Happy National Potato Chip day, everyone. Mmm, potato chips. Who knew so much crispy and salty goodness could be combined in one snack? As tasty as they are, chips— particularly store-bought ones—aren’t always the healthiest choice. That’s where Mastrad’s Top Chips Microwave Healthy Chip Maker comes in to save the crunchy day.

This handy tool makes it super easy to whip up healthy homemade potato chips at home. You can even make non potato chips. Here’s how.



Pick your veggies

Potatoes are a classic choice for chips, and we think homemade sweet potato chips are just as delicious. But why stop with spuds? Use this microwave chip maker to try kale, beet, and carrot chips, or get fruity with apple or pear chips.



Slice away

Use the mandolin that comes with the set to slice uniform pieces. Remember, the thinner the slice, the crispier the chip. Now lay all those slices on both tiers of the chip maker and pop the whole thing in the microwave. No added oil or fat needed here. (We said healthy, remember?)



It’s snack o’clock

Three to five minutes in the microwave and, boom! You’re ready to get snacking. How easy was that? Easy and tasty—our two favorite things.


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