7 Gifts for Book Lovers They Won’t Put Down

Books might seem like obvious gifts for book lovers, but offering a book can backfire. If the intended recipient likes to read, then they may already have the book you’re offering. Or worse, they may just not be interested in the book.

Avoid this by choosing some different types of gifts for book lovers. Something reminiscent of a favorite book or character. Gifts that assist with reading or make it easy to enjoy quiet reading time will be welcomed by any reader.

A STORIARTS book-themed infinity scarf is seen next to a book

Literary Scarf

From Alice in Wonderland to Sherlock Holmes, quotes from favorite literary characters and beloved books adorn this striking scarf. A true conversation starter, this piece will delight your favorite bookworm with passages from their favorite novels. The screen-printed text takes famous works like The Raven, Peter Pan, and Anne of Green Gables off of the page and into the wardrobe. Thus creating an irresistible gift for English teachers, avid readers, and those who adore the classics.  

A woman is seen using an IF electronic dictionary to look up words as she reads

Electronic Dictionary

What does that word mean? For the book lovers who like tackling advanced texts and classics often encounter words that may not be familiar. While they can stop reading and check their phone, most bookworms won’t want the distraction. This innovative electronic dictionary bookmark is a powerful reference book, in a convenient, easy to use format. Mark pages and check the meaning of words right in the text itself. They’ll love the convenience and ease of use not to mention learning new words and terms, too.

A book is seen open with a pair of glasses and a Book Darts page saver marking their place

Page and Quote Markers

Ask any reader about their favorite book and they likely have a passage or quote to share. If they can find it. These sleek and modern page markers do more than just save a page. They allow the reader to point to specific passages. This makes finding a memorable quote or visiting a passage or plot point a fast and easy task. 

A person wearing a green sweater is seen with a pair of Neckglasses half moon reading glasses around their neck

Folding Glasses

Reading glasses can help make the text easier to see and may be used by people of all ages. Folding spectacles are convenient to carry and use and if you are gifting a book lover. They’ll recognize a beloved character in this particular style, too. Albus Dumbledore, Hogwarts Headmaster, wears glasses that are frequently described as “half-moon,” making these a natural gift for any fan of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World, too. 

Wall art of The Great Gatsby & Peter Pan from Litographs can be seen hanging on a wall

Books as Art

Any avid reader will tell you that books are already an art form. But offering an actual piece of art that focuses on a favorite book or character will delight your favorite book lover, too. Gift ideas for book lovers that let them enjoy a book, even when they don’t have time to read might seem impossible. But renderings of favorite characters, book covers or classic illustrations allow them to show off their favorites works.

A tablet sits suspended in a wearable mobile device stand on a counter with a cooking recipe onscreen

Hands-Free Reading

If you’ve ever seen your favorite reader trying to juggle a book with another task or walking around with their nose buried in a book, this wearable hands’ free stand is the perfect gift. Ideal for cooks, artists, and anyone who wants to read while doing another task, this innovative piece is easy to use and comfortable for the reader. 

Give your favorite book lover a gift they’ll enjoy again and again. A single book is obviously rewarding to read, but when they are done with the story, they are done. Gifts for bookworms that can be used during multiple reading sessions make it easy to get lasting enjoyment from your gift. You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve given a gift they truly love. And they’ll think of you every time they read. 

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