If you think stocking stuffers are just for kids, please allow us to change your views this holiday season. There are a lot of fun stocking stuffers for adults that can elevate the excitement this time of year. We’ve done some research to come up with the best and brightest options. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of our favorites.

A woman is seen cleaning her glasses using Peeps carbon eyeglass cleaner

A Present for Their Peepers

Anyone who wears eyeglasses knows about the endless struggle to keep fingerprints and random unidentified materials from clouding their vision. The Peeps™ Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner is a great solution for anyone who wants to see clearly through their lenses. Armed with non-abrasive goat hair and carbon-impregnated microfiber, this little gadget will be the gift that keeps on giving to your bespectacled recipient.

A man is seen using a Disc Brand multigrip keychain multitool to fix something

A Do-It-All Device

Forget the idea of a Swiss Army knife because the MultiGrip keychain multitool will put old-school tools to shame. Thanks to the 11 tools it holds within a lightweight casing, this is a great stocking stuffer idea for him. Since it’s small enough to accompany a set of keys on a keychain, there’s no reason for anyone to ever be left without a bottle opener, screwdriver, bike wrench, or wire stripper again.

Fresh cold brew is seen made in a wide-mouth water bottle with a Rumble Go universal cold brew coffee filter next to it

Cold Coffee to Go

This universal cold brew coffee filter fits into a water bottle, making it one of the ideal stocking stuffers for adults. There’s no need for heat so it’s a great grab-and-go option for busy folks. They can sip on their morning java as they start conquering the tasks of the day. It steeps while you sleep so it’s ready first thing in the morning.

A box of Maple Cream goat milk caramels from Bug Picture Farm

Goat-Made Goodness

Candy’s always a good go-to, but how do you find sweets that are more special than everyday delights? You select goat milk caramels from Big Picture Farms. Made with milk from happy, free-range goats and an assortment of local, organic, and non-GMO ingredients, this is one of the stocking stuffer ideas that will definitely put a smile on your loved one’s face. 

A person is seen cleaning the screen of their GPS with a TouchKlean touchscreen cleaner kit from CarbonKlean

Fingerprint-Disappearing Touchscreen Cleaner

With so many touchscreen devices in our lives these days, it’s a miracle we can even see the information living behind the screens. The folks at CarbonKlean aim to fix fingerprint smudges with their TouchKlean touch screen cleaner kit. Dirt, grime, goo, and smudges are easily wiped away, leaving a surface that’s showroom shiny.

A man is seen pulling money out of a brown stick on wallet from Gear Beast

All-in-One Wallet

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for adults, this universal stick-on cell phone wallet might fit the bill. After all, when’s the last time you left the house without your phone in hand? This wallet keeps everything in one place, securing cards and cash right to the back of your phone. 

Fresh ginger is seen grated on a red The Grate Plate

A Kitschy Culinary Creation

Does your friend or loved one get a little crafty in the kitchen? A handmade ceramic grating plate elevates their kitchen experience by offering an easy way to grate fresh garlic or ginger. Get ready for the scents of freshly ground goodness to hit the air.

A white Lasso jewelry organizer is seen holding 2 rings and a necklace

The Never-Tangle-Again Necklace Organizer

Any woman who wears jewelry has likely had a fight with her necklaces at some point in her life. The delicate chains that dangle from one’s neck mysteriously get wrapped up and knotted when they’re not being worn. But with Lasso’s anti-tangle necklace organizer, necklaces stay right how they’re supposed to be—knot-free.

A glass of red wine sits on a table next to The Wand wine filter

The Wine-Drinkers’ Wonder

Do you know someone who loves to drink wine, but often suffers the side effects of headaches, congestion, and flushed skin? The Wand™ wine filter might be just the thing that they need in their stocking this year. These filters don’t affect the taste, color, or aroma of wine. But they do remove up to 95% of the allergens responsible for sometimes unpleasant experiences associated with wine drinking.

Two Life Elements healing honey sticks sit on a bathroom counter

A Stick That Soothes Skin

The Healing Honey Stick is one of those go-to items that everyone should have on hand for just-in-case incidents. It helps with minor cuts, bee stings, insect bites, runners’ heels, diaper rash, hangnails, and so many other ailments that can occur on the skin. You never know when an incident or itchy skin will occur so this stick is a great item to keep in the cabinet all the time.

A white sphere candle is lit by a gold USB rechargeable lighter

The Lighter for Candle Lovers

Here’s a stocking stuffer for adults that appreciate a little ambiance. With The USB Lighter Company’s USB rechargeable lighter, the lucky recipient can easily and safely light a fire with the single touch of a button. It’s 100% USB-rechargeable and contains no flames or toxic butane gases. It’s also great for gas BBQ grills and fireplaces.

A Love, Lori My Solemate 2-in-1 foot scrubber soap is seen in a bathroom next to body wash

Happy Feet

An in-home pedicure is enough to make most women quite happy. And My Solemate 2-in-1 foot scrubber stone is up to the task. On one side, you’ll find a soap that lathers and cleanses the foot. On the other side, a gently exfoliating pumice stone is ready to rub the skin and callouses off the feet. Formulated with a lemongrass scent, it offers a bright, fresh smell that’ll enhance the pedicure experience.

A woman pushes a shopping cart with blue reusable BagPods holding her groceries

Go-Anywhere Bags

From grocery shopping to exercising to lugging stuff to work, it seems like we’ve always got our hands full of something. Thanks to this five-pack of reusable bags, however, the person who opens their stocking to find this gift will have their hands a little freer in the future. The bags collapse into an ultra-portable carrying case that comes complete with a carabiner for easy attachment to grocery carts, keychains, and anything else it might need to be stuck to.

a red CouchCoaster weighted drink coaster rests on a gray couch, holding a cup of coffee

Couch-Inspired Cup Holder

When table space is at a minimum or the only place to put your glass down is “way over there,” watching your favorite show and relaxing after work requires extra effort. Thankfully, these weighted drink holders have the solution by offering a cup holder that sits right on the arm of your couch or chair. It fits all standard mugs, cups, and cans, and even comes with a removable drink adapter for smaller sized drinks.

Close up of a man's navy polka dot tie securing to his shirt with a CLIP OFF magnetic tie stay

Magnetic Invisible Tie Stay

Another one of the great stocking stuffer ideas for him this year is the magnetic, invisible tie stay. This little device keeps your guy’s tie right where it’s supposed to be without interrupting the aesthetics of his outfit.

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for adults, you’ll find everything you need. We invite you to explore our seemingly endless inventory of all things small enough to fit in a stocking.

We know we’re your go-to for Christmas presents, so after you surprise them with an awesome stocking stuffer, why not blow them away with a really cool christmas gift as well!