Best Socks 2019: A Guide to Finding Your “Sole” Mate

Socks. You probably don’t give them much thought. But the truth is that the right socks really make a difference. They can, for example, protect your tootsies during an extra-hard workout or add a little pizazz to an outfit. To help you find your true “sole” mate, we’ve put together a selection of the best socks for 2019.  

A woman is seen pulling on a pair of light blue polka dot medium compression socks from Sockwell
Medium Compression

For Feet in Need of a Little Support

Are your toes worn out by the end of the day? Then, it’s time to provide them with a “support” system. These compression socks from Sockwell boast four zones of graduated compression (15-20 mmHg), with the greatest pressure starting at the ankle and decreasing towards the top of the sock. Sockwell works with U.S. knitting mills, who craft these socks out of comfortable bamboo rayon and merino wool from American-raised Rambouillet sheep. Even better, they are available in a variety of stylish patterns and colors for both men and women.  

A pair of yellow and gray Bombas socks lay next to a pair of gray & pink running sneakers

Athletic Socks for Those Who Care

The founders of Bombas wanted to craft an athletic sock that cradles your foot in comfort during your hardest workouts. They’re made from a soft, breathable Pima cotton blend so your foot stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bombas socks have also been engineered to stay in place and distribute pressure throughout your arches. For added comfort, these socks boast a seamless toe, a cushioned heel and a blister tab, which is a tiny ankle cushion to prevent chafing. But best of all, every time you buy a pair of Bombas, the company donates a pair of socks to someone in need. 

A woman's legs are seen lounging by the fire, with blue PUDUS slipper socks on her feet

Socks for People Who Don’t Want to Wear Slippers

Are your feet always cold? Wearing socks is an option, but can be a slippery one, especially on slick wood or tile floors. A better answer? Slipper socks. These PUDUS socks are lined in a super-soft faux shearling that envelops your feet in delicate fluffiness. And the bottoms are dotted with little silicone grips to prevent slipping and sliding. Because they’re stretchy, they are one size fits all. You’re sure to love the toasty warmth and cushioned design of these slipper socks. 

A person is seen using chopsticks to pick up a pair of socks disguised as sushi from Sukeno Socks

Cool Socks for Creative Types

Have you been searching for a clever gift that is also useful and practical? Then, we have the perfect socks for you. These fanciful creations are designed to look like food, such as sushi rolls, doughnuts, and popsicles. But when they’re unfurled, they’re actually comfy socks. The designs on these playful socks are actually knitted into them rather than just printed. So, you can be assured that their colorful designs will stay true wash after wash. 

A person stands on a rock wearing blue and green striped socks from Proper Socks

Socks for the Busy Businessman

If your “dogs” are barking by the end of the workday, it’s time to protect and cushion them with the stylish Proper Socks. Although these socks may look like business hosiery, they have actually been crafted with many of the features you’d find in high-performance athletic socks, such as arch supports and padding throughout the heel, toe box, and around the sides of your feet. In addition, each sock has been anatomically designed to correctly fit either the right or left foot. 

A man is seen sitting wearing a pair of pizza slice printed socks from Sock It To Me

Socks For Those Who Like to Stand Out in the Crowd

Life is too short to wear serious socks all the time. That’s why you need to add a few colorful and unique socks to your wardrobe. Their fun and whimsical designs liven up an outfit and let others know you’re not afraid to show off your playful side. For women, Sock It to Me offers several offbeat designs, including one that features the tacosaurus—an unusual creature that’s part taco, part dinosaur. Men can also choose from a number of funky designs, including socks covered in bacon strips or pizza slices. 

A woman is seen laying in the grass wearing a pair of red and blue striped organic cotton socks from Zkano

Socks for the Environmentally Conscious

Every little thing helps when you’re trying to make this world a better place to live. Take socks. Zkano’s socks are crafted from certified organic ring-spun cotton that has been grown without pesticides or other harmful chemicals. And Zkano socks, which are made in small batches, are not finished with metal dyes. But that doesn’t mean these are boring plain socks. Zkano socks are actually available in several vivid colors and patterns. Even better? These socks are proudly made in the USA. 

A woman is seen lounging outdoors wearing a pair of pink grippy toeless socks from Toezies

Best Choice for Yoga and Pilates 

Practicing yoga and Pilates can be challenging, especially if you find your feet slipping on the mat or floor while trying to hold a pose or while performing certain exercises.  If you’ve been struggling with this problem, you’ll be excited to learn that Toezies has come up with a solution. Their socks boast a non-skid sole to help you hold poses and maintain your balance. And because these socks are toeless, your toes will still have the freedom to move around and be actively engaged during yoga or Pilates sessions.   

A woman is seen stretching on a mat wearing burgundy grip socks from Pedestal Footwear

A Sock for Those Who Like to Exercise Without Shoes

Have you noticed people at your gym lifting weights or exercising barefoot? According to some fitness trainers and experts, barefoot training can improve your balance and strengthen your feet and ankles.  And because feet can better sense the floor when bare than when they’re in shoes, it can also help your brain better coordinate your movements. Exercising in bare feet can even help you to better use your core and glutes. But, as you’re probably aware, gym floors aren’t always the most hygienic of surfaces. To protect your feet, you’ll want to sheathe them in these indoor training socks from Pedestal Footwear. They have super grippy soles for the stability you need while exercising. 

A man is seen walking wearing brown loafers and maroon pima cotton socks from Soxfords

A Sock to Brighten Your Day

We all have those days when we just need something that will make us smile. That’s where these little embroidered socks come in. They are available in a variety of cool designs that are lighthearted and quirky but subtle enough for business wear. For example, Dachshund’s Dilemma is gray with black stripes and has cute wiener dogs embroidered on them. Then there is Lobster Boil, which has a little red lobster embroidered on a gray sock spotted with white polka dots. And while they may be fun, they are still serious about quality. These men’s socks are crafted from soft Pima cotton with a double-wide cuff to keep them from slouching down while you’re wearing them.

A woman is seen wearing jeans, black ballet flats and a pair of Keysocks no-show socks

For People Who Don’t Want Their Socks to Show

While you may not think about your socks very often, they perform several important functions. For example, they protect your shoes from sweat and keep your feet warm. But there are certain women’s shoes—such as flats—that just look better without socks. Thankfully, there is a sock solution that will protect your shoes and keep you warm while also staying fairly invisible. The Keysocks are full-length dress socks that have been strategically cut away to form no-shows. This design means that unlike most no-shows or peds, these socks won’t slip down into your shoes. It’s an ingenious design that any fashionista would love to own. 

Three young girls are seen wearing colorful character knee socks from Mooshwalks

Socks for the Young at Heart

Do you enjoy walking into a room and being the center of attention? Then you need these playful and eye-catching socks from Mooshwalks. Not only are they colorful, but the characters depicted on these socks also have little ears or wings that will flap or move as you walk around. We love that these socks are soft and well-made, in addition to being cute. Make sure to pair them with sassy shorts or a short dress so they can be appreciated in their full glory.

A man is seen lounging wearing a pair of bison down socks from United By Blue

Socks for Proud Americans

Bison are an iconic symbol of the Wild West. In fact, these massive creatures were designated in 2016 as the national mammal of the United States. The Ultimate America Sock earns its name partly because it is crafted from a unique blend of bison down and merino wool with a touch of nylon and spandex for stretch. This bison down is not just a novelty factor, either. It is actually softer than cashmere and warmer than wool. Plus, everything about these socks has been made in America from the fluffy fibers the socks are made from to the packaging which comes from Pennsylvania. 

a set of 7 purple, cream & black SOLOSOCKS lay on a bench next to a pair of loafers

Always Have a Pair and a Spare

Socks have a rough life. They put up with foul odors and hours of being ground between your feet and your shoes. So, it’s little wonder that they occasionally flee our laundry rooms never to be seen again. To solve that problem, SOLOSOCKS has created this set of seven single socks that complement each other. This way, you’ll always have a match, even when one of these colorful, organic cotton socks decides to fly the coop.  

A person walks along a rock edge wearing black & gray barefoot sock shoes from SKINNERS

Socks to Free Your Feet

Do you enjoy walking barefoot but hate when you step on something yucky? Or, maybe, you prefer to wear something on your feet when you’re indoors but find socks too slippery. SKINNERS hybrid shoe-socks address both of these concerns. They have a shoe-like sole to give your feet a little needed protection, but they’re also lightweight and stretchy like a sock. These shoe-socks are made from a moisture-wicking yarn so your feet can stay dryer for longer. 

A woman is seen grabbing hersneakers while wearing teal Neverquit anti-odor socks

Socks for Smelly Feet

What do you do if you can’t find a sock that works as hard as you do? You design a pair that will meet all of your high standards. And that’s exactly what Leo Chen did when he couldn’t find a sock that would protect his feet from his uncomfortable military-issued boots. His NeverQuit socks boast reinforced arch supports and hexagon-shaped foot pads that absorb impact. He also infused his socks with non-toxic zinc oxide to prevent odors. These NeverQuit socks even come with a seven-day odor-free guarantee. 

Socks may not be as glamorous as shoes, but they perform a very important function in your life. They protect and shield your feet from so much and have to deal with odors and dampness as well. So make sure to always get the best socks possible for your feet.  

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