9 Unique Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Sometimes it’s the simple little gadgets that save you time, effort, or, most importantly, make the kitchen task you’re doing fun. It’s the same with cooking, where any small task can send a recipe into a tailspin. With these innovative and unique kitchen gadgets, you’ll be running to the kitchen to cook that next meal for family or friends.

  • A person butters their corn with ButterOnce's corn butter knife
  • Corn is seen being trimmed off the cob with a ButterOnce corn peeler
  • Freshly peeled corn kernels sit in a ButterOnce corn peeler

Corn Knife and Peeler

Corn on the cob is a summer staple and you can make it even tastier and easier to manage. The Corn Butter Knife is the same shape as the cob, allowing you to butter it perfectly every time. You can scoop straight from the tub or slice the stick, then spread in a single motion. Alternatively, the Corn Peeler quickly strips kernels off an ear of corn in one easy motion. The attached container catches the corn so there’s no mess and almost no cleanup. You get all the benefits of corn on the cob without the mess!

  • A yellow BeepEgg perfect egg timer is held above a pot of boiling water
  • A person is seen using a red Cregg egg cutter to cut the top off their egg
  • A soft boiled egg sits in a yellow Cregg egg cutter ring

Egg Cup Cutter and Egg Timer

You might have thought the chase for the perfect hard-boiled egg was futile. But this fun kitchen gadget will sing its way into your heart and give you hard-boiled perfection every time. BeepEgg is a temperature-sensitive egg timer that warms up and floats with your real eggs, belting out a different tune at each level of egg “done-ness.” Once you have the perfect egg, the Cregg can cut the top off and double as an egg cup so you can eat it with no mess.

A cut pomegranate is seen being deseeded with Tescoma's pomegranate deseeder tool

Pomegranate Deseeder

Pomegranates are one of the healthiest fruits on the planet, but they’re also one of the most difficult to get the most out of. Seed extraction and juicing have never been easy. Until now. This pomegranate deseeder gets to those tasty seeds faster and easier than other methods. After a few whacks on the top of the fruit, the seeds collect in the bowl that captures all the juice, too, which has a spout for easy draining. It’s like three unique kitchen gadgets in one.

A person is seen scraping peanut butter out of a jar with PB JIFE's innovative peanut butter knife

Peanut Butter Knife

Getting the most out of every jar of peanut butter is always a challenge, but with this knife, it’s a snap. The extra-long, stainless steel knife blade has a curved tip that scrapes jars clean, including under the rim. It’s strong enough to stir and scoop peanut butter, natural nut butters, jams, thick oils and more.

Bacon is seen frying in a pan, surrounded by a lime green Frywall splatter guard

Silicone Splatter Guard

Keep fry spatter from spraying your stove, walls, and clothing. FryWall’s silicone guard helps food go from your pan to your plate without making a mess. Its soft silicone fits snugly in 12” pots and pans and it’s angled to let you access the food as you cook. When you’re done, just stick it in the dishwasher to clean and fold it up to store. It’s one of the more useful kitchen gadgets you’ll find.

A cream-colored Butterie holds a stick of softened butter next to a sliced baguette

Flip-Top Butter Dish

Keep butter fresh and spreadable in this flip-top dish from Butterie. It stores on the counter, limits exposure to air and light, and has a spot to rest (and clean) your knife.

A bowl of ice cream sits next to Midnight Scoop's ergonomic ice cream scooper

Ergonomic Ice Cream Scoop

Created by an aerospace engineer and ice-cream-loving dad, Midnight Scoop’s Ergonomic Ice Cream Scoop removes the difficulty of scooping ice cream. Made to last a lifetime, the sturdy design glides through ice cream without straining your wrist.

Any of these unique kitchen gadgets will make difficult kitchen chores that much easier and allow you to get the most out of the things that you buy, each and every time!

Now that you’re stocked on the latest unique kitchen gadgets, try your hand at whipping up these scrumptious fall foods.

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