4 Military Nonprofits to Support This Veteran’s Day

One of our values at The Grommet is promoting “underrepresented entrepreneurs.” They’re Makers facing extra difficulties on top of the already immense challenges of bringing a business to life. One of the groups under this underrepresented umbrella: veterans and military members.

Fundera, a small business loan service, notes, “The small business world would be a shadow of itself without the contributions of military veterans.”

And yet, funding access remains elusive. Luckily, the following organizations have their back. And they’re helping them see their business dreams become a reality and taking that first step back into civilian life.

Bunker Labs – Incubator for Veteran Entrepreneurs 

While serving in the U.S. Navy, Todd Connor learned when you see something that needs to be done and you can do something about it, you don’t think twice. 25% of military veterans want to start a business when they come off of active duty. Bunker Labs serves as a business incubator. Their educational programs, networking events, and online tools help leverage the skills veterans acquired while serving. In doing so, it supplies the crucial elements every aspiring entrepreneur needs.

Patriot PAWS – Training Service Dogs for Veterans

Patriot PAWS trains service dogs to do just about anything an injured vet might need. Everything from pulling a wheelchair to picking up fallen objects to contacting help in an emergency.

Beyond providing companionship and tangible assistance to injured servicemen and women, these pups are also changing the lives of inmates. Their Prison Program empowers inmates to train the dogs. It teaches incarcerated individuals a new, meaningful vocation while letting them give back to the greater good.

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund – Supporting our Returning Soldiers

When our military men and women suffer injuries in the line of duty, they deserve the best possible treatment. The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund makes sure that happens by supporting the research, diagnosis, and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and psychological health conditions.

Operation Homefront- Supporting Military Families

Operation Homefront provides essential emergency assistance and emotional support for our troops, for the families they leave at home while on active duty, and for wounded warriors when they return. Headquartered in San Antonio, the charity provides services through regional branches all around the country. 

Local staff supports emergency financial burdens of military families— including household repairs, relocation assistance, medical bills, and even food and critical baby items—as well as counseling and recovery support.

Today is dedicated to remembering those who served in the line of duty. We hope you join us in supporting the groups that are supporting veterans and those still serving.


  1. Hilary Holland

    Please add The Honor Foundation to your list!

    1. Mike Lovett

      Thank you for the suggestion, Hilary!

  2. Valorie Wrinkle

    How about the Veterans of Foreign Wars? They are a non-profit dedicated to helping all veterans, active military and their families. They also promote patriotism, work with youth in their community and provide scholarships for veterans and students.

    1. Mike Lovett

      We are always looking for suggestions like these, Valorie, thank you!

  3. Thanks for supporting Operation Homefront. They help support us…San Diego Military Outreach Ministries. Formerly (since 1945) a mission of churches, we distribute donated food, baby items, furniture, school supplies and Christmas toys and gifts for children: everything donated to active duty military families in need in San Diego. This is crucial as we are now the world’s largest and least affordble naval base, and families in the first 5 rankes of the Navy are so far below the poverty level that they live on food stamps. We are now supported by churches and synagogues, businesses, charities and private individuals, and we could use any assistance. Thanks!

  4. Donna Delusso

    The Wingman Foundation provides financial and other support for families of service people who give the ultimate sacrifice while flying for the USA

  5. Arlene

    VA Foster Care Program: For anyone wishing to provide a foster home or be a caregiver so a veteran doesn’t have to go to a nursing home check out this new program from the VA at Va.gov/geriatrics. Just beginning in many locations. Recruiting for homes and caregivers so check your area. One article described a family helping several veterans leave their nursing home to stay with them.

  6. Lisa Van Houtte

    Please add the military charity that is fully described at c4foundation.org
    This organization supports navy seal families. Thank you for your consideration!

  7. Gordon Richardson

    Mike, I’d like to suggest you add the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation to your list. Glen was a close friend of our younger son, both of whom grew up in Winchester. He is one of the four who were killed at Benghazi. We know the people who are running the fund, trust them implicitly, and have supported it from the beginning. Thanks for your consideration.

  8. Marianne Plaza

    If you would consider adding Homes For Our Troops. They build custom homes for severely disabled veterans and their families. There is no cost to the veteran of his family. They use over 90% of their funds in the homes they build.

  9. Mike Lovett

    Thank you again, everyone, for the recommendations here. We really appreciate it!

  10. Great suggestions above, I’d also add some organizations that specifically help Women Veterans, like the San Diego Women Veterans Network, Finale Salute, FFWW, etc. http://www.SDWVN.org

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