Autumn. My favorite season. The colorful leaves, the holidays, the festivals, and the food! For whatever reason, everything just tastes better in fall. From hot apple cider to pies and soups, and everything in between, fall is definitely a contender for the most delicious season of the year. And while we would love to know your favorite fall foods in the comments below, we thought we’d share with you some of ours.

Ready to Eat

We have a lot of useful products on our site, but we also have some ready-to-eat ones, too. Discover some delicious must-haves you’ll be dying to try.

Caramel apple sit next to a caramel apple making kit from Fat Toad Farm

Caramel-icious Confections

Caramel covered apples are a fall favorite. Whether you’re at a fair, festival, or creating a fun snack with all of those extra apples you picked, there’s always room for a “healthy” dessert. Fat Toad Farm began as a family-run goat dairy farm. But when their herd size grew from just two to 25, they decided to try their hand at becoming certified in goat dairy. Since then, they have expanded their dairy collection to include cajeta, a popular caramel sauce from Mexico. Now you can bring cajeta to your home and try it out for yourself. Don’t blame us if you never go back to regular caramel again.

Curious about all the uses of Fat Toad Farm’s caramel sauces? Check out their recipe page here!

  • Bottles of pure maple syrup & maple cream from Wood's Maple Syrup sit on a kitchen counter
  • A bottle of ghost pepper infused maple syrup from Wood's Maple syrup sits next to a roasted turkey
  • A bottle of Bourbon-infused Wood's Maple syrup sits next to a martini
  • A bottle of Rum-infused Wood's maple syrup sits next to a bowl of ice cream

Prepare For Maple Madness

Wood’s Vermont Maple Syrup may be traditionally made, but it’s full of unique flavor. This is because it comes from five generations of syrup farmers who each have added their own twist. Maker Albee Wood’s tactic is to age some of the syrup in bourbon or rum barrels which seem to give it that something extra. You can use this flavored maple syrup in so many new ways—in sauces, for baking, over ice cream, and even in cocktails. Not a fan of the dreaded syrup mess? Try the Wood’s maple cream. All of the deliciousness of maple syrup, but with a buttery texture that won’t drip or make your pancakes soggy.

A Maple sugar cube from Tonewood maple is seen on a counter

More Maple

Maple is so popular during the fall that we like to source multiple options. Tonewood Maple takes a unique spin on the Maple theme by providing not just artisanal syrups, but Maple Cubes and Maple Wafers as well.

A packet of Mediterranean spices from The Zen of Slow Cooking sits on a cutting board next to a Crock Pot

Come Home to Something Delicious

One of my favorite things about fall is the hearty, warm meals you can come home to. Growing up, my mom used to get up early, assemble a meal in the crockpot, and by the time we got home it was ready to eat. The Zen of Cooking Slow Cooker Spice Blends makes putting together meals that much easier. Whether you’re feeling like something Mediterranean, Indian, or smoky southwestern, an all-natural seasoning pack helps you get a tasty meal together, including an easy-to-follow recipe and shopping list.

Pure vanilla extract from The Vanilla Company sits on a kitchen counter next to a mixing bowl

Gourmet Vanilla for a Gourmet-smelling Home

Nothing kicks off the cold season quite like baking. Pies, cookies, cakes, turkeys, you name it, we love to bake it. Get your home smelling like winter by trying out new recipes with The Vanilla Company. You know it’s wintertime when you walk into your home and smell the intoxicating scent of baked goods. When it comes to the finest ingredients and extraordinary recipes, look no further than the Vanilla Queen herself, Patricia Rain. You can find recipes for pies, cakes, breads, sauces, and more here!

SoberDough beer bread mix is seen next to 3 loaves of beer bread made with Blue Moon beer

Dough Not Forget This Bread

Have you ever noticed how our carb intake seems to skyrocket during the holidays? Not only do SoberDough’s artisan bread mixes taste amazing, but there’s an extra level of pride and satisfaction when people ooh and ahh over your bread and then learn with awe you made it from scratch. Well, not scratch. You had a little help from us. But you made it happen!

A person is seen reaching for a handful of Holiday Fried Pecans

Go Nuts For Fried Pecans

Nothing spices up entertaining quite like our gift tins by Holiday Fried Pecans. Created in Louisiana, these treats are 100% organic, gluten-free, and the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and crunchy. These are sure to be a fan favorite as the weather gets colder and can also double as a great housewarming gift.

A box of caramels & toffee from Red Kite sit on a kitchen table

No One Does Autumn Like New England

Vermont offers some amazing things—skiing, foliage, and maple syrup spring to mind. Now let’s add Red Kite’s artisan candy to that list. These caramels don’t stick to your teeth. How? Butter. Rich, European style cultured butter and lots of it! So whether you’re ready to take on the caramel sampler, toffee, chocolate, or any combination of the three, you can rest assured you’re indulging on the highest quality ingredients that ensure the highest quality taste.

Fall Cooking Must-Haves

A perfectly baked apple pie sits in a superstone pie baking dish from Sassafras

A Baker’s Best Friend

Whether you’re relatively new to the baking scene, or a seasoned veteran, Sassafras Superstone Bakers will be your new best friend. If you’ve ever baked with a baking stone before, it’s a game-changing experience. Any goods from fall harvest pie to bread will turn out perfectly with a golden crust, and you’ll be able to hold your masterpiece with pride. Not only do they hold heat better than traditional tin pans, but the unglazed ceramic materials also mimic a brick oven effect. The surface creates a dry, even heat that circulates around your food.

Various spice blends from Curio Spice Co. are seen on a kitchen counter

Curious About Spices?

Appease your curiosity with our Curio Spice Co.’s curated spice sets. From herbs to artisanal salts to grilling—use them in your own recipes this Autumn to give them some unique, spectacular flavoring. The Chef’s pack will excite and please even the most advanced cook you know. And feel free to try out new, delicious recommended recipes via their website!

Unbaked cookies are seen on a baking sheet, having been formed in a Shape + Store cookie shaping tray

Head Starts are Time Savers

Getting a head start on anything is always a great idea. With our Shape + Store freezer storage containers, portioning out foods like cookies, burgers or even sauces can be done in a snap. The only thing you’ll need to do when the time comes is pop out your frozen portions and pop them on the stove or in the oven to reheat for your guests.

Garlic is seen being grated in a teal Grate Plate

Not Just Good, Grate

One of the fall food staples, at least in my house, is garlic. It just adds that little bit of extra savory taste all my comfort foods need. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, chicken, you name it, I probably put some minced garlic on it. The Grate Plate is the best product I’ve found to grate garlic, but it does so much more. Garlic, ginger, nutmeg, hard cheeses, it can grate them all. So simple to use, and beautiful too. This little plate will save you time, energy, and smelly hands all fall long.

An unbaked pie sits on a counter next to ingredients & a Vermont Rolling Pins French rolling pin

Just Roll With It

Now, we’ve given you several great options to cook baked goods in, as well as our best-kept secret for impressing your friends with your bread making skills. But we never gave you a vital tool in the baking process—a rolling pin! Vermont Rolling Pins are by far my favorite and I’ve tried many. With simple lines and ergonomic designs, they’re comfortable and beautifully-handcrafted to last for years of baking projects to come.

Interested in diversifying your baked goods this season? Vermont Rolling Pins’ recipe box has the solution!

Fall foods are the best part of fall. Sure, the apple picking, tree colors, hayrides, and corn mazes are all amazing, but where would they be without the apple pies, hot chocolates, and so many other staples? For me, I do 99% of the fall festivities for the food and I’m sure many of you might have to agree. So this fall make sure your foods are delicious, memorable, and special, and if you’re stuck on ideas, we’re always here to help.

Tell us some of your favorite fall foods and cooking tips in the comments!

Stressed about hosting this fall? Read our tips for cooking for a crowd here!

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