Travel enthusiasts adore the rush of excitement that accompanies international exploration. They’d love nothing more than to receive the gift of yet another vacation. If that’s not in your budget, however, these wanderlust gifts for people who like to travel will be your next best bet.

A navy leather notebook from Chasing Threads is seen stitched with places a person has traveled

A Custom Travel Journal

Reliving travel adventures can be nearly as enjoyable as embarking on them in the first place. This beautiful leather travel journal provides your favorite adventurer several opportunities for highlighting his or her most exciting excursions. Its perforated cover can easily be customized with intricate stitches to reflect the many special locations the recipient has visited. Simply mark the appropriate countries with a cross on the cover’s map. Inside, your favorite travel enthusiast can take notes to memorialize each special adventure.

A personalized travel map of the US from Map Your Travels is seen hanging above a couch in a living room

Map Your Travels 

Home sweet home can take on a spirit of adventure with this beautiful framed map, which doubles as decor and a travel record. A great gift for map lovers, this stunning piece looks lovely when displayed on the wall in a living room or other special space. No matter where it hangs, it’ll bring a personal touch to typical home decor. A simple set of pins mark previously visited destinations and spark conversation. In the future, the map’s owner will receive a burst of joy when marking off recently visited locations.

A person is seen scratching France off on their Luckies of London scratch off map

A Scratch-Off Travel Ledger

Another wonderful wanderlust gift for map lovers is this unique display from Luckies of London. It features copper foil, which is easy to scratch off to reflect which countries the recipient has visited. The detailed map highlights a variety of intriguing topographical features, including notable mountain ranges. It allows them to not only reflect on where they’ve been but consider the many destinations they intend to explore. It will spark their imagination and get them excited for their next big adventure.

A beige Wanderlust journal from Axel & Ash sits on a trunk

Encourage Travel Reflection

Few stories are more meaningful than those involving travel. Unfortunately, these tales can be quickly forgotten if not carefully recorded. This beautiful journal from Axel and Ash helps travelers hang on to special memories. This lovely diary can also capture plans for future travel adventures. It’s especially helpful for those who struggle to come up with writing ideas. Several prompts help get those creative juices flowing.

A person is seen dropping a token into their Wanderlist drop box from Butler & Hill

Track Travel Aspirations

Your loved ones travel aspirations may seem like little more than a far-off dream. A little inspiration, however, can make these goals feel fully within reach. This dropbox frame from Butler and Hill encourages your favorite travel enthusiast to create a visual representation of their bucket list. It features tokens that they drop into a sturdy but beautiful wooden frame. Every time recipients glance at this gift, they will feel inspired.

A white 3D map of the globe from Palomar sits on a coffee table with pins marking travels

Mapping on a Whole New Dimension

This is not your ordinary globe. Combining key elements of 2D and 3D design, this special map provides a more visually resonant means of tracking which countries your beloved travel enthusiast has visited thus far. Not only is its geometric design attractive, it is also quite useful. The globe can easily adorn a desk, table, shelf, or virtually any other flat surface imaginable. As with many conventional travel maps, pins track travel progress on this unique globe. 

A compass, map, and field notebook are seen tucked into a leather studded journal wallet from American Bench Craft

Keep Key Items Safe

Keeping organized may prove surprisingly tricky when traveling. This American Bench Craft journal wallet makes on-the-go organization far more manageable. Secured with metal fasteners, this handcrafted leather wallet represents the ultimate in travel sophistication. But it’s also guaranteed to last through several years of heavy use. It contains multiple pockets specifically designed for holding the many cards your travel lover will be forced to juggle. Each wallet also comes with multiple full-length pockets, which are ideal for storing maps, cash, and a variety of other essentials.

Mitch & Melissa's personalized National Parks photo map from Thunder Bunny Labs hangs on a wall above a side table

Capture the Excitement of National Parks

Adventure is always well within reach at America’s stunning national parks, where the nation’s most impressive scenery is on display. While many of us aspire to visit all of these parks, few actually follow through. With this wanderlust gift, you can provide the ultimate form of encouragement.

The personalized photo map allows dedicated travelers to showcase their adventures with snapshots from their national park visits. The kit also provides free access to Thunder Bunny Labs’ website. There you can find thorough instructions for printing photos that will fit perfectly within the map.

  • Red Maps for Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, London & Madrid
  • A Red Maps map of Berlin is seen unfolded

Destination: Carefully Curated Travel Maps

Not sure where you’d like to go? Let Red Maps inspire you. Their Destination Packages are carefully curated with maps for cities around the globe based on interests. Interested in touring the fashion capitals of the world? Go for the Fashionista. How about sticking to sunny locales? Opt for Sunny Days. The list goes on, and with these handy maps you’ll have a guide of what to do and where to go when you get there.

From maps to journals, we have travel-inspired gifts abound. A little ingenuity can go a long way as you seek wanderlust gifts for people who love to travel. The travel enthusiast in your life will feel newly inspired to take on unforgettable adventures.

Now that your Wanderlust travels are all mapped out, it’s time to pack. Find the right travel bag for you.

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