How to Practice Self-Care & Renewal In Your Daily Life

How to practice self care has become a hot topic lately, with practically every indulgence under the sun being labeled as “self-care.” But what self-care means to you might be very different than what it means to your friend or neighbor.

What is self-care? It looks different for everyone.  The self-care you need to renew your mind will change along with the season of life you’re in. With that said, we’ve put together this self-care guide to help you find ways to spend time on yourself.

Each of these tips and products gives you space to breathe, relax, and renew. They aren’t all for everyone, but you’re likely to find an idea here that will help you learn to take care of you. 

Capsules of Oleum Vera's DIY face mask kits sit on a counter

Organic Face Masks

These Oleum Vera face masks leave the mixing to you—and ensure that the ingredients of your mask haven’t broken down by the time you choose to use them. There’s something about an old-school face mask that allows you to slow down, relax, and enjoy the process of something while giving your skin some much-needed attention. 

A trio of face masks lay on a counter from Timeless Beauty Bar

Adventure-Friendly Face Masks

It’s easy to skimp on self-care when you’re on the road. Thankfully, you have some solid options—like this 3-pack of face masks from Timeless Beauty Bar. These peel-and-stick face masks arrive in a sleek, barely-there package. Then they leave your skin feeling like it’s received new life after a few hectic days of travel. 

A Sleek Ultrasonic Diffuser

Incorporate essential oils into your everyday routine. This ultrasonic diffuser uses micro-vibrations to create a fragrant mist infused with your favorite oils. It helps you dial in on creating your own perfectly refreshing spa-like moment. Your skin and sinuses will thank you for the infusion of moist air, and your entire body and mind will thank you for the mood-boosting aromatherapy experience.

An epson salt bath bomb from Level Naturals is seen cupped in a woman's hands

The Bath Bomb that Does More than Smell Good 

Ah, the power of Epsom salts. Epsom salts contain crucial minerals like magnesium, which is crucial for muscle relaxation, renewal, and rest. It’s also a common choice for athletes recovering from a grueling workout or game and those dealing with general aches and pains. These power-packed Epsom salt bath bombs by Level Naturals include ingredients like activated charcoal, jojoba oil, and lavender and rosebuds to light up your senses and give your body a break. 

A woman is seen eyes closed breathing deeply from a Clear My Head herbal inhalation jar

An Herbal Inhalation Jar to Clear Sinuses & Soothe Your Soul 

Menthol rubs do the trick, but they also come with a few side effects and unpleasant aromas. Thankfully, there are other options. This herbal inhalation jar allows you to take in a deep breath of herbs to help you breathe easier. The soothing scents are also known to help calm some headaches. So next time you’re feeling the tension building, you might want to slow down and take a deep breath or two. In need of more high-powered care? Mix the herbs with hot water to form a potent steam solution. 

A personal massage oil warming dispenser form Pulse sits on a nightstand with 3 tubes of massage oil

The Massage Oil Dispenser that Eliminates the Mess

There is nothing—really, nothing—like a massage with warm, aromatherapeutic oils. But until now, that’s meant messy bottles and/or oil warmers. Unless you were a pro, you didn’t have a truly user-friendly way to get warm oil onto your hand when needed. Now you can. This massage oil warming dispenser is an unobtrusive addition to your space, and it dispenses perfectly-warmed oil into your palm when you place your hand under the dispenser. Home massage perfection. 

A woman is seen sitting on a chair using Stedi Pedi's home pedicure kit to paint her toes

The Gadget that Makes Home Pedicures So Much Easier

The Stedi Pedi makes it easier to see—and reach—your toes so you can change out nail polish and pamper your feet with more ease than ever before. An attached light and magnifying glass make it easier to see what you’re doing and the comfortable footrest keeps your foot in a position that you can actually reach to paint your nails. 

exfoliating foot mask booties from Baby Foot are seen on a bathroom counter

A Moisturizing Foot Mask to Make Your Feet Happy 

Fighting rough, calloused feet all of the time? This moisturizing foot mask by Baby Foot helps slough off dead skin while saturating your feet with nourishing moisture. It’s easy to apply, too. Just slide your feet into the booties, make sure your feet are fully coated, and relax. Your callouses will peel off painlessly in a day or two. And your feet will be so soft you might not even recognize them. 

A woman is seen rolling a StackedSkincare facial ice roller over her forehead

The Facial Roller that Soothes Inflammation With an Icy Touch

Ever feel like you just need a cold, soothing touch on your forehead, face, or neck? The StackedSkincare Facial Ice Roller makes it easy to soothe and relieve skin irritation and headaches. Just drop a few ice cubes in, and you’ll be good to go—for far longer than a cold rag would last. 

A woman is seen lounging on a couch wearing natural colored Pantuss warming aromatherapy slippers.

The Slippers that Warm & Soothe 

Not all slippers are made equal. These aromatherapeutic warming slippers pack a powerful punch. Heat them up and enjoy the scents of calming herbs. The warm comfort wrapping around your feet will increase circulation and relieve the weariness of the day. 

A woman reads on her couch, covered in a Baloo Living weighted blanket

The Weighted Blanket that Eases Stress

Weighted blankets wrap you in comfort and make your relaxation time more beneficial than ever. And these 15 and 20 lb weighted blankets from Baloo Living make it happen with a 100% oeko-tex 100 standard cotton fabric that feels like pure comfort at first touch. 

A woman is seen laying on a couch reading a magazine with her legs propped up on Lounge Doctor's elevating leg rest

A Leg Rest That’s Doctor-Approved

After a long day on your feet, few things feel as good as putting your feet up. This cooling gel elevating leg rest by Lounge Doctor was designed by a vascular surgeon. It calms and soothes your legs while elevating them to the perfect ergonomic position to maximize blood flow and reduce swelling. 

A person sleeps soundly with Sleep Crown's over-the-head relaxation pillow

The Crescent-Shaped Pillow that’s Practically Magic

You can’t really practice self-care to its fullest if you’re sleep-deprived. The Sleep Crown is an over-the-head relaxation pillow that gently covers your eyes and ears, applying gentle, relaxing pressure, and muffling both sound and light. Each pillow is stuffed with a faux down filling that’s wrapped in three layers of cool bamboo fabric. It might sound strange, but it’s a boon for back sleepers in need of deeper rest. 

A woman is seen putting toothpaste on her Brilliant Lumi sonic powered toothbrush

The Electric Toothbrush That’s Unlike Anything You’ve Seen 

You won’t ever want to skip brushing your teeth once you get your hands on a Brilliant Lumi Sonic Powered Toothbrush. This bad boy features 360 degrees of soft, gum-friendly bristles that move at 18,000 brush strokes per minute. Your teeth and gum line will be cleaner than ever before, and features like an LED light and timer are just what you’d expect from a product designed to make your life easier. 

Why is self-care important? Because we spend most of our lives on the go. We give to others, work for others, and get the mundane stuff done. It’s crucial to work in time to slow down and refuel your body and soul in the midst of the most hectic of days. Struggling with how to practice self care? Write it into your schedule. Set an alarm. Systematize it. And then sit down, free of obligation for just a few moments, and make the most of it in whatever way makes sense for your life. 

Now that you’ve mastered how to practice self care, learn how to be more mindful.

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