Whether you consider stocking stuffers for kids to be the perfect finishing touch or use stockings to offer whimsical and unusual items, choosing them has never been easier. Don’t be surprised if any of these stocking stuffer ideas for kids upstage Santa’s other, larger gifts.

A person is seen lounging on a teal carpet wearing polka dot PUPS slipper socks

Grippy, Non-Slippy Socks

When the temperature drops and it’s chilly outside, your kids will love having a pair of these plush and warm socks close at hand. Combining fun style with warmth and a practical, non-slip surface ensures those little toes stay warm, no matter the weather. Early school mornings, late-night study sessions, and cozy movie nights call for these delightfully warm favorites. 

A young boy is seen playing the TrueBalance original magnetic fidget toy

Find Their Balance

Kids and adults can’t resist this colorful balance puzzle. If you’ve successfully given fidget toys or spinners in the past, it’s perfect. If they love to flip bottles or balance on the edge of chairs, then this challenging puzzle is sure to please. The True Balance puzzle is easy to learn, but tough to master. Kids and adults will love this fun challenge. These clever puzzles make ideal stocking stuffers for kids of all ages.

A young girl is seen playing with a green MOZI arm spinner toy outside

Glow in the Dark Spinner

What’s better than a spinny puzzle that slips from arm to arm like magic? A puzzle that glows in the dark. This fun piece puts a twist on the traditional spinning wire toy and makes it easy to create a stunning display after hours. Add one to each stocking—these fun pieces are tough to resist and everyone will want a spinner of their own.

Assorted animal bluetooth speakers from My Audio Pet are seen on a table

Cute Animal Speakers

A popular stocking stuffer for girls, these adorable, pint-sized animals aren’t just for display. Each has a powerful Bluetooth speaker embedded inside. Share a kawaii version of a favorite animal and provide a fun new way to listen to music. These charming animal speakers are sure to please long after the Christmas tree comes down. 

A little girl sleeps soundly with a blue light up sippy cup from Litecup next to her bed

Glow in the Dark Cup

Offer a nightly drink with ease with one of these clever no-spill nightlight cups. Avoid messy spills and trips to the kitchen with this striking light-up cup. This piece doubles as a gentle and reassuring nightlight for kids of all ages, making it an ideal stocking stuffer for the family. 

A little boy is seen playing in a field wearing a set of colorful bird play wings

Let Them Spread Their Wings

Playing pretend boosts creativity and imagination and your little one will love coming up with innovative new ways to use these brightly colored bird wings. Add these to your dress-up chest for delightful play and to accent the items you already own. Don’t be surprised to see these wings often in the weeks after Christmas. And get used to feeding a little birdy at the table each night. But definitely feed them like a human and not an actual bird.

A Smart Girls Jewelry charm necklace features charms for soccer and a calculator with a teal bead

Smart Jewelry

Stocking stuffers for girls often include jewelry, but these smart pendants go a step further. Designed to inspire and delight girls of all ages, each pendant features a favorite activity or goal. These are more than just pretty, they are a constant reminder of goals and the future, too. 

A little kid is seen washing their hands using a blue & orange Scrub bug

Make Bathtime Fun

Get those hands really clean with these soft and scrubby bugs These clever pieces make bathtime easy, serve sensory needs, and help cut your child’s risk of infection this flu and cold season. Cut the germs and get truly clean by adding one of these whimsical little cleaners to your stocking. 

A blue Squonk goodnight monster stuffed toy from Lyla Tov sits on a bed

A Friendly Goodnight Monster

Meet Squonk, a delightfully cute and cuddly bedtime monster that kids just can’t resist. You’ll love his charming smile and lasting appeal and your kids will love a friendly face at bedtime. Lyla Tov monsters are designed with cuteness and portability in mind. They make perfect stocking stuffers for boys or girls concerned about monsters under the bed. 

An Oreo is seen being dipped into a glass of milk using a Dipr cookie spoon

Perfect Cookies and Milk

Not too soggy, not too dry—if you dip cookies in milk, then you know how important it is to get a perfect balance. Kids love these cookie dipping spoons, which make it easy to get it at that just right state. And parents love the easy cleanup as the alternative can get pretty messy.

Four brightly colored customizable silicone notebooks from WAFF lay next to a pen

Customizable Silicone Notebook Set

Have fun squishing and shaping the silicone cover, then adorn it with your own custom message. This delightful notebook is perfect for class notes or as a journal. And for those who fidget as they write and learn, the soft, flexible shape keeps things interesting and fun. 

A girl is seen running wearing a sparkly neon wide no-slip headband from Sparkly Soul

No-Slip Headband

Our lineup of stocking stuffers for girls would not be complete without cute and clever hair accessories. This sparkling headband is designed to be non-slip, making it easy to secure even long, fine hair with ease. Wear during dance class, sports, or in school to keep hair out of the way. It can even accent a favorite outfit, too.

Green play putty from Crazy Aaron's colored putty sits next to a container for it

Space Age Putty

Squish it, mash it, stretch it out! This flexible, stretchable putty is irresistible to kids and perfect for those with sensory needs. Sensory play can improve focus and make it easier for kids to stick to a task. It makes this play putty not only fun but practical, too.  

Stocking stuffers are the perfect way to add delight and whimsy to Christmas morning. Some kids look forward to a stocking packed with presents more than they anticipate the main event. Fill your stocking with classic favorites, small treats, and one or more of the ideas above and you’ll have your best Christmas morning yet.

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