The Father Of All Gift Guides: 15 Cool Christmas Presents for Dad

He’s always been there and you know him well, but he may also be the toughest person to buy for. When you’re trying to decide what to get Dad for Christmas, thinking about the things he enjoys will give you some great ideas. You can start with our list of unique and cool Christmas presents for Dad and have fun finding him the “just right” memorable gift. 

A woman is seen cleaning her glasses using Peeps carbon eyeglass cleaner

High Tech Eyeglass Cleaner

Small but mighty, the Peeps Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner will make sure he sees clearly all the time. Whether he’s a woodworker, loves solving puzzles, or is a dedicated reader, he’ll love having crystal clear lenses and vision. Specially designed microfiber pads infused with carbon make it easy to restore lenses to their original pristine glory. If smudges and fingerprints just won’t go away, then he won’t believe the difference this small but powerful piece can make.

KeySmart's Tile Smart location key organizer pairs with the Tile app to help you locate your keys

Smart Key Chain

He’ll never run late because of missing keys again. The KeySmart Pro Tile Organizer makes them almost impossible to lose. If he has too many keys jingling around, this Bluetooth-equipped organizer will be a huge hit. Add to his stocking and you’ll give a gift that keeps on giving.

A man in a plaid shirt pulls a leather front pocket wallet from Rogue Wallets out of his pocket

Front Pocket Wallet

It’s better to carry your wallet in your front pocket for safety and comfort. But most men’s wallets are too large and boxy to fit. This Leather Front Pocket Wallet makes it easy to keep your money and materials safe. And it slips perfectly into his front pocket. He’ll love the novelty and convenience and be the first on the block to adopt this unique style wallet. If he’s still using a velcro model from the 90s, this is a big upgrade.

3 fully-adjustable leather belts from Mission Belt are displayed in a box

Tactical Mission Belts

A belt that can be resized as needed and offers a new take on the traditional belt model is a great everyday gift. The Premium Belt Gift Box upgrades his wardrobe of accessories and gives him plenty of options. Tactical and dress belts are designed for every occasion and can be trimmed to fit his custom size. If he hasn’t upgraded in a long time, this premium set will be a welcome addition to his wardrobe.

A man holds an engraved stainless steel comb from Chicago Comb Co  in his hands

Stainless Steel Comb

A far cry from the typical plastic piece, this custom-designed comb is more than a styling tool. It is a piece of art. Elevate his routine with the No. 1 Stainless Steel Comb, a unique and artful gift for any stylish father. For the dad who has everything, this piece features a durable leather casing and modern details that are sure to please.

A beautifully handcrafted Tiger Wood razor handle and stand from Imperium Shaving sits on a bathroom counter

Sustainable Designer Shaving

Made with care from sustainable wood and unsurpassed craftsmanship, this striking shaving set features a universal handle that matches with every major brand on the market. The matching stand makes the piece a delightful addition to any bathroom or changing space. The Imperium shaving handcrafted razor set is designed to last and is a true statement piece for the fashionable father who has everything.

BottleKeeper insulated beer bottle holders sit on a table with snacks

An Insulated Beer Bottle Holder

Beer is good, but crisp, cold beer is great. Make sure his brew stays chill and at just the right temperature, no matter what the weather is like outside. More than just a cheap foam cozy, this robust metal casing is designed to keep his beer at optimal temperature for hours. It even has a lid to protect the contents. Pick up the Insulated Beer Bottle Holder for your suds-loving dad and he’ll have something he can use all year round.

A wooden five-layer stadium wall art from StadiumViews of Ohio State's stadium sits on a table

3D Stadium Wall Art

Showcase his favorite team in a fresh new way. Each delightfully detailed piece of 3D stadium wall art features a different noteworthy sports stadium or team. This unique gift is perfect for the father who loves sports and can be shared on the wall at home or the office.

Skewers of grilled shrimp and veggies sit on a serving platter, skewered y the stainless steel slide & serve bbq skewers from Proud Grill company

Elevate His Grill Game

Anyone can shove some meat on a stick, but these BBQ Metal Skewers elevate this humble work to an art form. Each skewer features a modern design and allows for meats and veggies to be grilled evenly and served directly from the grill. Pick up these unique Christmas gifts for the dad who loves to cook and you’ll benefit the next time you visit for a barbeque.

A group plays Chippo Golf in a driveway

The Ultimate Backyard Game

Appeal to his competitive side and let him practice his favorite game at home. Your golfing dad will enjoy chipping away every day and improving his game, too. The Chippo Cornhole Golf Game combines the best of both worlds—the fast playability of cornhole and the expertise of chipping.

A man is seen relaxing his neck in a Neck Hammock in his bedroom

Neck Hammock Stress Buster

If your dad has a high-stress job, he likely feels it in his neck and back. The innovative design of the Neck Hammock Pain Relief Device allows for comfortable, cramp-free positioning and true rest. If you want a unique gift that will delight him and soothe his aching joints too, this is the thing to give.

A variety of foods are seen cooked in front of the Uuni Pro multi-fueled outdoor pizza oven

Outdoor Pizza Oven

It’s pizza time! Upgrade his barbeque and take summer picnics to the next level with the Uuni Pro Multi-Fueled Outdoor Oven. Designed to heat up to a whopping 900 degrees in seconds, it can cook a whole pizza in about a minute. If he loves to cook, this makes an ideal addition to his repertoire.

A tray of roasted veggies is seen being pulled out of the oven using Grill Armor gloves

Grill Armor

Hot stuff is easy to handle with these heat blocking grill gloves. Grill armor gloves are designed to withstand high temperatures and let dad showcase his cooking skills without getting burned. If he loves to grill and has everything then these unique gloves will be a surprising and welcome gift this year.

A man changes the position of his Yard-X 5-in-1 garden multi tool

Garden Multi-Tool

Turn dad into the MacGyver of the garden with this 5-in-1 garden multi tool. He’ll be able to tackle trimming, harvesting, cultivating and more in a single swoop. He’ll love having this unique and cool garden tool at his disposal.

A Hunter & Gatherer American flag spatula & tongs set rests on a cutting board next to steaks grilling

Fire Up His Grill Game

Elevate his barbeque game with this stunning American Flag Spatula and Tongs Set. The right tools can turn a simple meal into a stunning creation and these mahogany beauties deliver. Designed to showcase his patriotic spirit and grilling talents, these unique tools will be a welcome addition to his cooking lineup.

Whether he is truly the “dad with everything,” has a favorite hobby, or loves quirky, fun design, he’ll love one or more of the original Christmas presents for Dad on this list. Make this the year you give Dad a unique and memorable gift he’ll love.

Not seeing the perfect Christmas present for Dad yet? Let us help! Whether you’re shopping for a New Dad, or looking for a way to spend more time with your old man, we have options you might just find irresistible.

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