Shoot, Swish, Score: 22 Winning Gifts for Sports Fans

Chances are you have at least one sports fan in your life and a gift-giving occasion that’s left you with zero ideas in the bottom of the ninth. There’s no need to fear, your pinch hitter is here with 20 super unique gifts for sports fans to choose from. Whether they’re wearing, using, or experiencing it, these are second only to a pair of season tickets.

Time for Tailgating: Home or Away

A Steelers fan reps his team at the grill with Sportula's #1 Oven Mitt

An Oven Mitt for the Big Fan

Tailgating and BBQs are more than just an excuse for great food, brews, and taking in a game. They’re also the perfect place to let a little team rivalry shine. The soft, comfortable Sportula #1 Oven Mitt takes on the iconic shape of stadium-ready foam fingers, complete with a pointed index finger in the “we’re number one” gesture. The wrist of the glove features the icon of a favorite sports team to show off their loyalty. (Note: mitt safeguards against hot food, but may not insulate against “sick burns” during friendly trash talking.)

The ultimate New York Yankees fan shows off their team pride while grilling skewers with Sportula's 3 piece BBQ tool set

A Classic BBQ Set

The must-have trio for grilling out—tongs, spatula, and bottle opener—take on a customized twist in the Sportula Classic 3 Piece BBQ Set. Each wooden handle is emblazoned with your sports fan’s favorite team name and logo, with a wide range of options: MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, military, and college teams to name a few. The plate of the spatula features a unique cutout of the team logo, enabling skillful grillmasters to put their special mark on burgers, franks and more.

Basketball fans will love practicing their jump shot with this free shot version of Tiki Toss

Practice Their Long-Range Game

Gaming before the game? It’s easy with Tiki Toss, a fun toss game that can be played by any number of players. Part dexterity, part luck, and part learned skill, players swing a ball suspended on a string and attempt to seat it on a distant target. A fun little time-killer for gatherings or slow days at the office, they’ll love honing their skill.

A 3D stadium coaster for the Chicago Cubs from StadiumViews sits next to a bowl of tortilla chips

Team Spirit from Coast(er) to Coast(er)

The top-down stadium view tucked into every one of the  StadiumViews 3D Stadium Coaster Sets is truly awe-inspiring. If, however, your sports fan lingers at the keg during tailgating, you might want to advise them to admire it beforehand. That’s because it’s so realistic, they might just get vertigo. The details are incredibly accurate, right down to center field. If they’re taking in the game from their big screen at home, these handy gifts are the next best thing to being there.

Decking the Dugout: Accessories

A photo of a little girl at a stadium sits framed in a Detroit Lions 3D stadium picture frame from StadiumViews

A Picture-Perfect Keepsake

Nothing beats that day at the stadium—the day your favorite fan’s team won, or made a particularly spectacular play that they were there to witness. That special photo, snapped spur of the moment on their smartphone, deserves a place of honor. The StadiumViews 3D Picture Frame pays homage to that ineffable team spirit with a three-dimensional map of their stadium of choice, complete with details like yard lines for true authenticity. 

Pop a Cold One and Keep it Cold

Not every sports fan just wants to sit on the couch and watch the games. Some need to tailgate, hit the links, or fire up the grill in the backyard with the game on the radio. And they might just want a cold beer while doing it. BottleKeeper’s Insulated Beer Bottle Holder makes sure the beer stays cold all game long.

A 3D laser cup stadium city map shows the details of a city and 2 sports stadiums

Their Favorite Stadium as Art

Chances are, if you’re looking for unique gifts for sports fans, you already know that your recipient knows their team roster by heart. They may even have favorite seats in their stadium, but nothing beats a birds-eye view of the playing field. This Stadium Map Art laser-cut stadium city map not only makes his or her favorite stadium the centerpiece of the image, but it also includes the layout of surrounding city streets. It’s a view of their favorite team’s home as they’ve never seen it before, rendered in crisp, clear detail and ready to display.

A blueprint of the original baseball patent from PatentPrints hangs on a white shiplap wall

Flash Back to Where it All Started

Give them the gift like no other: the place where it all started. These crisp, intriguing reproductions of the original baseball patent or golf club patent from Patent Prints give them sports memorabilia worthy of display in any room. Whether they hang your gift beside the big-screen TV before taking in a game at home, or in the office to remind them the back nine is calling, they’re sure to love it. An ideal present for the sports fan who has everything, it’s a little history and a little sports fandom rolled into one.

An OYO toy version of the Red Sox' Big Papi poses with a baseball bat in hand on a toy field

Raise Your Mini-Me on the Right Team

A great toy for avid fans and sportscard collectors, OYOs are fun, small pose-able figurines of star athletes. They include uniforms and equipment as well as the playful likeness of the athlete’s face, making them the perfect infield gift set for your up and coming superfan, and the best way to cultivate their enthusiasm for their favorite team.

Track Your Travels

Looking for sports gifts that can be hung in a hallway or living room without seeming out of place? The Thunder Bunny Labs Personalized Sports Arena Photo Map might be just the (season) ticket. It’s customized to fit photos of their trips to every professional ballpark, hockey or basketball arena, and or football stadium. Use the Map Maker online tool to size and shape photos to fit the map and create a perfect keepsake.

StadiumViews 25 layer lighted Michigan State stadium end table sits next to a vintage chair

A Stadium Salute

A bird’s eye view of your recipient’s favorite stadium is waiting just underneath a favorite beverage with the StadiumViews 25-Layer Stadium Lighted End Table. Twenty-five layers create a dimensional effect that rivals even the best overhead blimp view. Intricate details will make them feel like they’re really there, and this awesome present is arguably the best conversation starter ever on game day. As gifts for sports fanatics, these useful, team spirit-infused tables are hard to beat, just like their team.

Halftime Pastimes: Desk Gear

Football, soccer, basketball & baseball Cord Buddies sit on a table with a football and a catcher's mitt

The Perfect Phone Teammate

Nothing’s worse than watching an intense game on a smartphone or tablet only to have the low battery indicator come on. When you reach for the charging cord, it’s fallen behind the desk or nightstand again. End your sports fan’s frustration with charging cords by presenting them with this clever solution. The Cord Buddy Sports Pack is a weighted wire management device that keeps their cord where it belongs, not living with the dust bunnies. Available in a variety of sports ball shapes, it’s the perfect mix of fun and function.

A New York Giants Hover Helmet sits on a desk with a football and a art print

Gravity-Defying Fandom

On a good run down the field, a favorite player almost seems to be floating towards the goal—Hover Helmets Levitating Mini Helmets take it one yardline further. Suspended in an electromagnetic field, a replica helmet from your recipient’s favorite team hovers in mid-air, seemingly by magic. While most gifts for sports fanatics stay grounded, this special desk-ready piece of art reminds them that nothing can hold a winning streak back—not even gravity.

Across the Board wooden tabletop baseball game sits on a table with snacks

Tabletop Baseball

Dice, pegs, and a little friendly competition make for an exciting tabletop rivalry that doesn’t require a plug or controllers. Across The Board’s Wooden Tabletop Baseball Game is a fun way to pass the time til the first pitch. Players take turns rolling dice to determine where their pegs (runners) move across the diamond. While putting a little wager on the outcome isn’t a requirement for a fun time, determining who does the dishes based on the outcome has a way of sharpening one’s skills.

  • A football bottle cap map hangs on a wall next to empty beer bottles

DIY Bottlecap Trap

Sports games are the best time to enjoy a cold one with your friends and family. But why stop there? With Torched Products’ Laser-Cut Wooden Bottle Cap Maps, you can display the caps of your favorite local brews in a variety of shapes including a baseball, basketball, football, and your home state. An eye-catching, American-made gift that’s guaranteed to be a hit in any household.

Cheering them On: Game Day Must-Haves

A man sits on the sideslines bundled up and staying warm with Chaheati travel heated seat cover

Keep Warm All Game Long

A real sports fan is a lot like the mail, neither rain, nor sleet, nor hail will keep them from cheering on their team. Unfortunately, all that nasty weather has a way of taking the fun out of game day, which is why weather-fighting tricks like this slender heated seat cover from Chaheati make such great gifts for sports fans. Low in voltage, coil free (that means no uncomfortable hot spots), and capable of warming for up to four hours on a single charge, it’s just the ticket for making chilly bleachers feel like box seats.

Fans sit comfortably in the stands with red and blue Oniva Picnic Time reclining outdoor seats

Sit Back and Relax Anywhere

Local games are the perfect place to take in real sportsmanship without season tickets, but the seating can leave something to be desired. This thoughtful gift will help your favorite fan set up a comfortable seat anywhere, even right on the field. A shoulder strap makes carrying Picnic Time’s reclining seat easy, and six different positions allow them to customize their recline from “first pitch” all the way through “seventh inning snooze.” 

A brass classic fight bells from Bevin Bells sits mounted on a wall

Get Ready to Rumble!

For the pro-wrestler fans out there, get ready for this hum-ding-er! This classic fight bell rings loud and clear. For boxing or wrestling fans or nostalgia lovers, this brass bell is an authentic addition to any space. Trying to find the perfect gift for a wrestling fan? Personalize one for a truly one-of-a-kind piece which is Made in the USA and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Marshmallows are tossed into hot chocolate like a free throw with the basketball sports mug from Maxi's Creations

Hit Your Marshmallow Free Throws

Maxi’s Creations Sports Mugs will encourage them to take playing with their food to the next level. Whether you present your fan with a baseball-themed version, complete with catcher’s mitt, or the basketball version with a built-in hoop, mealtime becomes game time. For beverages, mini marshmallows make the perfect tasty treat to practice free throws, and for soups, oyster crackers can get surprisingly aerodynamic—it’s all in the wrist. 

Sharp navy printed socks and ties from Soxfords feature players teeing off

Socks on Par

Artfully-rendered images of their favorite sport in full color, and a comfortable fit make these Soxfords Pima Cotton Embroidered Socks a must as gifts for sports fans of all stripes. Whether they’re walking the links or cheering on a team from home, your thoughtful gift will keep their feet warm and comfortable, and might just become their new good luck charm in the process. Pick them up a pair and they’ll think of you with every step: on the field, on the links, or over to the kitchen to get more wings.

A navy silk tie from Josh Bach features pictures of different baseball stadiums

Sports Memorabilia Goes to Work

Neckties are the quintessential fallback gift when you’re buying for men, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Josh Bach’s silk neckties turn a typical professional accessory into a unique fashion statement that can add that special something to any work attire.

A girl keeps her ponytail in place with a white & green tennis version of Sporteez' sliding hair ties

Sport Your Favorite Sport

A fun, unexpected addition to the popular gifts for sports fanatics, Sporteez sliding hair ties keep hair in a ponytail while adding in decorations of her favorite sport. Baseball, basketball, football, or tennis ball replica charms dangle at the end of each string, which in turn can be customized in colors to match team colors. A perfect “good luck charm” for the next time her team or a team she’s rooting for is ready to game.

If they’ve already collected a closet full of jerseys and all the team memorabilia they could ever want, these innovative sports-themed presents will help you knock your next shared special occasion out of the park.

Looking for other great gift ideas? Check out our full collections of gifts for sports fans.

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