A Parent’s Guide to Surviving Fall Sports

Chaheati travel heated seat cover

If you’re the proud parent of a kid athlete, fall sports season is right around the corner. Going to your child’s sporting events in the spring and summer is great. The sun is shining and you’re eager to enjoy the beautiful weather. But when the leaves turn and the cool air rushes in, sporting events become an exercise in survival.

Knowing this, there are things you’ll want to have each time a fall game takes a turn toward the miserable. Rather than be caught unprepared, carry these products to survive a fall sporting event in any weather.

Get Warm and Stay Warm

A couple sits perched on a rock at the beach in winter wrapped in a teal puffin blanket from NEMO

Bundle Up for Gametime

Fall means sudden changes in weather and a near-guarantee the temperature at gametime won’t be the same as at the final whistle. It’s going to get cold and you’re going to want to keep warm. Start by keeping the Nemo Queen Size Puffin Blanket in your trunk. This built-tough outdoor blanket has an outer shell made of surprisingly-soft, durable, water-repellent ripstop nylon and stratofiber filling that insulates you. It even has a buttoned pocket to keep feet extra toasty.

A man sits on the sideslines bundled up and staying warm with Chaheati travel heated seat cover

A Portable Heated Seat

At any sporting event, the only thing worse than sitting in the cold is standing in the cold. But the thought of a freezing cold metal bleacher seat is unthinkable. The rechargeable Chaheati Heated Stadium Seat solves two problems, cushioning your bottom and keeping it warm for up to six hours.

A man is seen adjusting a red Hedgehog carbon wind-proof umbrella

Keep the Rain at Bay

Wind can sneak up on you and quickly ruin any fall sporting event. Once it starts howling, the temperature feels 10 degrees lower. It may sound crazy to pack an umbrella to fight against windy conditions, but the Hedgehog Windproof Carbon Umbrella is an exception. It features a carbon- and steel-frame and a patented suspension system to pivot and adjust to the most chaotic of winds. It’s also flip proof so it will stay where you need it to keep the wind at bay and your body warm.

Keep the Stink and Dirt Away

Sports equipment smells bad after being worn for a few games, plain and simple. Any parent of an athlete knows that smell and wants to avoid it at all costs, including keeping it from permeating their car. But have no fear, there are several options for keeping the smells and dirtiness at bay.

A person is seen placing an Ever Bamboo mini deodorizer in a black sports bag

Play Defense Against Unsavory Odors

The first step is to neutralize smells before they invade your space, which means leveraging odor-fighting products. Ever Bamboo charcoal is a deodorizer and dehumidifier for a sports bag or car. Bamboo charcoal absorbs odor, deters moths, prevents mold buildup, and keeps your linens and clothing smelling fresh. Stick one of these in the car and in your child’s sports equipment bag to keep odors at bay.

Women's workout gear is seen laid out on a counter with 2 bottles of Stretch activewear freshening spray

Neutralize Sweat and Odors

Spray workout gear and sports uniforms with Stretch Activewear Freshening Spray to crush odors and sweat on clothing. It breaks down bacteria and neutralizes unwanted scents in places like gym bags and helmets. 

A blue car has its trunk open to reveal tools sitting on a full coverage cargo liner from CarGo Apron

Keep the Field Out of Your Car

Sports equipment obviously gets dirty. Cleats, uniforms, pads, helmets, and gloves show wear and tear even after one game. To protect your car from dirty sports gear, make sure you put a CarGo Apron Cargo Liner trunk liner that keeps the floor, walls, and the backs of the seats covered. It’s durable, waterproof, tear-proof and will keep all the mud and dirt off your car.

Avoid Injuries and a Trip to the Hospital

Protection is important, and while standard pads and helmets usually do a great job of shielding athletes from broken bones and bruises, there are two areas that require a little more care: the mouth and, for boys, the groin.

A football player is seen screaming with a white SISU custom mouthguard in place

A Smart Mouthguard

The SISU Custom Mouthguard with Impact Sensor protects teeth in a more comfortable way. Patented Diffusix™ technology distributes impact to redirect force away from teeth and allows for better airflow when worn. It is also about half as thin as other mouthguards and can be molded and remolded to a perfect, custom fit at home.

A blue youth athletic cup from Comfy Cup lays in the grass next to football gear

Extra Protection for Contact Sports

Boys need extra protection but often refuse to wear a traditional cup. The kid-created Comfy Cup Youth Athletic Cup fits and feels better while providing light-impact protection. Made from flexible, breathable molded foam that contours to the body, and fits little athletes just starting out with contact sports.

Before the temperatures start to fall and you smell autumn in the air, pick up a few of these items to take to any fall sports event, and be prepared to fully, and comfortably, enjoy it.

Hydration is key for any fall sports athlete. Learn how to stay hydrated game after game.

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