Amazing Gifts for Him He’s Never Seen

It’s the holiday season. You’re looking for unique gifts for him. You want something good and you have come to the right place. Together we’re going to find you a great gift for a great guy. 

A group of friends plays Chippo outdoor golf game in their driveway

Backyard Golf

If he hits the links whenever he can, you can bring the links to him. Chippo Golf combines cornhole and chip shots to create the backyard golf game of his dreams. It comes with rules, but if he’s crazy enough, he can make up his own. Any way you play is going to be fun!

A person uses an iFixIt universal bit kit to fix a laptop

A Techie Toolbox

If your man is someone who sees something broken and makes a bee line for the toolbox. iFixit will put his DIY skillz to the test. That’s skillz with a z. With all of the bits and tools he’ll need to fix laptops, phones, and tablets. It’s a gift for him the tech companies don’t want him to have. Nice try, big tech.  

A man uses MEATER's wireless smart meat thermometer to check the temperature of his grilled steak on his phone

A Grillmaster’s Secret Weapon

Maybe he thinks of himself as a “grill master.” But you know he isn’t. MEATER might make him one. It’s a wireless thermometer that teams up with an app to help him be hands off while still monitoring to make sure meat is cooked to perfection. Soon enough, he’ll know a steak is medium rare by just looking at it.     

3 different artistic bulb lamps from E.P. Lights sit illuminated on a desk

Vintage Bulbs with a Modern Look

If you need a gift for him with a little sophistication, there’s E.P. Lights. The vintage bulbs come in a modern look. They add a vibrant flair to a bedroom, living room, or elegant library. Like one with a secret room behind a bookcase.

Navy and gray PIORAMA expandable duffel bags are seen next to books and a pair of men's shoes

A Growing Suitcase

Everybody loves to travel. But nobody loves to pack for travel. It’s an art getting it just right. Thankfully, PIORAMA is a travel bag that builds in a margin for error. It can readjust into various sizes to accommodate everything he needs wherever he is going.

a 3D wooden model of a train from UGEARS sits on a table

For the Model Maker

For any model building enthusiast, UGEARS pieces together laser-cut plywood parts without tools or glue and creates an interactive final product. Gear up for fast cars, speeding trains, and the safest motorcycle he’ll ever own. 

A variety of foods are seen cooked in front of the Uuni Pro multi-fueled outdoor pizza oven

Backyard Pizza

This is a gift for him that is really a gift for you. With Uuni, you are gifting him a backyard pizza oven that cooks a delicious, wood-fired pizza in minutes. While he is gifting you all of that pizza! That’s what we in the gifting biz call, a win-win.

A waffle stuffed with strawberries sits on a plate next to a stuffed waffle maker from Wonderffle, with a fresh waffle in the pan

Portable. Waffle. Sandwiches.

What does wonderful look like? Stuffed waffles cooked right on your stove. Imagine strawberry infused waffles, steak and cheese in a waffle. All of it can be yours with Wonderffle. I mean, his. And then yours. However you slice it, we have three words for you: Portable. Waffle. Sandwiches. 

This year, ditch the tie and new pair of socks. Get unique gifts for him that will knock the socks he already owns off of his feet. We have wonderfully one-of-a-kind gifts for the wonderfully one-of-a-kind men in your life. Happy holidays to you both! 

If you’re looking for more unique gifts for him? Check out our entire collection of gifts for him.

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