Take Your Tailgate Party Game to the Next Level

All levels of football season are in full swing, with high school, college, and professional leagues all playing games each and every weekend. That means a weekly opportunity to have a tailgate party for friends and family before and after each game. Here’s our roundup of next-level tailgating gear that makes your get-together stand out in the crowd.

For the Football-Loving Foodie

A man uses MEATER's wireless smart meat thermometer to check the temperature of his grilled steak on his phone

Cook the Perfect Meat, Everytime

Manning the grill usually means being held hostage by it. But with the MEATER wireless thermometer you can stay connected to your food without camping out grill-side. The wireless stainless steel probe reads the temperature of meat and sends you alerts and cooking
times to your phone—even a five-minute warning that it’s almost time to eat.

A DiamondKingSmoker sits on a table next to smoked meats & veggies

The Good Kind of Smoker

Upgrade the standard tailgate party menu from burgers and dogs to smoked ribs and chicken with the DiamondKingSmoker. This BBQ smoker box lets you turn the grill you already have into a full-blown smoker by harnessing the smoking power of wood pellets.

A pizza can be seen grilling on a pizza stone inside Kettlepizza's charcoal pizza oven

Everyone Loves Pizza

Another upgraded (and tasty) food option is coal fired pizza, which is achievable with the KettlePizza Pizza Grill. A stainless steel insert sits on the grill grate and is designed to maintain and circulate heat to cook a crispy pizza in about five minutes.

A man pulls a perfectly shaped burger patty from Shape + Store's Burger Master and gets it ready to cook

Prep Work Makes Stress-Free Fun

Making, freezing, or transporting eight individual burger patties is a snap with the Shape + Store Burger Master. Individual portions pop right out of the tray, as needed and can easily fit into any cooler, taking up virtually no space.

The ultimate New York Yankees fan shows off their team pride while grilling skewers with Sportula's 3 piece BBQ tool set

A Spatula With a Twist

To really show off your team loyalty, grab a Sportula heavy-duty sports or military spatula. Pick one that bears a laser-etched logo from any of the major-league teams and over 140 college teams, or pick a favorite branch of the military. Made from stainless steel and hard maple wood, the spatula is generously sized with a built-in bottle opener that makes it cookout- and tailgate-ready.

Hot and cold salads stay fresh on a picnic table thanks to Oggi's insulated bowls & lids

Keep Your Food Fresher, Longer

You can spend a lot of time in the sun before it gets to be too much, but if you let food do that your guests will be sick before kickoff. The lidded, insulated bowls from Oggi are temperature regulating, so they keep cold dishes cold and hot dishes hot.

A charcoal grill is seen being lit with BBQ Dragon's charcoal grill fan

Let Your BBQ Roar

One of the biggest challenges for any charcoal grill is to get fire going and going quickly. The BBQ Dragon Charcoal Grill Fan is portable, adjustable, and rechargeable, and helps speed up the fire-making process so you can get to the tastier results quickly.

For the Kick-back Champ

A blue camping chair gets an upgrade thanks to Chaheati's travel heated seat cover

The Toasty Seat is the Best Seat

Tailgating can be cold, but the Chaheati travel heated seat pad makes any seat a heated one, cordlessly. You can stay warm anywhere—just charge the battery from home or in the car for hours of use. It’s weather-resistant and durable.

A couple sits perched on a rock at the beach in winter wrapped in a teal puffin blanket from NEMO

Warmer, Happier, Sportier

To make sure all of you is warm, stow the water-repellent, all-terrain outdoor blanket from NEMO in the car. It’s stuffed with a strato-fiber filling that insulates you and compresses for easy packing.

A person charges their phone by the fire with EcoFlow Tech's portable power station

Stay Charged and Ready All Day

Power is always at a premium at any tailgate party, but you’ll have plenty of it with the EcoFlow Tech portable power station. When it is fully charged it will have enough power for 100 hours of light, 10 hours of fridge time, or 20 hours of electric guitar to hold a parking lot concert.

Fans sit comfortably in the stands with red Oniva Picnic Time reclining outdoor seats

Enjoy the Game in Comfort

Seating in a parking lot needs to be portable, but comfortable doesn’t hurt, either. The Oniva Stadium Seat is cushioned with high-density foam that provides hours of cushiony comfort. And because it easily folds up and has a shoulder strap, it can be taken from the parking lot to the game easily.

For the Parking Lot Athlete

Three people play Bean Bag Bucketz' bean bag basket game in a yard

The More the Merrier

The Bean Bag Basket Toss Game by Bean Bag Bucketz features a vertical tower with multiple baskets of varying heights—and values—that lets players choose how much risk to take with each throw. Aim for a safer one-point throw down low, or go for the top level four-pointer.

A group of friends plays Chippo outdoor golf game in their driveway

Pregame the Sports with Sports

The Chippo Outdoor Golf Game combines cornhole and chip shots to make golf accessible for anyone, even non-golfers. Players use a golf club to hit from turf-covered chipping mats into the netted holes. High-density foam balls have true spin and trajectory so they feel like the real
thing, but won’t cause damage on errant shots.

Whether you’re there for the food, the company, or the game, tailgating has something for everyone. So spice up your tailgate party and make sure everyone has a fantastic time.

Tailgating for a more local sports game this fall? Make it more enjoyable with our Parent’s Guide to Surviving Fall Sports!

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