11 Gifts for Makers, Fixers & Tinkerers

If you have a hobbyist, maker, fixer or tinkerer in your life, you know they require gifts that are a little bit different. They probably already have every standard tool under the sun, but these 11 gifts for makers are sure to set you apart and elicit that “I’ve never seen this!”response you’re looking for.

A piece of Sugru soft-touch silicone rubber is held between a person's fingers

Sugru: Moldable Rubber Mini Packs

This go-anywhere, fix-anything, soft-touch silicone rubber is perfect for any tinkerer or handyman. It works on virtually anything that needs mending, modifying, customizing, or cushioning. Sugru starts off like modeling clay, allowing it to be flexible and adaptable, but it cures into a flexible silicone “glue” within 24 hours.

A watercolor drawing is seen on a Buddha Board

Buddha Board: Zen Art Board

For the doodler or creative artist in your life, the Original Zen Drawing Board is both a meditative product and a doodling tool. Simply “paint” on the board with water and create sketches and artwork. As the water evaporates, the image fades.

A man staples wire fencing to a garden using TriggerFire's kickback-free staple gun

TriggerFire: Kickback-Free Staple Gun

Any maker worth his or her salt will have a staple gun in their toolbox, but not one like this. It gives the user extra control and a flush finish without any kickback. Other staple guns can be difficult to line up and fire accurately, so this one works great at getting into tough areas with accuracy.

A Surebonder dual-temp hot glue gun is seen being used to glue ears to a foam tiger

Surebonder: Dual Temp Hot Glue Gun

A trusty glue gun is a go-to tool for a crafty maker. This glue gun has two temperature settings to best suit the material you’re working with. The hotter the glue, the stronger the bond, and this gun gives you that flexibility. It also has is an auto-shut off and a silicone tip that helps prevent nozzle burns.

A person is seen

Nimble: Finger Safety Cutter

Makers and tinkerers seem to constantly get packages of new materials and tools in the mail. Give them a quick and easy way to open it all up with this finger safety cutter that opens packages, envelopes, and does other jobs scissors typically do.

A Bondic liquid plastic welder lays on a table

Bondic: Liquid Plastic Welder

A problem with plastic is that it can oftentimes break, and sometimes more easily than you’d expect. But for any fixer, the Bondic can be used to repair everything from toys to eyeglasses to jewelry. It won’t harden until the supplied ultraviolet light is applied, allowing for clean and accurate applications. Strong and durable, it can even be sanded and painted after it hardens for truly seamless fixes.

An ergonomic black & white striped art scalpel from ErgoKiwi is seen next to paper and a cutting board

ErgoKiwi: Ergonomic Craft Blade

Fine, accurate cuts are often very difficult to achieve with a pen knife, which is why many crafters turn to scalpels or other razor cutting tools. This ergonomic art scalpel has a unique design made to help reduce hand strain and feel comfortable any which way you hold it. A magnet holds the blade in the handle and a latch locks the blade in place, making it safer to use as well.

A magnet driver set by Micaton is seen on a table next to an electric screwdriver

Micaton: Magnet Driver™ Set

When fixing things in tight spaces, it can be tough to get access with both hands, resulting in trying to drive a screw with just one. This driver set allows for just that, as a powerful neodymium magnet in each head holds screws securely in place. The magnets are even strong enough to attract screws out of your tool box or bag. The heads fit on power drills or manual tools.

A person is seen fixing the handle on their luggage with a Toydriver mini screwdriver

Toydriver: Mini Power Screwdriver

This mini power screwdriver is designed specifically for small jobs things like toys, luggage, small appliances, and small electronics; all things that often require fixing. Unlike standard power screwdrivers or impact drivers this one works at a slower speed so the screw won’t strip. It also has long, narrow bits for reaching recessed screws that can be tough to get to.

A person is seen fixing something with a Bitzblade 2.0 pen multitool from StatGear

StatGear: Bitzblade 2.0 Multitool

A multi-tool comes in handy whenever a maker or fixer may need to accomplish several things while working, like removing screws and twisting bolts. The Bitzblade 2.0 is a lightweight, super-tough multi-tool that has a pen-like modular design and includes screwdriver bits, a hex wrench, blade, a mini flashlight, window breaker and more.

Pick one of these handy-perfect gifts for makers or fixers on your list to make their jobs easier, and all the more fun to tinker with.

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