Home Office Essentials: How to Set Up Your Home Office For Success

From small business owners to remote employees, professionals increasingly spend their most productive hours at home. The most effective among them have dedicated home offices where they can accomplish essentials on their to-do lists in record time.

Designing a productive workspace is easier said than done, however. Below, we provide valuable suggestions — including home office essentials— to get your dream office up and running.

What Essentials Does Every Home Office Need?

Home office essentials will look a little different from one setting to the next. A lot depends on what you hope to accomplish and which tools will help you achieve ambitious goals. The following items are especially essential.

The Right Desk

Choosing a desk can prove surprisingly difficult—especially if you’ve always relied on your workplace to make that decision for you. Begin by considering the logistics of your office. Big desks with ample shelf space can work well in some offices. But smaller rooms may call for more subtle options such as unobtrusive corner desks.

As you think about your ideal desk, consider whether you want to bother sitting in the first place. Standing desks are a big deal in modern workplaces—and increasingly, they’re taking over home offices. Any additional moment you can spend upright will ultimately benefit your health and wellbeing.

A man is seen standing on an ErgoDriven anti-fatigue standing desk mat while working

Keep those Feet Fresh

A standing desk alone is not enough, however. You’ll also want proper support to limit fatigue throughout the day. For that, there’s the anti-fatigue standing desk mat from Ergodriven. It provides excellent cushioning to fight stiffness and aches brought on by long periods of standing. 

Men & women are seen standing on balance boards while working in an office

Conquer the Work/Life Balance

If you’re ready to amp up your standing desk experience, alternate your regular mat with a balance board. The balance board from FluidStance promotes subtle movements and includes a rocker base that provides an extensive range of motion.

How to Set Up Your Home Office

Once you’ve decided which items to include, it’s time to bring everything together for the ideal office environment. This means creating a design that allows you to focus while also making it possible to feel your best. Keep the following in mind as you get started.

A man is seen standing while working on his laptop, which is attached to a window-mounted standing desk from DeskView

A Window View

Where you place your desk matters. The ideal location will depend on the size and layout of your office, as well as your personal preferences. If you find outside views inspiring, you’ll want to work near a window. Lovely views can be supplied by the DeskView window-mounted standing desk, which is easy to mount and adjust.

A man stands at his desk and works on his computer using a 3-tiered standing desk

A Desk that Adjusts to You

If you’re more productive away from the window, consider the adjustable standing desk from Uncaged Ergonomics. It can be situated virtually anywhere in your home office. A spring-lifting mechanism allows this desk to easily move up and down as needed, thereby ensuring the perfect positioning.

A black ChargeHub Powerstation 360 is seen charging 5 different devices

Cord Management

Once you’ve determined where your desk and devices will go, you’ll want to come up with a cord solution. Without a proactive approach, it’s simply too easy for cords to get hopelessly tangled.

In all likelihood, you’ll also need some sort of charging station—especially if your home office lacks conveniently-located outlets. The ChargeHub Powerstation 360 can help by simultaneously charging up to ten devices. A round design combined with wall-mounting functionality allows this tool to prevent the usual jumble of cords. What’s more, this office essential provides valuable surge protection.

Heating and Cooling Considerations

Heating and cooling are among the most frequently forgotten essentials for home offices. Traditional workplaces are climate-controlled, but not all those who work at home enjoy the use of reliable HVAC systems. If you’re constantly sweating or shivering, can you really expect to accomplish much at home?

An EvaPolar 3-in-1 cooler is seen being used on a desk amongst desk clutter

Help Keep Your Cool

Thankfully, the right tools can keep you comfortable all year long. In the summer, the evaporative 3-in-1 cooler from Evapolar will keep you cool as you tackle your checklist.

A person is seen working at their desk with a GeekHeat personal heater keeping them warm

Turn Up the Heat

When you’re cold, you don’t have to bundle up in sweaters. Geekaire’s mini space heater can be placed right on your desk to provide instant warmth. The space heater also includes a built-in fan to ensure the perfect temperature.

How to Make Your Home Office More Productive

The most beautiful home office will do little good if you struggle to keep up with your work. An ideal home office promotes productivity. This is best achieved by creating a peaceful office that is largely free of distractions. This begins with establishing a clutter-free environment. From there, you can add personal touches to make your office more inviting. 

Notes are seen scribbled on a Think Board reusable idea surface, which is stuck to a wooden table

A Place to Record Ideas

Of course, while clutter is best avoided, you’ll still want somewhere to jot down your most impressive ideas. Instead of relying on scraps of paper, consider harnessing the creative power of Think Board’s reusable idea surface. Capable of adhering to a variety of surfaces, it can be placed on your desk or anywhere else in your office. Jot down your best ideas and wipe off the board when you’re ready. 

A wax warmer from Happy Wax sits next to a box of wax melts on a desk

Put the “Home” in Home Office

While clutter is best avoided, your office still requires a few personal touches. After all, you should look forward to— not dread —spending time in this space. Think creatively about ways you can add hints of comfort without prompting excessive distractions. A tabletop wax warmer from Happy Wax, for example, can infuse your space with delightful scents. 

Pour over coffee is seen being made in an elegant Grosche coffee brewer system


Face it: after a night of minimal sleep, you are completely dependent on coffee to get you through the day. Caffeine is much more important when you’re at home, where you will constantly be tempted to take naps. The less effort you have to go through to procure that miraculous cup of coffee, the better. And lucky for you, the pour-over coffee system from Grosche can be kept in your office for instant access.

While these home office essentials will help you get established, your ideal space will ultimately depend on your unique needs. Take some time to determine which elements are most important. And don’t be afraid to experiment with different arrangements until you find something that works.

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