy slipper socks. Choose from a delightful lineup of patterns and colors and your favorite tween will stay warm and cozy all year round. These fun slipper socks make the perfect addition to a spa gift or can be enjoyed on their own long after Christmas morning.

A black Wishbeads bracelet is seen next to pieces of writing paper & a pen

Make a Wish, Set a Goal

When you write down your intentions and goals, you are more likely to succeed. The charming and stylish Intention Bracelet ensures those resolutions and goals are always in sight. Tuck a wish or resolution inside the hidden chamber. You’ll have a visible reminder and a powerful motivator you can wear every day. 

A young person is seen wearing grey & teal Bombas athleisure socks

Athleisure Socks

You get not one but two pairs of soft, comfortable, low-show socks in this set. Designed for casual living and sporty endeavors, the Bombas ankle socks work with any kind of shoe and keep things soft, comfortable and stylish. And you can choose the colors your tween likes best.

A man is seen sitting wearing a pair of pizza slice printed socks from Sock It To Me

Statement Footwear

From sharks to flying pizzas, these colorful socks are true conversation styles. Perfect for the tween with a fun sense of style—or who likes to lighten things up—the Sock it To Me Crew Socks come in a wide range of fun patterns and styles. And they make cool gifts for tweens of all ages and interests. 

A young girl with blonde hair is seen wearing her hair in a ponytail with Pulleez metal sliding hair ties holding her hair back

Say Goodbye to Boring Hair Ties

Scrunchies are dated and pony holders are plain so your fashionable tween will love this fresh take on hair accessories. The stunning sliding metal hair tie offers a cool new look and secures hair without pulling or twisting. Easy to use, it corrals even thick hair with ease making this a hot gift for beauty conscious tweens this year. 

A multi-colored angel locket from Yourself Expression

A Loving Reminder

Inside each Yourself Expression angel locket is a small metal ball. With each move, the ball shifts to create a delicate and soothing chime. This piece is often used as a memento of a loved one, as a reminder that you are loved, or as a mindfulness prompt. She’ll love the reminder each day and the stunning carved design of these unique pendants, too. 

A woman is seen wearing a thin, sparkly headband from Sparkly Soul

Let your Sparkle Show

Add a flash of glam to any outfit when you accessorize with these attention-getting hair bands. She’ll love the touch of bling and colorful beads. Above all, she’ll appreciate the no-slip finish and gentle, hair-friendly lining that never pulls or tangles. Pick up a Sparkly Soul No-Slip Headband in her favorite color and she’ll enjoy it year-round.  

A man creates custom pixel art on his phone that can be seen on his pixel art backpack from Pix

Go High Tech

This pixel style backpack is ideal for tween girls or boys and showcases one of the hottest styles for accessories this year. Clever designs made of colorful pixels show up on the back of each sturdy backpack and are fully customizable and changeable. If they’ve outgrown character pieces, but still want something fun for books and school, the Pix Pixel Art Backpack is sure to please!

A preteen girl is seen lounging on a purple Yogibo in her living room

Sensory Seating for One

Flop on it, read on it or get cozy while playing a game or watching a movie. The delightfully squishy Yogi Mini bean bag chair is a big hit with tweens. This piece can be used in a variety of ways, comes in a wide range of striking colors, and conforms to the body for an innovative seating solution they’ll never want to leave.

Two mini bluetooth speakers and a GloLens clipon smartphone light from Fashionit

Upgrade your Sound

If your tween is outgrowing cartoon characters and kid stuff, they’ll love upgrading their space with this mod and stylish Bluetooth speaker. A striking metallic finish offers an appealing flair to any space. And it delivers striking sound in a miniature package.

Keep them warm, help them build valuable skills and boost their confidence with these unique tween gifts. If you have tweens to buy for, chances are, one of these unique gifts will delight them for years to come. 

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