A boom in “nature and survival” reality television shows has motivated people to get outside to hike, take camping trips, and even go on their own “survival” missions. If you’ve got a Bear Grylls fan in your life, any one of these gifts for survivalists will certainly fit the bill this holiday season.

A man is seen drinking out of a puddle using LifeStraw's personal filtration straw

Personal Water Filter

Out in the wilderness, water can become the single biggest factor in surviving, but oftentimes it can be hard to come by. LifeStraw utilizes advanced hollow fiber technology, a highly efficient method of filtration, to allow for drinking water from nearly anywhere, including streams.

A person is seen making chili in the woods in a Bear Minimum collapsible cook pot

Collapsible Outdoor Cooking Pot

When camping outside you have to travel light, which means a full kitchen can’t go with you. Survivalists can instead tuck a compact, lightweight Bear Bowl into a pocket. The durable Teflon surface folds and snaps together for campsite cooking, eating, and easy cleaning.

Meat is seen grilling on a Casus eco-friendly biodegradable grill

Instant Biodegradable Grill

An alternative cooking gift for the survivalist, this eco-friendly instant grill does the same job as its aluminum counterpart, but in a disposable way. The cardboard frame quickly assembles and bamboo charcoal briquettes heat up in five minutes and stay hot for an hour.

A fire burns easily in the background thanks to Stokes natural firestarters

All-Natural Firestarters

Of course, before any survivalist can cook anything, they need a fire. These all-natural firestarters get flames going quickly and easily without using any accelerants or kerosene. Light one under charcoal or wood to start a fire in no time.

Woodland campers shield their fire from wind thanks to Campfire Defender's safety cover

Campfire Safety Cover Pro Kit

Once the fire is started, it’s best to protect it from the elements. The Campfire Defender is a large vented campfire cover that keeps embers warm for up to eight hours and protect fires from the elements.

A man is seen using a Muncher spork multitool from Full Windsor to eat in the woods

The Muncher Titanium Spork

It’s easy to forget that there is no utensil drawer in the wild and plastic is never good enough. The Muncher packs a punch with 10 functionalities, primarily a spork to eat with but also a can and bottle opener.

A black SlideBelts survival belt is seen on a table

Survival Belt

The SlideBelt might not be Batman’s utility belt, but it’s close. Made of nylon, it features an integrated folding knife, bottle opener, LED flashlight, and fire starter rod. It also allows for a perfect fit with a no hole approach.

A black Survival Axe from Innovation Factory sits on the ground

Survival Axe

Perfect for a multitude of outdoor survival tasks, the Trucker’s Friend is a multi-tool that combines the functions of an ax, a claw hammer, and a crowbar all in one. It’s perfect for cutting or chopping wood, branches, or even your dinner.

A person holds a Pocket Monkey RNGR ultra-thing foldable pocket knife in the palm of their hands

RNGR Pocket Knife

Something sharp is a must-have for any survivalist and PocketMonkey is the thinnest pocket knife ever designed. The blade can be easily removed for replacement or easy travel, making this the ultimate on-the-go pocket knife.

A person is seen fixing a bike using Lever Gear's pocket multitool

Pocket Multi-Purpose Tool

Another tool that’s small but packs a big punch is this handy wallet tool that can tighten, cut, measure, and open things. It even has an add-on money clip and is roughly the same size as a credit card, making it easy to carry.

A person lights a spark with Outdoor Element's flint multi-tool carabiner

Flint Multi-Tool Carabiner

Every survivalist needs a carabiner to hang things from, especially a backpack, so why not get one that doubles as a tool? Outdoor Element’s carabiner includes a low-profile fire starter a bottle opener, utility blade, and screwdriver.

A man is seen sitting by the fire wearing a green Selk'bag wearable sleeping bag suit

Wearable Sleeping Bag Suit

The elements can change quickly, which means any survivalist has to be prepared to get warm, and quickly, even without a fire. Selk’bag is a wearable sleeping bag that has been designed to give maximum comfort and warmth while also allowing the wearer to move around freely.

A BioLite CampStove wood fueled generator is seen burning in the woods and charging a phone

Wood-Fueled Generator

Survival or not, oftentimes you need power out in the woods for a phone, Bluetooth speaker, or even lights. This camping power supply station lets you cook, get heat, and charge devices by turning twigs, leaves, and other biomatter into heat and electricity.

A phone is seen being charged using Chargetab's single-use emergency phone charger

Single-Use Phone Charger

There are no plugs out in the wilderness and no place to charge a dead phone, even in an emergency. Chargetab™ pre-charged battery pack is an essential tool that will power a device for up to four hours of talk and text.

A man is seen breaking a car window using INGEAR's autoXscape car emergency multi-tool

Car Emergency Multi-Tool

Sometimes survival isn’t about being in the wilderness, it’s about getting out of a bad situation, like a car accident. The autoXscape car emergency tool has two steel window breakers and a built-in seat belt cutter, as well as a flashlight that can function as an SOS light.

A person is seen breaking a car window using RapidX's Xscape safety dual usb car charger

Safety Dual USB Car Charger

If you’re looking for an emergency tool that also doubles as a charger then this is the one. The Xscape car charger contains a safety cutter that slices through seat belts, and a hammer made to easily shatter car windows in the case of an emergency.

A FLEXiT flexible solar LED task light is seen sitting on a rock

Flexible Solar LED Task Light

Lights are typically a luxury in any outdoor situation, given that they usually don’t last. Survivalists will love the FLEXiT Flashlight, which is a dual-charging, solar flashlight. It can wrap, stand, or hang just about anywhere and best of all charges with sunlight so it can always be on.

Any of these survival and emergency tool ideas will make the perfect gift for survivalists in your life. You can also feel good about getting them something that could potentially get them out of a jam on their next excursion.

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