While spring is an ideal time for cleaning out and freshening up your space, it can also be a great moment to greenify your day-to-day routine. Here are few quick tips and eco-friendly finds that do the trick nicely, even after spring has sprung.



so long, single-use plastic bags

Did you know that a trillion single-use plastic bags are used each year? Say no to that throw-away lifestyle with reusable silicone bags that can do way more than hold snacks—and that can go from the pantry to the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. Stasher silicone storage bags are a multi-functional, durable, and endlessly useful alternative to single-use bags.



Ditch throw-away face wipes

Wipe away the day (heck, wipe off every day) with one makeup removing cloth. It wicks away makeup, dirt, and oil with just water, and it does it gently and effectively—and it’s reusable, too.



Shop smarter with reusable bags

We all have good intentions of bringing our reusable bags to the store with us, but they are so easy to forget—and a pain to carry around. This sturdy, reusable bag set clips onto a shopping cart and keeps a bevvy of bags neatly contained.



Cleaner soap, cleaner clothes

Do you even know what’s in your current detergent? Buckaroo Organics turns to nature with their earth-friendly laundry alternative that is biodegradable and Made in the USA. The secret is soapberries, a naturally-occurring hypoallergenic fruit that targets dirt and softens fabric. An easy swap to make, don’t you think? Plus, soapberries just sound more fun to use.


Small changes, like going reusable and plastic-free when possible, can have a big impact on your life and in the world. Awareness is the best place to start, and with these earth-friendly goods in your arsenal, you can take the next steps to green your daily routine.


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