There are many ways to show gratitude, but sometimes, thank you gifts are the most effective. Whether intended for coworkers, friends, or family members, these appreciation gifts will quickly demonstrate that you care.

A quilled card with an actual quill on it that says 'Thank You' from Quilling Card

Elevate Your Thank You Card 

If you’re truly looking to make a special individual feel appreciated, you’ll want to combine your gift with a card that says it all. Ordinary cards just won’t do; you need something distinctive that stands out. These handcrafted quilled cards from The Quilling Card are perfect for a variety of occasions, but the thank you edition is especially beautiful. Combine it with one of the other thank you gifts highlighted below to show your appreciation.

A hand-painted flat candle from Flatyz is seen burning on a mantle

Say Thanks With a Beautiful Candle

Candles are always a safe bet for a special gift, but standard options can prove surprisingly pesky. The evenly burning twin wicks of these Flatyz candles self-extinguish once they draw near the base, thereby minimizing the potential for dripping wax. Of course, given the candle’s beautifully painted design, the recipient may not want to burn it at all, but rather, keep it as much-appreciated decor.

A perfectly wrapped package and card are adorned with a silver-plated spoon that says 'Celebrate' from Monkeys Always Look

Amp Up Your Thank You Gift

Whether you intend to give the person you appreciate an edible bouquet, a potted plant, or some other special gift, you can make the present that much more memorable with the addition of a spoon marker. This silver-plated spoon from Monkeys Always Look can easily be incorporated into a variety of thank you gifts to share an important message. While a variety of designs are available, the “thank you” or “thankful for you” spoons are most likely to fit your current needs.

A cup of hot cocoa is seen next to 3 hot chocolate pops from Ticket Kitchen

Easy-to-Make Hot Chocolate For a Cozy Evening

Made in San Francisco, this couverture hot chocolate pops from Ticket Kitchen provides the ultimate in coziness. What could be better than curling up with a cup of hot chocolate? Your thank you gift’s recipient can easily prepare a cup by swirling the Ticket Stick in steaming milk. Choose from several delicious flavors, including dark and milk chocolate or salted caramel. This gift is so enticing, you’ll be tempted to invest in a set for yourself. 

Several good luck bells from Guardian Bells sit on a desk

Give the Gift of Good Luck

Everyone could use a good luck charm, especially when they are handcrafted and made with care in the USA. Guardian Bells’ pewter bells can serve as small thank you gifts for those in need of good vibes. Pet lovers also adore these bells, which can easily be attached to collars. The bells also come in various designs such as graduation, wedding rings, and breast cancer awareness.

Tea towels printed with multiple states printed on them from Vestiges hang from a clothespin line

Artistic Tea Towels with Regional Flair

Useful yet beautiful, towels may be the most underrated means of saying thank you. Featuring vibrant illustrations created by Minneapolis College of Art and Design students, the tea towels from Vestiges will make their mark in any recipient’s home. Each comes with a design reflecting the best of a given state. Whether your recipient resides in Minnesota or Florida, he or she will love the regional specialization of this gift.

3 lavender Spiral Light candles are seen burning on a coffee table next to a bouquet of flowers

A True Visual Delight

A thoughtful gift for anybody who loves the relaxing sight of a candle flickering, Spiral Light Candle’s spiral candle features two unique ways to watch it burn. An outer spiral makes its way around the edge of the candle eventually filling the hollow middle while revealing a second, wooden wick. This one-of-a-kind candle is available in seven enticing scents.

Several jars of Pinch Me therapy dough sit next to a stress relief book

Pinch the Stress Away

Squeeze your stress away by grabbing a handful of therapy dough from Pinch Me. The unique blend of wheat and essential oils will release a soothing scent as it is pinched, pulled, and prodded. It can be stored in the fridge prior to use for a cooling effect. Playing with dough isn’t just for kids, as your gift’s recipient will realize when discovering total relaxation in a pinch.

Bright single-stemmed flowers stand tall in a floating vase from Florida Vase

Highlight Floral Beauty

Give the gift of a revolutionary new way to show off gorgeous bouquets. This floating vase from Florida Vase uses brass pins to support flowers, making them look as if they are growing out of the ceramic base itself. With room for five different flowers, your thank you gift’s special recipient can create a varied, colorful bouquet without the need for a traditional vase.

The anatomy of different beer styles is artfully depicted on ceramic coasters from Dishique

Share Fascinating Drink Tidbits

Beer, wine, and whiskey lovers looking for a new set of unique, informative coasters will love this coaster set from Dishique and talented artist Megan Steffen. Each set comes with four coasters of which each features a breakdown of what makes a particular drink special. They also include an interesting tidbit that will surely impress those enjoying their favorite beverages.

A map of Crater Lake is seen laser-engraved onto a leather notepad from Lake Art

Notepads that Reflect a Love of the Outdoors

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending some quality time out on the lake. This relaxing pursuit is reflected with these gorgeous notepads from Lake Art. Each laser-engraved leather cover features a distinctive lake design rounded out by nearby roads and towns. A great travel companion, this notebook is perfect for jotting down thoughts and plans during road trips that involve kicking back at the lake.

Fruit salad sits on a Maine-inspired map plate from Fish Kiss

Reflect the Love Of a Wonderful State

From Minnesota to Maine, Washington to West Virginia, this map-inspired plate from Fish Kiss features the unique elements that make your state stand out from the rest. Beautiful and highly informative, it’s wonderful for recipients of all ages. The original artwork from creator Anne Klein sets these plates apart from standard dishware, thereby providing a go-to option for special occasions.

A miniature gold smiling monk figurine from Suburban Monk sits on a desk

Bring a Little Levity

Even the most inspired individual will occasionally require a shot of motivation during a busy week. This encouragement is always available when Syd the laughing monk from Suburban Monk is nearby. This lighthearted miniature monk’s silly smile is contagious and will give anybody who needs energy or enthusiasm a quick burst of both. Available in a wide variety of colors, Syd and his two thumbs up can match any office style.

A Texas home metal nightlight from Whimsies is seen plugged in a kitchen wall

A Custom Nightlight

Shine a light on your favorite state with this handcrafted and hand-painted nightlight from Whimsies cut from salvaged steel by Texas designer Pam Firra. There truly is no place like home so it’s only fitting that these nightlights spell it out for anyone who needs a reminder. Designed to fit into any standard electrical outlet, this nightlight can match a variety of decor. 

Tea & cookies sit in a beautifully decorated mug & coaster set from Kamsah

Handmade, Fair Trade Ceramics

Hand-crafted in Tunisia, this intricate mug and coaster set from Kamsah brings delight to each morning. The female creators who craft these wonderful sets are paid fair wages, with ten percent of the proceeds dedicated to the local organizations that support the female crafts community in Nabeul, Tunisia. The microwave- and dishwasher-safe set is the perfect piece for breakfast nooks and coffee tables.

A purple amethyst gemstone cut glass terrarium from Luludi Living Art sits on a wood desk

Deliver a Dose of Green

Terrariums like those from Luludi Living Art bring the beauty of the outdoors to offices and other inside settings. They provide the ultimate token of appreciation. Simple, yet striking, this gorgeous vessel houses pebbles, crystal, and a plant that anybody can care for easily. It’s the ultimate opportunity to show special individuals they matter.

There are opportunities abound for saying “thank you” to those you appreciate most. These thank you gifts provide an excellent start, especially if accompanied by a meaningful message.

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