For many of us a cat or a dog is not just a pet, but a member of the family. That’s why it can be so devastating to say a final goodbye to one. Pet memorial gifts certainly can’t replace an animal, but they can bring a grieving pet parent some solace and comfort and let you show your sympathy, too. A memorial gift is also a special way to keep a pet’s memory close even after they are gone.

An impression of a pet's nose can be seen captured in a metal pendant necklace from Precious Metal Prints

Capture a precious print

This one-of-a-kind pendant is actually made from an impression of a pet’s nose. You make with mold with pet-safe clay, and then Precious Metal Prints takes it from there, crafting the impression into a necklace that serves as subtle and sweet wearable memento.

Two paperweights, two sun catchers and a pet memorial ashes glass necklace from TZ Glass by Tari Zarka lay on a table

Handcrafted glass tributes

Artist Tari Zarka handcrafts beautiful one-of-a-kind glass pet memorial gifts that incorporate a deceased pet’s ashes into each piece, like a colorful necklace pendant and suncatcher made with durable borosilicate glass, or a paperweight with a wooden trivet that can be customized with the pet’s name.

A woman is seen hanging a custom digital pet portrait of her Golden Retriever on the wall

Picture-perfect portrait

These stunning high-quality pet portraits are created by a small group of artists in Georgia using archival ink on museum-quality etching paper. You pick the color theme: natural, playful, or festive, and an artist takes it from there to create a unique and engaging portrait. 

A Paw Pods classic pet urn is seen perched in a garden

A living memorial

When a pet is cremated, its remains are typically returned to its owner in a bag. We think this eco-friendly pet urn is a much better idea. It is bio-degradable and comes with a wildlife-seeded memorial card. When both are buried, the seeds will grow into a small memorial wildflower garden. 

A custom date moon phase necklace from Moonglow lays on a bed of moss

A nightly remembrance 

A moon phase necklace offers a unique way to celebrate the life of a departed pet. A special date is commemorated with its accompanying moon phase in a handcrafted pendant that softly glows in the dark. 

Three engraved wallet pens lay on a bed of coffee beans. Inscribed on them are: "I Love You", a seahorse outline, and "The Office 2010"

The write touch

This sterling silver custom engraved wallet pen is small enough to tuck into a wallet without adding additional bulk. Best of all, it can be customized with a beloved pet’s name or a meaningful message. The handcrafted pen is guaranteed to last a lifetime and is artist-made in Vermont. 

Close to the heart

A beautiful personalized pendant like this one can really help a pet parent get through the grieving process. It’s crafted by hand and can be stamped with the name of a departed pet. It is a simple and lovely-looking way to keep a beloved animal close.

Special pet memorial gifts 

A thoughtful gesture can mean the world to someone who has lost a furry companion. These pet memorials gifts are all made to create a lasting way for a pet owner to honor the memory of their beloved animal.

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