Don’t confine your spring cleaning sprint to inside the home. Our cars are often homes-on-the-go for commuters and carpooling parents–and can show the wear of that lived-in kind of life. Spruce up your ride with car cleaning products that will get things sparkling-clean, inside and out.


Step One: Clear out the trash

We’re talking take-out wrappers, parking tickets, empty to-go cups, and half-eaten snacks. See? Looking better already.



Step Two: The nitty-gritty

You might not need all of the 10 pieces in Satto’s minimalist cleaning kit, but the surface wiper, brush, and dustpan can all help tackle cleaning up the dashboard and interior.


Next hit dusty and crumby upholstery, even in those tough-to-reach crevices, with a handheld portable vacuum from Make Lemonade. It’s sized to fit in a cup holder or glove compartment for easier on-the-go cleans.


Step Three: Touchy, touchy

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The touch screen on your car’s dash is likely smeared with smudgy fingerprints. Swipe that grime away with TouchKlean Touch Screen Cleaner Kit. Bonus: it can do its carbon-cleaning magic on your phone screen and GPS device, too.


Step Four: Time to shine


Hit the inside and outside of windows with LifeHammer’s car window cleaning kit that combines a sponge and squeegee. Winter bonus: it works as an ice scraper, too.



Polish your car up for the perfect finishing touch. Persik’s ultra-microfiber car cleaning kit cloths are antibacterial and can absorb up to five times their weight in water, dirt, and dust. They’re non-scratch, too, and treat windows to a streak-free finish.

Sure, it might not sound like a terrific way to spend a sunny day, but trust us, the next time you get into your car and it’s—gasp!—neat as a pin, you will be so glad you spent time making it a clean machine.

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