Let’s Stay In: 10 Cozy Gifts For Homebodies

Sometimes you just need a night in, right? For folks who would rather curl up on the couch and get cozy—aka homebodies—than spend a night out on the town, here are ten time-at-home gifts for homebodies you’ll want to reach for.


There is nothing better than curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and a movie. That extra warmth and comfort can help ease stress and up the enjoyment level. These cozy picks are sure to bring that downtime to the next level.

A woman reads on her couch, covered in a Baloo Living weighted blanket

Weighted Blanket

Ever wonder if there’s something cozier than your standard fleece blanket? A weighted blanked (12 pounds) has long been used to help ease anxiety and aid in sleep, and its gentle pressure can make you feel like you’re being thoroughly snuggled.

A woman is seen reading a tablet on the couch wearing a red wearable travel blanket from Smart Blanket

Wearable Travel Blanket

If a weighted blanket feels like too much, this wearable blanket provides lighter warmth from neck to toe. It has cuffed armholes, pockets, and a detachable foot warmer. Once you put it on you might never want to take it off.

A woman is seen reading on the couch covered in a blue, green & beige Shupaca brushed alpaca throw

Brushed Alpaca Throw

For a little extra luxury on the sofa, an alpaca blanket is silky soft and ultra warm. Each Shupaca throw is handcrafted in Ecuador by artisans using traditional wooden looms. It’s also hypoallergenic, lightweight, and breathable to allow for a cozy feeling without getting overheated.


Cozy time is not complete without snacks, but lounging on the couch isn’t really the optimal way to dine. These options make eating and drinking while snuggly an easier endeavor.

A man is seen enjoying a bowl of noodles from a white ceramic udon noodle bowl from Flavour Design Studio

Udon Noodle Bowl

The oversized Udon Noodle Bowl is made to fit comfortably (and be gripped) in one hand. It’s ideal for a big serving of tasty Udon noodles, and it works just as well for other types of soup.

A person is seen opening a bowl of popcorn that has been popped in the microwave using Lékué's silicone popcorn maker

Popcorn Maker

You can’t have a cozy night in without popcorn. The collapsible silicone Lékué popcorn maker means you can easily DIY a tasty snack that’s healthier than store-bought.

An Oreo is seen being dipped into a glass of milk using a Dipr cookie spoon

Cookie Spoon

If you want to get indulgent, few things are more comforting than a cookie dipped in a glass of milk. The Dipr lets you dip away without worry about dropping.

A person presses fresh coffee with Palmpress on a counter next to their breakfast

Single-Serve Coffee Press

A hot cup of coffee means instant warm comfort. A reusable personal coffee press lets you enjoy coffeehouse-quality brew at home, one cup at a time. It’s super easy and takes just three minutes.


Slippers are the ultimate in comfort. Homebodies can’t live without the perfect pair that keep feet comfy at all times. These two options both do the warm-and-cozy job with aplomb.

A woman is seen lounging on the couch wearing crimson chenille slipper socks from PUDUS

Chenille Cable Knit Slipper Socks

Not strictly a slipper, these incredibly cozy socks are the best of both worlds. PUDUS are like pillows for your feet. Plush lining feels super soft and silicone grips on the soles give you traction.

A person steps outside wearing a pair of red SUBU indoor outdoor slippers

Men’s Indoor-Outdoor Slippers

These indoor-outdoor slippers keep feet cozily bundled up when relaxing at home or even dashing out for quick errands. The slip-ons are made with Teflon™-coated nylon that repels water and sturdy rubber soles.

Everyone loves creature comforts, but a true homebody will doubly appreciate these gifts that speak to their favorite thing to do—staying in.

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