Makers Helping in Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts

After a natural disaster sweeps through a region, attention tends to wane. Reporters wade out of hip-deep water, cameras stop rolling, and forecasts move on to the next week’s weather. But the region remains devastated, and communities must do the only thing they can—rebuild.

Debris needs to be collected. Flooded houses need to be gutted. People need to be fed. They need hope. And we’re proud to say some of our Makers are helping contribute to Hurricane Dorian relief efforts. 

Four Luci by MPOWERD inflatable solar lanterns are seen lighting up a dark space

Providing Light Sources

MPOWERD is currently supplying a simple but powerful mode of hope—light. Sending their inflatable solar lights to areas without electricity, they’re providing a sense of physical and emotional safety. 

Through their Give Luci® program, they’re giving brands, and even you, the opportunity to assist. You can purchase Luci’s to send to those affected by Hurricane Dorian and communities that will be affected in the future.

They’ve also partnered with 17-year-old Salvador Gómez-Colón, the founder of Light and Hope for Puerto Rico. This organization responded to Hurricanes Maria and Irma by providing solar lights and hand-operated washing machines. They’re now doing the same for those affected by Hurricane Dorian. 

A man is seen drinking out of a puddle using LifeStraw's personal filtration straw

Providing Access to Clean Drinking Water

There’s LifeStraw currently on the ground donating boxes of products to The Bahamas. Their personal filtration device gives individuals access to safe drinking water after contamination has begun to spread. They’re also providing large-scale purifiers to serve entire communities for longer periods of time thanks to their Safe Water Fund.

A BioLite Campstove wood-fueled generator is seen charging a phone

Providing Personal Electricity

BioLite‘s founding mission is to serve developing communities. It is currently donating headlamps, solar lights, and cookstoves to those affected through their own Emergency Energy Fund

Workers from All Hands and Hearts are seen standing around a school where their volunteers have helping with hurricane relief

Lending a Helping Hand

We’ve also partnered with philanthropy organizations who are on the ground providing assistance. All Hands and Hearts sends volunteer teams to communities affected by natural disasters. They will soon begin projects for debris removal, sanitation restoration, and school rebuilding

World Central Kitchen volunteers are seen handing trays of food to a community devastated by hurricanes

Feeding Those in Need

World Central Kitchen, an organization that provides meals to vulnerable communities, landed as soon as it could. It’s been feeding families in the area ever since. Celebrity chef José Andrés is providing daily updates of their progress on Twitter and Instagram. 

These Hurricane Dorian relief efforts will continue long after news coverage and seemingly the rest of the world has moved on. Because for these communities, these efforts are vital to rebuilding the only world they know.

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