Rise and Grind: 13 Gifts for Young Professionals that Make Office Life Better

If you’ve got an up-and-coming working professional on your gift list this year, know that they’re probably in the office more often than not. Give them something that will elevate their at-work experience so their time spent on the job is time better spent—and that will gain you the status of a gifting boss.

Men & women are seen standing on balance boards while working in an office

Plane Standing Desk Balance Board

It’s hard to stand still in a cubicle all day long. A standing desk balance board keeps the body as alert as your mind. Having to subtly balance while working can increase energy expenditure and improve posture. More benefits make this a great gift for young professionals.

Two Passion Planner undated goal planners sit on a desk

Undated Goal Planner & Daily Organizer

Organization is key for any professional, but traditional planners often don’t allow for personal reflection and creativity. Passion Planner is set up to capture thoughts, action plans, and to-do lists. There is also room to journal, sketch, and commit to a daily and weekly focus.

A woman wearing TOMS is seen using a Cubii under desk elliptical at work

Cubii JR Under Desk Elliptical

It’s often hard to work out AND work in one day, but Cubii lets you sneakily do just that. This under-desk workout machine lets you pedal away while seated and on the job.

Time Traveler charges your iPhone and apple watch all at once thanks to a wireless battery bank

iPhone & Apple Watch Battery Bank

Road warriors know that keeping devices charged up when on the go is key. Time Traveler can charge a smartphone and smartwatch at the same time, making it doubly useful.

A Feya soy candle sits on a table next to a bouquet of fresh flowers

All-Natural Soy Wax Candle

A pure soy wax candle from the Feya Candle Co can help an office space smell lovely and it gives back, too. Each candle means a meal given to someone in need around the world.

A coffee mug, glasses & a laptop are seen resting on a DeskView window-mounted standing desk

Window-Mounted Standing Desk

It’s not easy sitting down all day, which is why many offices are converting to standing desks. Turn a window into a standing work station with DeskView. It’s an adjustable and portable solution that mounts securely to glass with industrial-grade suction cups.

A man is seen walking and drinking from his THERO temperature-controlled travel mug

Temperature-Controlled Travel Mug

Any professional, particularly young ones, love coffee. The Thero travel mug cools piping-hot coffee down to an ideal 140 degrees in minutes and then keeps it there for up to five hours.

Fresh cold brew is seen made in a wide-mouth water bottle with a Rumble Go universal cold brew coffee filter next to it

Universal Cold Brew Coffee Filter

Not all young professionals can afford a daily coffee shop habit. Rumble Go is a cold brew coffee filter that fits in an existing water bottle so you can brew and take it to go, all in one. It takes less than a minute to set up and then steeps while you sleep.

Close up of a man's navy polka dot tie securing to his shirt with a CLIP OFF magnetic tie stay

Magnetic Invisible Tie Stay

When work calls for a suit and tie, CLIP OFF is a perfect fit. The tie magnet is a modern approach to the tie stay, the ultimate practical gift for necktie wearers. It clips on and keeps a tie in check in a stealthy way.

Iced coffee is seen in a glass with a blue koffiestraw next to a laptop

Reusable Silicone Straws

A sustainable straw that also helps keep teeth free from stains is a win-win. KoffieStraws have an oval shape that fits into to-go cups and travel mugs and keeps the flow of hot or cold drinks to the just-right amount—and away from teeth.

A person is seen turning on their GeekHeat personal heater

Personal Ceramic Heater

Offices tend to be chilly, but with GeekHeat folks can keep their immediate space toasty. Things feeling a little too warm? Switch to the built-in fan for on-the-spot personal cooling.

An iPhone is seen mounted to a car vent using Sqaure Jellyfish's car vent phone mount

Car Vent Phone Mount

Save an always-on-the-phone young professional from themselves with a smartphone holder that frees up hands in the car. A spring-loaded grip securely holds a phone and a pivot ball tilts and rotates to get the just-right position.

A man in a blue shirt is seen wearing a pair of black Trez Air headphones by Aftershokz

Trekz Air

Headphones are a must-have in a busy, noisy office space. AfterShokz use bone conduction technology that sends audio signals through cheekbones, bypassing ears completely. That means you can still hear the world around you while listening to music or taking a call.

Starting a career can be an exciting but challenging time. With one of these clever gifts for young professionals, you’ll make their work-life a little bit better so they can focus on conquering that daily grind.

Is your young professional a recent grad? These practical grad gifts will better prepare them for the real world.

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