Family Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Giving a family gift instead of individual presents allows you and the recipients to benefit in several ways. You’ll buy one thoughtful present instead of many smaller gifts. That means you get to save time shopping, wrapping and sending gifts. You might also save some money. In most cases, unique family Christmas gift ideas are less expensive than several individual ones.

You can also give a present for the whole family to enjoy together. It’ll be a giving the gift of family time that will last for years to come. Find some of our favorite family Christmas gift ideas below. Chances are, one of these fun options will resonate with you and match a family on your list.

Four people playing Tumbling Timbers on top of a table

Jumbo Yard Games

You could squeeze around the table to play a tabletop game. But for real fun and excitement, these oversized classics are ready to head outside. From the towering Personalized Giant Tumbling Timbers to a jumbo-sized four in a row, these huge games are far more exciting than their tabletop counterparts. Each can be played indoors or out so if you give this unique gift for Christmas, it can be used inside until the spring arrives. Personalization adds a custom touch and makes your gift even more special.

A framed photomap of the 50 US states from Thunder Bunny Labs is seen hanging on a wall

Personalized Map

Tracking visits to all 50 states is not new. But this fun and unique twist on the old travel map concept makes an amazing, enduring gift for the whole family. The 50 States Photo Map makes it easy to incorporate memories from each visit right into the artwork. These unique gifts offer full personalization and the family will have fun adding photos and mementos from trips in the past. They might also be inspired to travel in the future.

A photo of a couple posing in front of the Colosseum in Rome displays on a smart connected picture frame from Aura

A Smart Picture Frame

They have phones full of photos, but are they truly seeing and enjoying them as often as they could? The Smart Connected Picture Frame makes displaying photos fast and easy. And the rotating display ensures there is always something new and interesting on display. You can manually select images you want or attach your phone and let the frame select them for you. For busy families, a smart frame makes a photo display something that will be enjoyed for years to come.

A white RovR high-performance cooler sits perched on a rock by a river

A Bear-Proof Cooler

It’s bear-proof, keeps food cool for up to 10 days, and rolls along paths with ease. For families who camp, tailgate or enjoy adventure, this High-Performance Cooler with Wheels takes outside living to a whole new level. Advanced cooling technology ensures food and beverages are kept at a safe temperature for days at a time, making it easy to enjoy more variety on the trail. They’ll be reminded of you every time they pitch a campsite, attend a game, or visit an outdoor event where a cooler comes in handy.

A variety of foods are seen cooked in front of the Uuni Pro multi-fueled outdoor pizza oven

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Help them take their outdoor living and entertainment zones to the next level with this dedicated pizza oven. Super-high temperatures result in crisp crusts and perfectly gooey cheese, every time. Ideal for the family with everything, the one with the outdoor kitchen, or those that love to entertain, the Uuni Pro Multi-Fueled Outdoor Pizza Oven can cook a pizza in about a minute and can be used for a variety of outdoor recipes.

Orange & Blue Cubockle set sits on a lawn

Cornhole Dice Game

Insert a little friendly competition into their next gathering with a fun twist. Better than cornhole alone and far more suitable for family events with lots of kids than horseshoes, this piece turns a backyard into a play zone. The Cubockle Dice Cornhole Game is easy to learn and tough to master to create a level playing field. This gift for the whole family can be set up swiftly and enjoyed for years to come.

A man is seen cooking in a kitchen next to a Click & Grow Smart Planter filled with fresh basil plants

NASA Powered Indoor Garden

Let them experiment with their green thumbs—and grow tasty herbs and salad greens indoors—with the Smart Garden by Click and Grow. This unique growing garden makes it easy to successfully produce your family’s favorite herbs and greens and supports STEM learning as well. Kids will love the NASA connection and will gain valuable skills. Parents will love the fresh herbs for cooking and the low-care, low-maintenance growing style.

A Como Audio smart connected hi-fi music system sits on a counter

High Tech Retro Radio

It may look fun and retro, but the Solo Smart Connected Hi-Fi speaker will revolutionize the way your loved ones listen to and enjoy music. A robust digital system lies underneath that fun and striking exterior and adds Midcentury Modern appeal to any space. They’ll love listening to music, audio, and podcasts on this delightful system. And they’ll think of you every time they use it.

A woman is seen lounging outside in a red family hammock from La Siesta

Soothing Hammock

Once in the yard, this piece can be enjoyed by the whole family. Create a working space for mom and dad, a reading spot for the kids and even an ideal homework zone for afterschool. The Flora Organic Family Hammock is a vibrant, striking addition to any yard. And it offers enduring strength and comfort long after the family gift is opened.

A cozy knit grey cable throw from Bedford Collections sits on a couch

Chunky Knit Blanket

Lush and oversized, this throw is simply irresistible to kids and adults. Perfect for cuddling on the couch and enjoying a story, this plush piece makes a true statement in any home. The Chunky Knit Blanket by Bedford Collections is richly textured and ideal for movie night, study time, and cold mornings. Acrylic yarn and handmade construction make this piece easy-to-care-for and durable so it can be enjoyed year-round.

A couple is seen on the edge of a lake using an AstroMaster LT telescope to look at nature

A Master Telescope

Explore the skies together with the AstroMaster LT Telescope. If the family you have in mind loves science or wants to go stargazing, they’ll adore this gift. From learning about constellations to discovering the same stars seen by scientists of the past, this memorable and unique gift is ideal for the whole family.

Two kids are seen using a Cinemood handheld cinema projector to play a cartoon

Handheld Cinematography

Transform flat drawings to video—and take your projector wherever you go—with this delightfully retro device. Ideal for kids and adults, the Handheld Cinema Projector is an ideal addition to any family outing or art project. A projector that is easy to use and produces high-quality footage is perfect for the whole family and gives hours of lasting enjoyment and memories.

Coming up with unique family Christmas gift ideas can be tricky. Give a family a gift that addresses their unique style and preferences and you’ll make a lasting mark. Your gift will be enjoyed long past Christmas morning and they’ll think of you every time they enjoy the present you gave.

Not seeing the perfect family gift ideas? Here are some other unique Christmas gifts for everyone on your list!

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