What’s the Difference? Outdoor Pizza Ovens

If you love pizza, you know how good a fresh, wood-fired pizza can be. It’s so good, you might just want that pizza oven in your own backyard. The only question is, which is the best outdoor pizza oven for you? Let us help you decide.

A pizza can be seen grilling on a pizza stone inside Kettlepizza's charcoal pizza oven

The Part-Time Pizza Oven

Maybe you don’t want to go all-in on a pizza oven. You don’t have space in your yard or you don’t want to buy an entirely different set-up. If that’s indeed the case, the KettlePizza Pizza Oven is for you. It fits the charcoal or gas grill you already have. It sits on top and creates a chamber of convection heat that reaches the high temperature needed for an evenly-cooked pizza.

A blistered pepperoni pizza sits on a table with all the ingredients laid out next to the Uuni 3 wood fired pizza oven

The Pizza Pro Pizza Oven

This model is for the aficionado. The Uuni 3 Wood Fired Pizza Oven heats up to professional pizza oven temps, over 900°, in 10 minutes. In two minutes you have a pizza ready and 5 minutes later, fish, meat, and veggies are done. Out of the box it uses wood pellets for fuel to create that authentic wood-fired pizza taste. But you can opt for a gas attachment if that is more accessible. This also cooks larger pizzas, about 13″, so if you’re cooking pizza for large groups, this is perfect.

A piping hot pepperoni pizza can be seen being removed from Ooni's Koda outdoor gas pizza oven

The No-Frills Pizza Oven

We’re sticking with the Uuni family with their portable Koda Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven unit. This heats up to 900° in 15 minutes and, get this, it will cook a pizza in 60 seconds. It takes you longer to brush your teeth! It’s light enough to take anywhere and it has a built-in flame safety device that cuts off its gas supply if the flame is extinguished before the gas is off. If you want your pizza fast and just about anywhere, this is the pizza oven for you.


No matter your skill level, your home setup, or your preferences, we have an outdoor pizza oven for you. Have a question? Leave it in the comments below!

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