Gift-giving isn’t always easy. But that doesn’t mean you have to revert to gift cards and cash every holiday or special occasion. With a little help, you can find sentimental gifts that will be meaningful to the people in your life. We’ve compiled a list of meaningful gifts that’ll make your friends and family members smile for years to come.

A gold and a silver custom coordinates bar necklace from Becoming Jewelry lay on a gray backdrop

A Pointed Point in Time

For many people, there’s one pivotal moment in time when their lives changed forever. Maybe it’s when they got married or when they found out they were expecting. Perhaps it’s when they graduated from college or met the person they planned to be with forever. Each of those moments happens at a single place in time and at one specific spot in the universe, which can be commemorated with hand-stamped location coordinates on a beautiful custom bar necklace.

Two cups of tea sit on a wooden tray that is laser-engraved with the map of Eagle Hollow Lake

Serving Up Someone’s Favorite Spot

More than 6,000 maps are available through Lake Art, a company that produces custom-made serving trays that depict the serenity of beloved lakes and coastal areas around the United States. This is a great way to invite your loved ones to reminisce about those lazy days on their favorite lakes while giving them a utilitarian gift that can serve up wine and cheese when guests are visiting.

A woman is seen hanging a custom digital pet portrait of her Golden Retriever on the wall

Dog Lovers Unite

If your friend has a beloved family member who’s furry and walks on all fours, a digital custom pet portrait will surely make his or her heart leap with joy. Made in Atlanta, GA, these pristine pieces highlight pets’ best attributes and are delivered on museum-quality etching paper. You’ll see each pet’s personality pop right off the digitally-drawn images.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

A gift by itself is good, but a gift that’s a tool is twice as nice. If you’ve been searching for sentimental gifts for him, you’ve found your perfect match with a custom-engraved fish corkscrew. A special kind of wine opener, it features any date, name, or word you’d like to give your gift recipient.

3 different sterling silver custom map pendant necklaces from A.JAFFE lay on a green background

A Map to Their Heart

In most friendships, we travel many roads during our journeys. This sterling silver custom map pendant showcases the turns and valleys one takes over his or her life. And it does it by way of beautiful, custom-made and hand-engraved pieces of jewelry. It’s one of our favorite sentimental gifts for best friends. With it, you can tell the story of where you both came from, how you met, and where you’re going on a pendant that stays close to your heart.

A personalized map love story print from Paper'd Moments sits on a mantle next to flowers and a photo of the couple

The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Pair

Housewarmings, weddings, and engagement parties are just a few of the ceremonies that come to mind for gifting a personalized map love story. The voyage is never simple, but when it’s put into three simple-yet-stunning images, this wall art tells the story of a couple from its very beginnings. It’s something the lucky couple will cherish for many years to come.

Two gold fingerprint cufflinks from Precious Metal Prints are seen next to a gift box

A Wearable Piece of Love

Some gifts are meant to be enjoyed for a moment. But not all of them can go the long haul like these fingerprint cuff links. With just a bit of clay, a single fingerprint can turn into an heirloom that gets handed down generations. Maybe it’s your baby’s fingerprint or perhaps you pass the clay along to his mother who lives far away. Each imprint is individually handcrafted in Knoxville, TN.

A mom is seen tucking baby mementos into a Savor baby keepsake organizer

Something Special for the Little One

Babies come with a lot of stuff, but onesies wear out and diapers get tossed in the trash. What your loved ones really need is something they can hold onto and store all of the momentous occasions. A baby keepsake organizer helps keep everything from a baby’s first tooth to their favorite rattle tucked away in easy-to-access storage folders. And they can easily be stored just about anywhere.

A pet memorial glass suncatcher from TZ Glass is seen hanging in a window

A Fur-ever Pet Memorial

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a pet. But a pet memorial glass suncatcher makes it easier to enjoy each day after our beloved pets have crossed over the rainbow bridge. Each suncatcher incorporates a pet’s ashes amidst a stunning swirl of colors and glimmering hope. Because these pieces are handcrafted, each suncatcher will be just as unique as the pet they embody.

A Colorado state scented candle form no Place Like Home Candles burns on a mantle

No Place Like Home

Maybe her heartstrings have been pulling her back home or she misses where she used to live, state scented candles are a cure for homesickness. Remind her of the places she loves the most with scents of apple cider donuts, warm desert air, or warm, white, sandy beaches.

The name 'Alex McBeath' is seen engraved on a Clayton & Crume leather belt with bridle nameplate

A Belt Made to Last

In all of its simplicity, this leather belt that’s embellished with a bridle nameplate converts a strap of leather into an artful, fashionable design. Made in Louisville, KY, these belts bolster a bit of style. And they do so while holding up the ideas of classic, well-made products that can be personalized.

A photo of a little girl at a stadium sits framed in a Detroit Lions 3D stadium picture frame from StadiumViews

A Homerun Present

If you really want to hit your present out of the park, a 3D stadium picture frame should do the trick. This is a great gift for the guy who has everything and it looks great in dens, living rooms, and basement caves. It’s a special way to help your friends or loved ones celebrate their favorite teams.

A set of personalized hot chocolate spoons from Ticket Kitchen can be seen inscibed with 'Your baby girl always'

Tasteful Timelessness

When it comes to timeless treasures, delicate spoons have always been one of the things that get handed down from generation to generation. Not all spoons are as special as the personalized hot chocolate spoon that comes from Ticket Kitchen. Each spoon is hand-stamped and set in couverture chocolate. Simply swirl them into your favorite hot cocoa and wait for the message to arrive.

Giant wooden yard dice from Yard Games can be seen personalized by The Callaway family

Fun for the Whole Family

It seems like nobody plays games with the family like they used to, but these personalized giant wooden yard dice will change that completely. Your lucky recipient will enjoy hours of family-friendly fun in their own backyard, at the park, or wherever entertainment is warranted.

A personalized skylight shadow print for John & Ellen of Boston, MA can be seen displayed on a wood background

A City of Their Own

Everybody has a place that holds a special spot in their hearts. Personalized skyline shadowboxes are a great way to showcase sentimental memories with wall-ready art. Each piece displays your choice of city as well as a personalized name and date so your loved ones will remember their cherished moments every time they look at it.

When special occasions arise, whether they’re celebrated holidays or individual birthdays, The Grommet is your place for meaningful, sentimental gifts. Take a look at some of our favorite picks today!

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