12 Dude-Approved Man Cave Gifts He’ll Love

Stumped for what to give that special man in your life? There’s no need to fear—a dozen fresh, fun, and unique gift ideas are waiting right here for you. (And him.) Just imagine how big he’ll smile when he unwraps one of these fresh takes on traditional man cave gifts, and how big you’ll smile when he gives it a special place of pride in his special place.

P.S. These make great Father’s Day gifts, too!

For the beverage enthusiast:

Torched Products – Choose Your State Beer Cap Trap

A love of beer is something to be celebrated, but sometimes a brew is so good a toast alone just won’t cut it. Thankfully, lasers do—at least when it comes to this handsome Baltic birch plywood wall hanging. The laser-cut artwork is made to hold the colorful caps of his favorite beers, displaying them in the shape of his state of choice. It’s a great-looking way to give a nod to the hometown breweries he loves, and it’s part unique gift, part challenge to fill it up. 

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ScreenCraft Gifts custom map coaster set

ScreenCraft Gifts – Custom Map Coasters

His favorite stomping grounds are never far away with these ultra-personalized coasters. Made of maps encompassing nine square miles of a selected point in the U.S., the coasters give a birds-eye view of familiar streets, towns, and topography. It’s an excellent gift that will make him feel right at home with his favorite drink.

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Battle Games – Bounce Battle Game Set

Beer pong is fun, sure, but it’s also a lot of setup and—the worst of all party fouls—a waste of spilled beer, too. This fun bounce battle game set takes the same core concept, switches it up a little, and keeps beer where it belongs: in his cup. He can challenge friends to a fast-paced game of bouncing-in, or try his hand at one of the other challenging variations from the included instructions. Best of all, this game is family-friendly for fun on all-ages game nights. 

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For the die-hard sports fan:

Stadium Map Art - laser cut wooden stadium city map art

Stadium Map Art – Laser Cut Stadium City Map 

Whether it’s driven by fierce loyalty to a home team or simply fond memories of a day in the stands as a kid, there’s no denying the special bond between a true sports fan and his favorite stadium. This incredible artwork pays homage to his stadium of choice utilizing satellite scans, hand-drawn maps, and the latest in 3D cutting to achieve a dimensional image of the stadium itself. With a wide variety of towns, teams, and stadiums to choose from, you’ll be able to opt for a state silhouette or a closeup of the city streets surrounding the stadium as a backdrop. 

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StadiumViews 25 layer lighted Michigan State stadium end table

StadiumViews – 3D Stadium Art

A last-minute goal or an epic home run can make an avid sports fan feel like he’s on top of the world, and so can this incredible 3D-printed art piece of his favorite stadium. Each intricate piece consists of layer upon layer of a top-down view, providing a blimp-perspective view of the playing field. With options for fields and courts from the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and the college circuit, there’s a perfect match for every sports fan.

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For the weekend warrior:

PatentPrints technical drawings - harley davidson motor

 PatentPrints – Technical Drawings

Motorcycles are a man cave-worthy pursuit that deserve to be honored. Give your favorite rider a piece of where it all began in this awesome reproduction of the original Harley Davidson patent. The unmistakable design, the technical notes, and the history infused into every line will feel like a perfect day on the open road every time the framed print catches his eye.

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For the media-streaming guru:

CouchCoaster weighted drink coaster

CouchCoaster – Weighted Drink Holder 

It’s happened to every man: he’s enjoying a favorite beverage while relaxing on the couch, but he has the cup precariously balanced. One false move and it’s spilled beer everywhere. Keep his drink within easy reach and keep the couch protected with this ingenious invention. The side-weighted “saddle” design fits any couch arm, no matter how wide or overstuffed it may be. The raised coaster ring keeps cups of many shapes and sizes perfectly still and spill-free. 

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tablift flexible universal tablet stand: read in bed

Tablift – Flexible Universal Tablet Stand

This universal tablet stand will keep him entertained during lazy Sunday’s in bed or downtime on the couch. Rather than trying to balance a tablet on a stomach or lap, it can simply be connected with the mount with the flexible arms anchored by the body. That way, he won’t have to miss a minute of his hometown game or an episode of the latest streaming show. 

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For the sophisticated man cave:

Anywhere fireplace: ventless coffee table fireplace

Anywhere Fireplace – Ventless Fireplaces

If his man cave decor is less salvaged road signs and more leather-bound library, this well-designed fireplace alternative will be right at home. A special bright-burning formula produces no smoke, soot, or ash and burns cleanly indoors when paired with a matching fireplace unit. Eco-friendly, modern, and stylish, it’s a fast and easy way to add an eye-catching hearth without needing to install a chimney.

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Como Audio smart connected hi-fi music system: modern stereo

Como Audio – Smart Connected Hi-Fi Music System

Sure, he loves the crisp, clear sound of modern high-fidelity stereo components, but maybe he’d prefer something a little more sleek. This beautifully-designed hi-fi music system blends a simplified physical interface with clean, minimally-grained wood for a nod to retro aesthetics. He’ll love the way his favorite songs and radio stations sound flowing from the front-mounted speakers of this noteworthy audio upgrade.

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For the man that takes pride in his yard:

Good Directions copper rain chain basin, outside in the garden

Good Directions – 100% Copper Rain Chain Catch Basin

Sure, the bright polished copper—and the resulting patina over time—look incredible outside of a man cave, but this gift serves an important purpose, too. Rain chains and catch basins have been used in Japan for hundreds of years, and help divert water down and away from the outside foundation of a house, similar to a downspout. An artistic touch that will make him feel even more proud of his yard, it’s a great gift for the man that loves the great outdoors.

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Bevin Bells brass wall bells: indoor & outdoor

Bevin Bells – Brass Wall Bell

He’ll love to call the family in for the evening with a pull of this sturdy, made-for-a-lifetime wall bell. A bright metallic finish and a generations-long commitment to quality make this wall bell a standout piece of decor for the entrance to the man cave. The loud, clear tone rings true and makes a fun way for his friends to announce their arrival with more snacks and beer for the big game.

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Dude-approved, dude-appreciated, these man cave gifts are sure to elevate his fortress of solidude. For even more gifts he’ll love, check out these unique gifts for men.

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