Gifts For the “I Just Want to Spend Time with You” Dad

From Father’s Day to his birthday, sometimes the only gift that Dad wants is the gift of time together. The experiences, moments, and laughs you share are often the best gift of all. So make time to make some memories. Spend the weekend. Start a fish tale. Hit the links. These functional and sentimental gifts for Dad will help make sure everyone has a great time.


The Catch Of The Day

If Dad’s the original big fish—in the family and on the lake—then grab that canoe, a cooler, and this silicone jig organizer for a day of fishing together. With this handy anchoring system, Dad can find just the hook he’s looking for quickly and easily. 

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Leave The Bag In The Car

Done fishing and ready to play a few holes? Now Dad has his own personal caddy with this golf club carrier, perfect for a par-3 course or in cart-path only areas. It’s easy to carry and holds up to six clubs and three tees. It even stands up between rounds. 

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Instant Ambience

Reminiscing about sitting by the campfire with Dad when you were a kid? Flikr‘s tabletop fire pit can provide the same campfire camaraderie as a traditional one but in a sleeker and cleaner way. Pour rubbing alcohol inside the cement pit and light it up for about an hour of smoke- and soot-fire fireside ambience, inside or outdoors.

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Make A Connection

For competitive dads and dads who love to play games—maybe yours is both—this jumbo take on a classic four-in-a-row game gets the fun started in a big way.  The oversized game board is made from wood so it’s outdoors-ready, and it’s a great addition to a cookout, party, or just one-on-one hang time with Dad.

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Friends palying Chippo Golf in their driveway

A Chip Off The Old Block

In keeping with the outdoor game theme, Chippo Golf combines two popular games — cornhole and golf. Dad can use his own club and though there are rules and a scoring system, it’s just as much fun to make up ways to play or even practice chip shots.

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Build It Together

If Dad loves to build, a model kit from UGEARS will keep his hands happily busy, and it’s a great way to spend time together. Flat, laser-cut plywood pieces take shape piece by piece, and once a motorcycle, locomotive, or submarine is complete, it can move.

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AERIX Drones VIDIUS HD Video drone, take videos in HD quality up high or down low

Palm-Sized, High-Flying Fun

The modern-day model airplane is the drone. The Micro Quadcopter Drone fits in the palm of his hand, but its high-flying fun is far from small-scale. You and Dad can co-pilot this lightweight and nimble drone that can fly for up to five minutes with a 100-foot range, indoors or outside.

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When you get right down to it, all Dad—or Grandpa or that favorite uncle—really wants is to spend time with the folks they love (that’s you!), and these gifts are all great additions to quality-time moments.

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